Tag team of Neptuneman and Mammothman.


During their fight against the Hell ExpansionsNeptuneman and Seiuchin, his identity is finally revealed and he goes head to head with the Perfect Chojin Seiuchin. When Seiuchin is brought back to his senses, both Neptuneman and Mammothman betray their partners, when Warsman had just defeated Seiuchin, and team up in the middle of the match. They knock off Seiuchin's face with an Optical Fibre Cross Bomber, then they defeat Warsman.

Before the semi-finals begin, Satan appears in the sky, and Neptuneman and Mammothman reveal their allegiance with The Five Disasters Thunder and Lightning, throwing a hell-spawned spider at Kinnikuman, which enters his body and forms into an hourglass.


Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament


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The Nova Hell Expansions attack the Five Disasters with elbow drops, as they try to enter the ring. [1] They continuously strike their backs like a drum, until Lightning tries to counter and is thrown onto the ring in Tournament Mountain, followed by Thunder being blown into the ring by Mammothman's Ear Gust. The Nova Hell Expansions land on the ring, where Neptuneman throws his cape of faces onto the ceiling. The sides of the War-Cube are replaced by walls covered in swords. [1]

Neptuneman begins the match with a Cross Bomber against Lightning. [2] Lightning catches himself on the ropes, and counters an oncoming Quarrel Bomber with a kick to the back of Neptuneman's head. The gong is then officially rung. Mammothman and Thunder collide, shaking the ground. Thunder then uses a Lion Finger to break the top rope of the ring, but Mammothman uses a Branch Tusk to prevent him cutting the second, and proceeds to throw Thunder onto the swords that litter the floor. [2]

Thunder manages to stand and Mammothman uses another Big Tusk. [3] Thunder uses a Lion Mane to break the branching tusks, before he flies back into the ring, and attacks Mammothman, sending blood hurtling down into the crowds. He follows with a body-press, and Lightning lands on top of him, which sends the swords - still in his body - penetrating into Mammothman. Neptuneman and Lightning tag into the match, trading places with Mammothman and Lightning. [3]

They exchange a series of blows, until Lightning gains an advantage and breaks Neptuneman's left arm. [4] Just as the Nova Hell Expansions attempt an Optical Fibre Cross Bomber in response, Lightning uses his power of Acceleration to escape. [5] Lightning then uses a Double Neck Cut. [5] He escapes another attempt an Optical Fibre Cross Bomber, by forcing them to curve the optical fibres. [6] The Five Disasters then slam both of the Hell Expansions into the ring, and follow with Acceleration to toss both of the Hell Expansions onto the swords outside of the ring. [6]

The Nova Hell Expansions stand again, and Neptuneman uses an Ignition Crash on the Five Disasters. [7] Neptuneman attempts a Quarrel Press, but misses, and follows with a Chojin Hanging on Lightning. This is follows by Mammothman's Nose Freezing. [7] Due to physics, this stops their Acceleration from working and thus is cannot be used. [8] Mammothman uses his Big Tusk, and follows with a McKinley Avalanche against both of the Five Disasters; at this point, a voice calls to Mammothman and tells him to watch out for Thunder's Lion Mane attack behind him. He dodges and uses an Ice Rock Gyro. [8]

The Ice Rock Gyro on Thunder knocks Lightning also out of the ring. [9] The Five Disasters use the blood outside the ring to stick the boards of swords to their feet, which - on returning to the ring - use to kick at Mammothman, whose voice warned him on a trick. The voice continues to advise Mammothman, who uses his Nose Fencing against the Five Disasters, but they counter with a Nose Cleaving Leg Lariat. [9]

Mammothman tries another Nose Freezing. [10] He then uses a Jumbo Nose Catch on Thunder, before using another Ice Rock Gyro, but Thunder breaks out with a Lion Finger, and then uses a Lion Strike. The Five Disasters then use a Disaster Drive on Mammothman. [10] The Five Disasters then use their exotic matter to revert Mount Fuji to the state of an active volcano, which causes debris and boulders from the eruption to rain down on the Nova Hell Expansion. [11]

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Optical Fibre Cross Bomber (オプティカル・ファイバー・クロスボンバー)

Large optical fibres protrude from Neptuneman's arm and attach themselves to the opponent's back, while Mammothman does the same from the front with one of his tusks, holding the opponent in place. They then perform an explosive Cross Bomber. The result of this technique is that the skin on the opponent's face is knocked off.

Hell Freeze Drop (地獄の氷結落とし)


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