A Naan-masked Keema chōjin.


(More to Come)


At Yokohama International Stadium, Naankeeman arrives at the "Top Choujin Festival". [2] The first test of the preliminary stage is a set of monkey-bars elevated very high, which are greased to make it difficult to stay in place, and - during this - he attacks a fellow seal-typed chojin. [3] At the next day, in a Tokyo amusement park, the eight finalists are revealed: Naankeeman is a finalist. [4]

He is set against Kevin Mask in the second-match of the A-Block semi-finals. [5] After Kevin shows sympathy to Fiona, Naankeeman mocks him and they begin their match. [6] The match takes place on the top floor of a department store. [7] They exchange a series of blows, with Naankeeman using his spoon to blow attacks and prevent himself from being injured. Naankeeman uses his Gram Masala attack, but Kevin counters it with a basic hold, but Naankeeman counters in turn by jabbing his spoon into Kevin's abdomen. He then uses a Naan Bread Wrap to trap Kevin Mask. [7]

Naankeeman continues with a Chilli Pepper Tornado, at which point Fiona is led out on a stretcher and her trainer thanks Kevin for his help and kindness. Kevin is reinvigorated when Fiona gives him a v-sign, and breaks out of the Naan Wrap. Kevin uses a Rolling Savate, followed with an Olap Technique. [7] Kevin Mask proceeds to rip off Naankeeman's arms with a spray of blood. [8] Naankeeman is thus defeated, as Kevin Mask wields his arms in the air as a mockery of his loss. [8]


Hell's Curry Pot

  • Grows the curry-pot on his head to an enormous size, which he uses to cook scalding curry

Garam Masala Chicken & Potato

  • Throws the contents of his Hell's Curry Pot out to scald his opponent and incapacitate them

Naan Futon Wrap

  • Wraps a giant naan bread around his opponent

Red Chilli Pepper Tornado

  • Throws his opponent - trapped in the Naan Futon Wrap - into the air and hits them with his spoon

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Single)


  • Submitted By: Kenichi Yamada (山田健一) of Osaka as Naankeema Mask (ナンキーマ仮面)Flag of India
  • Laugh: Curry-Curry-Curry (カレカレカレ~)


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