A Robo Chojin that is based off a video-camera. 


A video camera type Robo Chojin. He uses various image-using special techniques. While posing as a relay camera he records the fight between Kinnikuman and The Hawkman and afterwards fights and loses to Kinnikuman. However, after his defeat and right before he dies he takes the footage he had recorded of the Kinniku Driver and edits it, contributing to Mixer Taitei's victory.



(More to Come)

Kinnikuman vs. Mister VTR

After the defeat of Hawkman, the second-guard of Team Mariposa is called forth for the next match. [1] The cameras around the ring all merge together to form Mister VTR, who has bee watching the ring throughout the previous match to gather data on Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman starts by attempting a Muscle Run, but Mister VTR rotates his camera to follow Kinnikuman's movements, and pauses the video feed to pause Kinnikuman in real-life. [1]

He uses this opportunity to deliver a series of violent attacks to Kinnikuman, before putting a slide into his body of water, which seemingly turns the stadium into an ocean. [1] Mister VTR takes Kinnikuman into an aeroplane spin, and proceeds to toss him into the ocean. [2] Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku-style of swiming to make his way back to he ring, but a new slide inside Mister VTR's body causes whirlpools to appear, and Mister VTR kicks Kinnikuman back into the waters, where Kinnikuman appears to be sucked inside a whirlpool to drown. [2]

A Burning Big Wave allows Kinnikuman break free of the whirlpool, who uses a Jumping Knee-Pat and tries to plunge Mister VTR into the ocean with a Bull-Docking Head-Lock, but a Scene Change transforms the ocean into icebergs. This causes Kinnikuman to collide head-first into the iceberg, before being slammed into the canvas, and does considerable damage to him. Kinnikuman attempts a Bear-Hug, but Mister VTR uses a Zoom Out technique to shrink Kinnikuman and crush him due to the new size difference. After being thrown to the iceberg, Kinnikuman uses a reflective piece of ice to counter the Zoom Out. [2]

This shrinks Mister VTR's body, causing him to use a Zoom Out Release and return both men to their original sizes. [3] Due to a lack of energy, Mister VTR uses a Scene Change to create a hellish, volcanic landscape. Kinnikuman takes Mister VTR into a Neo-Kinniku Buster, and Kinnikuman realises that the landscapes are only changed to the edge of where the border of the slide would exist, and bursts out of the landscape, sending the stadium back to normal. This is followed with a Chojin Hanging, which defeats Mister VTR and leaves the match declared in Kinnikuman's favour. [3]


Action Stop (アクション・ストップ)

  • Mister VTR uses the "pause" button his body to freeze his opponent in time

Scene Changer (シーン・チェンジャー)

  • Mister VTR uses a series of slides to change the environment of the ring

Zoom In (ズーム・イン),

Zoom Out (ズーム・アウト)

  • This shrinks his opponent to a fraction of Mister VTR's size

Zoom Out Release

  • This technique undoes the effects of the Zoom Out

Career Information 

  • Team Mariposa: Second Guard

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

  • X Kinnikuman (Chojin Hanging)



  • Submitted by a fan as Mac Star (マックスター)


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