A Perfect Chojin that guards the entrance to the Chojin Graveyard.


Mirageman is one of the Perfect Chojin that guards the entrance to the Chojin Graveyard, using his powers of mirage and illusion. He is the first person to greet General Devil in his attempts to penetrate through to the graveyard, and is ultimately defeated by him, thus leaving him permanently deceased.


General Devil enters the palace that stands as the entrance to the Chojin Graveyard, where Mirageman stands guard to protect the entrance to the world of the dead. [1] Mirageman reveals only Perfect Chojin can make it as far as Akuma Shogun, and greets General Devil by his original name: Goldman. Mirageman is the Perfect Third, who was given his job as guard for all eternity, and he mocks General Devil for his desire to destroy the Chojin Graveyard and eradicate the Perfect Origin (excluding himself and Silverman). [1]

Mirageman continues to chastise General Devil for having left their people, and for not abiding the will of the gods, and - seeing General Devil is beyond reason - he prepares for an attack. They jump into the ring before the entrance, where they shall do battle. [1] Mirageman delivers a series of blows, but General Devil evades every one. [2] When General Devil starts to gain an advantage, Mirageman uses his "Mirror Snipe Beam", and proceeds to block off his chakra points, effectively turning General Devil into a statue. [2]

He proceeds to use a Kaleidoscope Drill attack, but General Devil mocks his attempt and stops it with a mere touch, and - in turn - uses Level 10 Hardness. General Devil proceeds to chop off Mirageman's arm, and follows through with a Hell's Guillotine. This shatters Mirageman's earlier mirror and breaks his body into pieces, and he is left dead on the ring, while General Devil enters the Chojin Graveyard without further resistance. [2]


Mirror Snipe Beam

  • Uses natural light to create a mirror, where the person seeing their reflection - which shows their true nature - will lose their sanity on sight

Kaleidoscope Drill

  • Can turn his body into Level 10 hardness, before turning his hand into a drill to pierce his opponent's body

Killer Reflecting Body (Sugatami-tai ya Fūji - 姿鏡体殺封じ)

  • Uses his mirror to seal all nine vital chakra points of his opponent

Career Record


  • "Perfect Third" [1]
Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Submitted by: Kenichi Ishii (Nagano) [1]


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