The complete Muscle Spark

Muscle Spark (マッスルスパーク), Kinnikuman ultimate technique and one of the Kinniku Clan's Three Great Techniques. Kinnikuman bounces his opponent off his chest and into the air numerous times. He then leaps up after them and gets behind them. He then grabs their wrists with his hands, their neck with his right leg, and their left leg with his left leg, and pulls. As they descend, he gets back-to-back with his opponent and grabs their arms and hooks their legs with his. Right before they hit the canvas, he arches his back causing his opponent's body to fold, and drives them neck and knees first into the canvas.
Two Incomplete Versions of this technique exist: Kinnikuman's, where he only grabs the neck and left leg with his legs, and Ataru's, where he only does the last part. Kinnikuman fuses the two together in order to perfect the technique.
There is also a prototype of this move known as the Arrogant Spark. Silverman, the God of Peace, used this move in his matches. He hates using it because it reminds him of his past as a Perfect Origin and his inability to truly become a Justice Chojin. This move shows your opponent no mercy, as it is meant to kill.
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