The partner of Sputnikman.


He is a member of Team Cosmos, who are a team from the USSR, comprising of Sputnikman and Meteoman, who are both space-themed chojin. They win the battle royale of the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament, before entering the first-round B-block match against Hell's Bears. They are swiftly defeated, resulting in Sputnikman's death at the hands of Belmond.


They first appear as Team #16. [1]

Due to too many teams competing for the tournament, Harabote Muscle announces a battle royale in which to whittle down the contestants to the final twelve teams. [2] Meteoman is initially attacked by Moaidon. [2] Meteoman next attacks Jade, while Sputnikman attacks Mars, and they throw them in German Suplexes. [3] They join many wrestlers in watching the Neptuneman match from the sides of the ring. [4]

They hope that one of the four remaining teams will be eliminated, meaning they would win by default without needing to battle. [4] They are matched against the Hell's Bears in the first round of the tournament. [5] Meteoman attacks Belmond at the match-up event, causing him to lose some of his stuffing in the process. [6]

The B-Block first-round match between them takes place at Kanagawa's Kawasaki Stadium. [7] Team Cosmos arrives with capes adorned with the USSR insignia, while the Hell's Bears enter to a fairy-tail parade on a sleigh. [7] The Hell's Bears dance onto the ring in costumes, before coaxing Team Cosmos to dance with them, but this angers Team Cosmos into a Galactica Attack. [8] The bell is then rung, while Team Cosmos lament that the bear costumes feel like a mockery of their homeland's Misha mascot. Team Cosmos then use a Russian Sickle. [8]

Meteoman uses a Meteor Cannon against Belmond. [9] This knocks Belmond back into his corner, while Sputnik uses a No. 1 Cosmos Medallion, and together Team Cosmos launch a rocket into the graveyard orbit above Earth. Belmond then kicks at Meteoman's jaw, while Michael throws Sputnik against the mat. [9] Meteoman attempts an A-Bomb, which Belmond cancels with Head Scissors. [10] While Belmond unleashes a series of attacks on Meteoman, Michael is attacked by Spuntnik, and Sputnik throws him with a double-arm suplex, which causes him to land near to Belmond. [10]

Belmond uses a rolling sobat on Sputnik, as he switches places with Michael, but Meteoman uses another Meteor Cannon into Belmond's legs. Team Cosmos then use a Siberian Storm. This rips open Belmond's back and causes immense bleeding, and - as Sputnik holds him upright - Meteoman kicks continuously at his open wound. Eventually, Belmond uses a Bear Claw as a counter-attack. [10] Belmond then delivers a series of elbow drops to Sputnik's head. [11] Team Cosmos use Sputnik's antenna to pull a rain of space debris down against the Hell's Bears, and the light of which illuminates Belmond's cybernetic body. [11]

Meteoman uses another Meteor Cannon, which is counter by Michael. [12] Belmond breaks off Sputnik's antennas, preventing him from summoning more space debris, and then puts him in a bear-hug, before Michael grabs Meteoman and together they perform a Teddy Crash. This knocks Sputnik and Meteoman down for the count, but Sputnikman stands again and confronts Belmond about his true identity. Belmond proceeds to drill a hole through his body, revealing his identity as Warsman. [12]

This defeats Team Cosmos and kills Sputnikman. [12]


Galactica Attack

  • A team tackle that knocks their opponents off their feet

Russian Sickle

  • Sputnik holds his opponent horizontally, while Meteoman lands upside-down on the opponent's head, and then Meteoman proceeds to knee-kick at the opponent's face

Siberian Storm

  • Sputnik slams his opponent upside-down onto the ring, while Meteoman uses a Meteor Canon against the opponent's legs

Meteor Cannon

  • He turns himself into a meteor and strikes his opponent

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Tag Team)



  • Submitted by: Seiki Muto (26), from Ibaraki [1]
  • Submitted by: Kenichi Ishi (30), from Nagano [1]
  • Both Sputnikman and Meteoman make cameos as potential Robo Chojin in Warsman Begins.


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