An Evil Chojin that acts as a power source. 


The power source for Robo Chojin Bikeman as well a member of Team Zebra. He has a very simple design with a drill-shaped head, batteries for hands and feet, and a motor body. He easily dominated Terryman, but he revived Ramenman's fighting intuition and was ripped in half by the Camel Clutch.


Motorman appears as a competitor and second guard for Team Kinnikuman Zebra, where he is pitted against Terryman in Himeji Castle. [1] Motorman lays a series of blows against an already weakened Terryman, until Terryman traps him in a double-arm suplex. The suplex is incomplete, leading Motorman to dive head-first into Terryman, who catches his drill with both hands. He proceeds to use his Battery Claw, before drilling into Terryman's chest. This is followed with a Spark Ring Flash. [1]

Terryman aims an attack for his legs, which do not emit light, and knocks him down to the mat, but Motorman retaliates with a Drill-a-Hole Spark. He hits Terryman and sends him flying out of the ring. [1] When an impostor appears dressed as Bikeman, Motorman attacks him and reveals that the impostor is Ramenman in disguise. [2] Due to the rules of the match, Ramenman must replace Terryman in battle. Ramenman is hit by Drill-a-Hole to his body, then to his face, and his final Drill-a-Hole breaks open Ramenman's fake costume. [2]

Ramenman retaliates with a Flying Dragon Tail Kick, which stops the momentum of his drill, and then with a Flying Leg Lariat. A final Camel Clutch leads to an easy defeat, which tears Motorman's body in two pieces. [2]


Battery Claw

  • Charges his battery hands and electrifies his opponent

Spark Ring Flash

  • He connects the plus and minus of his battery hands, and lights up his head with a flash of light to temporarily blind his opponent

Drill-a-Hole Spark

  • The electricity in his body spins his head drill

Career Information

  • Team Zebra: Second Guard

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Profile: Laugh: Kikiki~ (キキキー)


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