Most Dangerous Combo (モースト・デンジャラスコンビ)


Brocken Jr. teamed up with Wolfman for the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament to form the Most Dangerous Combo. They were due to fight against the 20 Million Powers, but they were immediately taken out by a trespassing Kendaman and Screw Kid.


Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Wolfman and Brocken meet Kinnikuman with their friends. [1]

They go to Korakuen Stadium, where they discuss the upcoming Universal Tag Tournament. Wolfman announces that he has teamed up with Brocken Jr.. [1] They make their entrance to the tournament, proving a popular team with the crowds. [2] They are announced as official participants in the tournament with the tag name Most Dangerous Combo. [3] After navigating a maze to their ring, which randomly pairs tag-teams in the first round, they are matched against the 20 Million Powers. [4]

Just as the 20 Million Powers and Most Dangerous Combo are about to begin their fight, during the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, the Killer Game Combo arrive. [5] Brocken Jr. attacks them, as they have intervened with their match, but Kendaman strikes him with his ball-shaped head. This breaks Brocken's rib-cage. The Most Dangerous Combo assume that Kendaman cannot see them, as he has no traditional head or eyes, and so they circle him, but he evades the attack and uses a Ball-and-Cup Headbutt. [5]

Screw Kid then attacks in turn, using is legs to emulate a screwdriver, and together then engages in a Hell's Screwdriver to attack both members of the Most Dangerous Combo. [5] The crowd is angered that the Dangerous Combo were so easily defeated. [6] The Hell Missionaries protect the Dangerous Combo from the rioting crowd, but Brocken Jr. reveals he is still able to fight, and forces Screw Kid away from him. Brocken does not want his loss to count for nothing, so - to allow the 20 Million Powers to win - he challenges Buffaloman and allows himself to be pinned; this allows 20 Million Powers to officially win the match. [6]

Wolfman is seen again when he and Brocken Jr. help Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great fight off reporters trying to get a picture of an unmasked Robin Mask. [7] After that, he is referred to as being dead and his soul shows up with other fallen comrades to help Kinnikuman during the fight with the Hell Missionaries. [8]


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