Monster Master/Student Combo (怪人師弟コンビ, Kaijin Shitei Konbi)


Kinkotsuman and Iwao would often try to foil Kinnikuman's attempts to qualify for the 20th Chojin Olympics, with plans ranging from making themselves invisible and tickling him during a weight-lift to enlarging and mind controlling zoo animals during a party before the semi-finals.

After the Olympics, they joined up with Sheik Seijin and Skull Bozu and took part in the American Tag Tournament. Kinkotsuman created the cyborg Black Shadow to be Iwao's partner. Black Shadow had the power of Beauty Rhodes, the brutality of Ramenman, the technique of Robin Mask, and the brains of Kinkotsuman. Because he had Kinkotsuman's brains, he immediately attacked Iwao at the ring of the bell. Kinkotsuman took Black Shadow's place during the second match (Black Shadow had been torn apart by Skull Boze and Devil Magician).

He and Iwao fought against Kinnikuman and Terryman and almost won (thanks largely to dropping the ceiling lights on them), but were eventually defeated by simultaneous neck breaker drops from Kinnikuman. They later stole Terry's prosthetic leg during the final match against The Machineguns (Kinnikuman and Terryman) and the Blood Illusions (Skull Bozu and Devil Magician).


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