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Crisis in New York! (ニューヨーク危機一髪! Nyū Yōku Kiki Ippatsu) is the sixth theatrical film based on the anime series Kinnikuman.


It was released in Japan on March 15, 1986 alongside Captain Tsubasa: Race Towards Tomorrow, GeGeGe no Kitarō: The Great Yōkai War, and Chōshinsei Flashman. It is set after the Dream Chojin Tag Arc.

This was the last film to feature a cameo from series creators Yudetamago. It was also the second and last film to feature the Announcer. The villain in the film is General Devil, who appeared in the original manga and anime series as the leader of the Devil Knights during the Golden Mask Arc. Seiyū Hidekatsu Shibata returns as the main antagonist of this film, having previously played that role in Great Riot! Justice Chojin.


In the vastness of space, a mysterious black gas moves towards Earth, absorbing energy along the way. At that time, in Yankee Stadium, Terryman receives the Medal of Honor from President Reagan before an overwhelming crowd. Attracted by the Metropolis Power, the black gas arrives and absorbs the energy of every human and building in sight. After it absorbs the Justice Chojins, the gas then materialises into General Devil (with a new character design and voice).

Meanwhile, Kinnikuman has a stomach ache from eating to much gyudon and arrives late. In order to rescue Terryman and the others he fights General Devil in a Skyscraper Death Match-- a wrestling ring mounted atop the Empire State Building, Pan Am Building, and the World Trade Center. However, after absorbing the Justice Chojin, General Devil is able to use their trademark techniques and continuously attacks Kinnikuman. Just as General Devil is about to win, the Justice Chojin are revived and cheer for Kinnikuman from within his body. Fuelled by the support of his friends, Kinnikuman is able to defeat General Devil with the Friendship Combination Kinniku Driver Special.


(More to Come)


Opening Theme

  • Blazing Kinnikuman (炎のキン肉マン, Honoo no Kinnikuman) by Akira Kushida

Closing Theme

  • Kinniku Mambo (キン肉マンボ) by Akira Kamiya (Kinnikuman)

New Characters

Big Apple (ビッグアップル)

Yay Totani (イエーイ・トタニー)

Sandy Nakano (サンディ・ナカーノ)

Inspector Ukon (ウコン警部, Ukon-keibu)

Subway Boss (地下鉄のボス, Chikatetsu no Bosu)

Cast & Crew


Terryman and Ronald Reagan

Character Name Seiyū
Kinnikuman Akira Kamiya
Meat Alexandria Minori Matsushima
Queen Kinniku Nana Yamaguchi
Harabote Muscle
President Reagan
Yonehiko Kitagawa
Kazuo Nakano
Sandy Nakano
Sanji Hase
Keiko Yamamoto
Natsuko Shono Hiromi Tsuru
Mari Nikaidō Chisato Nakajima
King Kinniku [azuhiko Kishino
Terryman Hideyuki Tanaka
Banjō Ginga
Warsman Hideyuki Hori
Geronimo Kaneto Shiozawa
Detective Gobugari
Yay Totani
Announcer Yoshigai
Kōji Totani
Robin Mask Daisuke Gōri
Masaharu Satō
Kinkotsuman Issei Futamata
Subway Boss
Masashi Hirose
Brocken Jr.
Tetsuo Mizutori
Akuma Shogun Hidekatsu Shibata
Big Apple [[wikipedia:Hitoshi Takagi|Hitoshi Takagi
Inspector Ukon Yudetamago


  • The Announcer's American cousin Yay Totani is named after his seiyū: Kōji Totani.