Seigi Chōjin vs. Ancient Chōjin (正義超人vs古代超人, Seigi Chōjin tai Kodai Chōjin) is the third theatrical film based on the anime series Kinnikuman. It was released in Japan on March 16, 1985 and is set after the Golden Mask Arc.


This film is the first to feature anime original character Kinkotsu-Obaba. Although this film is set after the Golden Mask Arc, the character Geronimo does not appear as an active fight until the next film. He does, however, appear in flashbacks to the Golden Mask conclusion. This is also the second time veteran seiyu Ichiro Nagai appears in a Kinnikuman work playing the main villain. He had previously appeared in the TV Special. It also features the return of seiyū's Kozo Shioya and Yasuo Tanaka, who had previously appeared in the first film The Stolen Championship Belt.


While Kinnikuman is on vacation with Ms Mari's kindergarten class at Easter Island, the young wheelchair-bound Kōichi laments being with an idiot like Kinnikuman, preferring to instead be with his favourite Justice Chojin Buffaloman. Meanwhile, the other Justice Chojins are also vacationing at ancient landmarks. Terryman at Palenque with Natsuko, Robin Mask at the Nazca Lines with his rugby team and Kinkotsuman, Warsman at one place with Detective Gobugari, Brocken Jr. at Atlantis with Iwao, and Ramenman at another place with Kinkotsu-Obaba. Rikishiman is viewing a Sumo match near a museum with Shakōkidogū, which Kinniku-Daiou, Mama, and the Chairman are at another place.

The "Space Ruler" Satan King (サタンキング) has his Kodai Chōjin (古代超人, Ancient Supermen) attack Kinnikuman, Terryman, and the other Justice Chojins. Long ago, Satan King had secretly sent his subordinates to Earth to wait for the right moment. Each Justice Chojin is able to survive their battles with their trademark techniques, but Satan King takes Ms Mari's kindergarten students hostage and summons the Justice Chojins to Mount Everest. One by one Satan King's subordinates attack and the Justice Chojins are critically injured. Finally, Satan King has conquered Earth and laughs loudly.

At that moment, Kinnikuman arrives and the single greatest decisive battle for the world begins. Satan King attacks Kinnikuman with his ice and lightning attacks, making him dizzy, but he recovers and defeats Satan King with his New Finishing Move the Kinniku Driver.

New Characters

Koichi (幸一くん Kōichi-kun) Flag of Japan.svg
Satan King (サタンキング) Flag of Nepal.svg
The boss of the Kodai Chojin from Mount Everest.
Stone Satan (ストーンサタン) Flag of Chile.svg
A Moai chojin from Easter Island. He is similar to Moaiman.
Condor Satan (コンドルサタン) Flag of Peru (state).svg
A condor chojin from the Nazca Lines
Eye Satan (ガンサタン, Gan Satan) Flag of Algeria.svg
A cyclops chojin from Tassili n'Ajjer.
Jaws Satan (ジョーズサタン) Flag of Greece.svg
A Merman chojin from Atlantis
Cobra Satan (コブラサタン)
A Cobra chojin from Mu.
Haniwa Satan (ハニワサタン) Flag of Japan.svg
A Shakōki-dogū chojin from Aomori. Not actually a Haniwa, he is similar to Doguman.
Saurus Satan (ザウルスサタン) Flag of Mexico.svg
A reptilian Chojin from Palenque.
Ukon III (ウコンⅢ世, Ukon Sansei)


Opening Theme
  • Blazing Kinnikuman (炎のキン肉マン, Honoo no Kinnikuman) by Akira Kushida
Closing Theme
  • Kinniku Mambo (キン肉マンボ) by Akira Kamiya (Kinnikuman)


Character Name Seiyū
Kinnikuman Akira Kamiya
Meat Alexandria Minori Matsushima
Kazuo Nakano Sanji Hase
Natsuko Shono
Hiromi Tsuru
Koichi Chiyoko Kawashima
Terryman Hideyuki Tanaka
Warsman Hideyuki Hori
Kinkotsu Obaba
Keiko Yamamoto
Mari Nikaido Chisato Nakajima
Mayumi Kinniku Kazuhiko Kishino
Sayuri Kinniku Nana Yamaguchi
Ramenman Eiji Kanie
Brocken Jr.
Tetsuo Mizutori
Harabote Muscle
Saurus Satan
Yonehiko Kitagawa
Condor Satan
Masashi Hirose
Robin Mask Daisuke Gōri
Cobra Satan
Issei Futamata
Detective Gobugari
Jaws Satan
Koji Totani
Masaharu Sato
Haniwa Satan Kozo Shioya
Stone Satan Yasuo Tanaka
Eye Satan Koji Yada
Satan King Ichiro Nagai
Ukon III Yudetamago


  • In the previous film, Daisuke Gōri played the opponent of Masashi Hirose's character. This time Hirose is playing the opponent of Gōri's character.
  • This is the second Kinnikuman film where Issei Futamata plays Ramenman's opponent. He had previously done this in Great Riot! Justice Chojin. He also played Ramenman's opponent in the 1984 TV Special.

Continuity Errors

  • Terryman is wearing his normal clothes during his initial fight with Saurus Satan, but during the close-up of the Calf Branding he is wearing his wrestling attire. This occurs again when the Justice Chojins are watching Warsman's fight: for most of the scene he is wearing his normal clothes, but in one group shot from behind he is clearly wearing his wrestling attire.
  • At one point during Kinnikuman's battle with Satan King, the Chairman's head-fin is not coloured in.



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