Monster Turkey (モンスター・ターキー) is, as his name suggests, a turkey Kaiju who attacks on Christmas. Kinnikuman and the Tanokin Trio argue over who will fight it. It is eventually defeated by Kinnikuman.


Monster Turkey is a giant turkey that arrives in Tokyo, Japan. It has a mission to avenge all the turkeys killed and eaten during Christmas, and it is then attacked by the Tanokin Trio and Kinnikuman, before it is ultimately defeated and eaten by Meat (and the children of Tokyo).


Kinnikuman returns home at Christmas, where he goes - with a family of cockroaches that have squatted in his home - to enjoy some gyudon. [1] The Tanokin Trio come across him, as a part of the Earth Defence Force, and they start to chase Kinnikuman for laughing at them. They stop their chase when a giant turkey crosses their path. [1]

The turkey seeks to avenge all fallen turkeys that have been eaten over Christmas, and the Tanokin Trio - along with Kinnikuman and Meat Alexandria - enter a force-field to be protected against Monster Turkey's attacks. The Tanokin Trio shoot a firework just over Monster Turkey's head, and Kinnikuman uses garlic toothpaste to grow to his giant size and confront Monster Turkey. [1]

The Tanokin Trio - and Kinnikuman - both want credit for defeating the Kaiju, and so they let loose a rocket launcher and a Kinniku Flash at the exact same time. Monster Turkey is killed and roasted, while the Tanokin Trio and Kinnikuman argue over which one defeated Monster Turkey. Meat then eats its corpse. [1]


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