Counterattack! The Underground Space Chojin is the fourth theatrical film based on the anime series Kinnikuman.


The fourth movie was released in Japan on July 13, 1985 alongside Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hoyoyo! Dream Capital Mecha Police, Captain Tsubasa: Great Europe Play-Off, and Dengeki Sentai Changeman: Shuttle Base Showdown. It is set after the Dream Chojin Tag Arc.

It is the first film to feature the character Geronimo and the last film where Eiji Kanie supplies the voice of Ramenman. It is also the shortest film of the series. It is based on the Kinnikuman special chapter Robin Memo (ロビン・メモ).


As the whole world watches the Chojin Rugby game on TV, the "Underground Space Emperor" Hydra King (ハイドラキング) has his Uchū Kakure Chōjin (宇宙かくれ超人, Underground Space Supermen) kidnap Robin Mask. Their aim is to lure out the Justice Chojin and then attack them using the Robin Memo, which contains info on all of the Justice Chojins' weaknesses. Watching on TV all over the world, Kinnikuman and the Justice Chojins get together and head for Planet Hydra.

When they arrive they discover that Robin Mask has been placed on a crucifix and a time bomb has been attached to his chest. The mountains on which they stand break apart and the Uchu Kakure Chojins attack. Though their weaknesses are being attacked, the Justice Chojins fight on. They eventually overcome Hydra King's cowardly attacks and defeat him with their combination technique Miracle Friendship Hold ・ Chojin Southern Cross.


(More to Come)


Opening Theme
  • Blazing Kinnikuman (炎のキン肉マン, Honoo no Kinnikuman) by Akira Kushida
Closing Theme

New Characters

Hydra King (ハイドラキング)
New Sunshine (ニューサンシャイン)
New Black Hole (ニューブラックホール)
New Black Rain (ニューブラックレイン)
New Asuraman (ニューアシュラマン)
Hydra Buton (ハイドラブートン)
Hydra Gun (ハイドラガン)
Hydra Sumo (ハイドラズモウ)
Hydra Indy (ハイドラインディー)
Ukon Jr. (ウコンJr)


Character Name Seiyū
Kinnikuman Akira Kamiya
Meat Alexandria
Queen Elizabeth II
Minori Matsushima
Kazuo Nakano Sanji Hase
Natsuko Shōno Hiromi Tsuru
Mari Nikaidō Chisato Nakajima
Terryman Hideyuki Tanaka
Geronimo Kaneto Shiozawa
Warsman Hideyuki Hori
Nachiguron Keiko Yamamoto
Mayumi Kinniku
New Black Hole
Kazuhiko Kishino
Sayuri Kinniku Nana Yamaguchi
Ramenman Eiji Kanie
Brocken Jr.
Tetsuo Mizutori
Harabote Muscle
Hydra Sumo
Yonehiko Kitagawa
Robin Mask
New Asuraman
Daisuke Gori
Rikishiman Masashi Hirose
New Sunshine
Masaharu Sato
Hydra Gun
Issei Futamata
Detective Gobugari
New Black Rain
Koji Totani
Hydra Buton Koji Yada
Hydra King Takeshi Aono
Ukon Jr. Yudetamago



  • When Buffaloman arrives in the room with his weakness, his hands are flesh coloured instead of red. It occurs again as the Justice Chojins are leaving Rikishiman to fight Hydra Sumo.
  • After the scene where Rikishiman throws salt at the Kakure Chojins, some of the salt on Hydra King is coloured pink. This may have occurred because Hydra Būton, whose skin is pink, was right next to him at the time.
  • Geronimo knows the name of his opponent, Hydra Indy, without the character ever being introduced or mentioned prior to their fight. However, this may have been done intentionally so the viewers would know the characters name.
  • At one point during Kinnikuman's fight with Hydra King, the inside of Nachiguron's mouth is coloured blue instead of red.



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