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  • Hey, Evan! :)

    To address concerns from the past year, all deleted content has been restored regarding minor or unused characters. This has recently been improved by a valued user, by the creation of the Minor Character page and will soon be merged with Unused Characters. So it'll preserve all content, but adhere to our new Notability policy in the process.

    We hope this compromise provides some reassurances, and hope you'll agree it's a really nice way to do it! As this is the last of the issues previously unaddressed, we'll no longer contact you from this point, unless you have need or reason to contact us (in which case we recommend message walls on Community Central)

    Thank you for all you previous contributions! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey ya!

    I'm still working through the character pages; it's taking a while, as there's so many, but I'll hopefully have all the stub ones on the list soon enough (and left a fair few that were more than just bare stats). 

    I was wondering what you thought about a general techniques page, though? 

    I've been deleting a few stub ones for specific character moves, as they were already on the characters' pages in full - sometimes word for word (I've left the ones that were full articles, though, and weren't fully covered on the character pages).

    I don't want to delete the general wrestling moves, though, as they don't appear anywhere else, are very useful to people, and have good information. Most are just stubs or very short articles, though. So I thought maybe we could merge them, but probably in alphabetical order with headers? I thought they'd be easier to find that way for people. 

    Just checking in here first, in case you had any concerns? :)

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