New Machineguns (ニューマシンガンズ)


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Like the other Seigi Chojin, Geronimo’s Yujo Power was stolen by Asuraman and Sunshine, so for the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament he teamed up with Terryman to form the New Machineguns (ニュー・マシンガンズ).

In the first round they went up against Asuraman and Sunshine themselves. Although he was a lot stronger now, Geronimo still had trouble with Sunshine. He tried to remove the key again, but instead had his right arm crushed by Sunshine’s Cursed Roller. As Terry fought alone, he started to take advice from Kinnikuman and slowly he regained his Friendship Power. Seeing how well Kinnikuman and Terryman worked together, even when not teammates, made Geronimo feel guilty for their upcoming loss (as he was the main reason Terry didn’t pair with Kinnikuman).

After a while, Geronimo’s head has pierced by Asuraman’s Improved Asura Buster. Terryman then decided to forfeit the fight, but the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo wouldn’t let them leave that easily. Before anything serious could happen, Kinnikuman Great (secretly Prince Kamehame) made his way in and began to escort Terry and Geronimo out. But Great and Geronimo were then kicked through the window and the Akuma Chojin went after Terry. Hanging on for life, Kinnikuman Great wanted to jump back in and save Terryman, but he would need to let go of Geronimo. Geronimo told him to just let go and he reluctantly agreed. Kinnikuman caught Geronimo before he hit the ground, regaining Geronimo’s friendship as well. Geronimo would later help Dr. Bombay repair Kinnikuman's severed arm.


Hell's Tornado Return

  • A tag technique with Terryman. Geronimo jumps onto Terry's shoulders and they both hold all of their arms up to one side. They then throw their arms down to the other side, causing Asuraman's "Hell's Tornado" to turn around and attack him instead.

Career Record

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