Mindpuzzleman (チエの輪マン Chienowaman) is a disentanglement puzzle chojin.


Cubeman literally took him apart in the first round. It was declared to be an amazingly idiotic victory, as it was less of a match and more of an attempt by each one to solve the other's puzzle form. After he lost, he said "Darn, I can't compete with modern toys."


Mindpuzzelman is placed into a giant pachinko machine as part of the pre-tournament match-ups, and he is assigned to Cubeman in the first round match of Block B. [1] The fight takes place in Osaka's Koushien Field. [1] It takes place in a small patch of land behind the outfield, while a baseball match is in progress. [2]

The fight starts with Mindpuzzleman on the offensive, but Mindpuzzelman then tries to match all six sides of Cubeman's head. Cubeman retaliates by trying to solve the puzzle of Mindpuzzleman instead, and he manages to succeed and thus defeat Mindpuzzleman, who - discarded on the ring - says that he cannot compete with modern toys. [2]

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)


  • His motto is "Modern toys are no match for me".



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