Meat's beautiful older sister on Planet Kinniku. She is engaged to Salami.


Medium Rare Alexandria is the older sister of Meat Alexandria and Galbi Liver Alexandria, whom Kinnikuman develops a crush on first sight. She is engaged to marry Salami, who is taken hostage by Dai King, and pleads with Kinnikuman to save his life and the lives of others. She is rarely seen within the manga, but features briefly in the 1st Kaiju Extermination Arc.


When Kinnikuman refuses to fight Dai King, Medium Rare Alexandria pleads with him to fight on her behalf. [1] Kinnikuman develops an instant crush on her, but Meat reveals that she is engaged, and - as he fights for her against Dai King - she cheers him on from the stands. Just when it seems like Kinnikuman is about to lose, she throws some garlic at him from the stands. This allows Kinnikuman the strength he needs to win the match. [1]

The hostages are freed from their capsule, which sends Medium Rare running towards them, and Kinnikuman - mistaking it for her running into his arm - is disappointed to see her embrace Salami. Meat reveals that Salami is her fiance, which he tried to tell Kinnikuman at the start. [1]



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