A Naan-masked Keema chōjin.


Naankeeman is a chojin from Sri Lanka, who features in the Chojin Ittosai arc of Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~. He wins the preliminary stage of the tournament, where he is placed against Kevin Mask and ultimately loses his battle, resulting in the loss of his arms within the ring. The techniques he uses are based on types of cuisine that feature around curry and naan bread.


At Yokohama International Stadium, Naankeeman arrives at the "Top Chojin Festival". [2] The first test of the preliminary stage is a set of monkey-bars elevated very high, which are greased to make it difficult to stay in place, and - during this - he attacks a fellow seal-typed chojin. [3] At the next day, in a Tokyo amusement park, the eight finalists are revealed: Naankeeman is a finalist. [4]

He is set against Kevin Mask in the second-match of the A-Block semi-finals. [5] After Kevin shows sympathy to Fiona, Naankeeman mocks him and they begin their match. [6] The match takes place on the top floor of a department store. [7] They exchange a series of blows, with Naankeeman using his spoon to blow attacks and prevent himself from being injured. Naankeeman uses his Gram Masala attack, but Kevin counters it with a basic hold, but Naankeeman counters in turn by jabbing his spoon into Kevin's abdomen. He then uses a Naan Bread Wrap to trap Kevin Mask. [7]

Naankeeman continues with a Chilli Pepper Tornado, at which point Fiona is led out on a stretcher and her trainer thanks Kevin for his help and kindness. Kevin is reinvigorated when Fiona gives him a v-sign, and breaks out of the Naan Wrap. Kevin uses a Rolling Savate, followed with an Olap Technique. [7] Kevin Mask proceeds to rip off Naankeeman's arms with a spray of blood. [8] Naankeeman is thus defeated, as Kevin Mask wields his arms in the air as a mockery of his loss. [8]


Hell's Curry Pot

  • Grows the curry-pot on his head to an enormous size, which he uses to cook scalding curry

Garam Masala Chicken & Potato

  • Throws the contents of his Hell's Curry Pot out to scald his opponent and incapacitate them

Naan Futon Wrap

  • Wraps a giant naan bread around his opponent

Red Chilli Pepper Tornado

  • Throws his opponent - trapped in the Naan Futon Wrap - into the air and hits them with his spoon

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Single)



  • Submitted By: Kenichi Yamada (山田健一) of Osaka as Naankeema Mask (ナンキーマ仮面)Flag of India
  • Laugh: Curry-Curry-Curry (カレカレカレ~)


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