The Loch Ness Monster that fights Kinnikuman.


Nessie (ネッシー) is the legendary mysterious creature that dwells in Loch Ness. When Kinnikuman first hears of her and that she is believed to be 20 meters tall (shorter than his giant form), he decides challenge her to a fight on live TV. Unfortunately, she turns out to be much larger than his giant form and defeats him with a mere lick on the cheek. In the anime, she first plays around with him before knocking him into space. When Kinnikuman gets a garlic boost from Meat and tries to fight back, she ends up swallowing him and then later pooping him out as she leaves.


Nessie is introduced via a show of Kinnikuman's, called "Mystery of Fear". [1] Yosaku explains - on the show - that the waters of the lake were choppy, before he was attacked by a 20m high Nessie, but he swims away when his story changes and he claims Nessie was really 30m high. Meat Alexandria explains to Kinnikuman that Nessie is a Braciosaurus, 20m high, and usually timid and seen the mornings. [1]

After Kinnikuman convinces a TV station to create a show called "Defeat Nessie", they travel to Scotland and hope to meet Nessie for a battle. Kinnikuman sleeps at the side of the lake, in his giant form, and Nessie comes to shore. It is revealed Nessie is actually far taller than his giant form, and they greet him with a lick, after towering over him with their enormous size. They then swim away leaving Kinnikuman dazed and confused. [1]



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