Muscle Brothers Nouveau (マッスルブラザーズ・ヌーヴォー)


Mantaro asks Chaos to pose as Kinnikuman Great and team up with him, but he refuses because he is actually a regular human. As they enter for the preliminary Battle Royale, Chaos does many comical otaku-type things, such as filming a bootleg of the match, asking for autographs from all of the Choujin, and making a face print of Mongolman's face make-up. During the match, Mantaro tries his best not to tag Chaos in so as to protect him, but after Neptuneman and Seiuchin begin fighting Chaos is forced into the action. He is at first out-powered, but after he realises that he is bleeding, he becomes empowered through one of his episodes and begins fighting back. After he takes his medicine and calms down though, he is easily put in the Optical Fibre Cross Bomber, but is saved when Mantaro throws Seiuchin's head cover in the path of the technique.

Muscle Brothers Nouveau

Mantaro & Chaos (disguised as Kinnikuman Great)

During their match against the Hell's Carpentors, his otaku knowledge helps them defeat PlaMoman's plastic model techniques, but his inexperience against Choujins causes many problems and he soon goes into another one of his fits. They try to win with the Muscle Docking, but Chaos becomes too scared to complete it, forcing Mantarou to defeat Deiku Toryu with a Muscle G. With support from Mantarou, Rinko, Sister, and the others, he is finally able to defeat PlaMoman with a Power Bomb, earning a victory for the Muscle Brothers Nouveau. Afterwards, the four competitors become friends.

The Muscle Brothers Nouveau fight the 20 Million Powers in an Electric Cage Match. Because they are a newly formed team, they have yet to master the timing of their combo attacks and are soon overpowered by the 20 Million Powers. Chaos' memories are later restored and his aura tore apart the Great Mask and costume. He unleashed a series of attacks on Buffaloman proving he is more the he appears to be. During the fight the 20 Million Powers used the Long horn train but, they countered also using the Long Horn Train using Chaos's legs as the horns. It caught the 20 Million Powers off guard then Chaos puts the Japanese leg roll on Mongolman, while Mantaro puts Buffaloman in the Muscle G making their new move the Muscle Evolution. The move defeats the duo and destroys the Mongol Mask.


Muscle Evolution Bigfoot Express Man-Chao Otoshi

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