A group of six chojin from Omega Centauri.


The Omega Centuari's Six Spears are a powerful group of Chojin hailing from the Omega Centauri cluster. Led by Omegaman Aristera, they were manipulated by Satan into invading Earth, so Satan could get a host body while disposing of The Man for Satan's nefarious purposes. Their invasion was interrupted by reserve Justice Chojin and the Fated Princes.



The Six Spears of Omega Centauri are a group of powerful Chojin from the Omega Centauri cluster. Satan used them as his pawns in order to destroy The Man. However, the reserve Justice Chojin and, later, the Fated Princes intervened to stop them. The first set of matches ended with most of the reserve Justice Chojin and Lunaight dying. Wolfman was the only survivor of the reserve Justice Chojin because his Friendship Power kicked in during his match against Lunaight.

The Fated Princes and Kinnikuman would challenge the remaining Six Spears. Kinnikuman Big Body and Kinnikuman Mariposa managed to beat Gear Master and Hailman, respectively. Kinnikuman manages to beat Pirateman. However Kinnikuman Zebra lost to Mariquitaman due to sheer exhaustion. Kinnikuman Super Phoenix would lost to Omegaman Aristera because Aristera managed to tap into his Omega Inner Strength.

Just as Mariquitaman and Aristera were about to enter the Chojin Hakaba, Ataru Kinniku intervened. With the help of Brocken Jr., the two Justice Chojin would form the Full Metal Jackets and put a stop to their ambitions. Seeing as his pawns have failed, Satan attempts to punish the Six Spears survivors and dispatch the Full Metal Jackets at the same time.

Luckily, Justiceman intervened at the last second and stopped Satan. Satan warned that he'll come back in the future before his spirit vanishes. Justiceman invited the survivors of the Six Spears, Brocken Jr., and Kinnikuman to Mon Saint Parfait, where they will learn the truth of behind the origin of the Chojin residing in the Omega Centauri cluster.


Vs. Reserve Justice Chojin
First Hailman O-X
(Blizzard Sword)
Second Pirateman O-X
(St. Elmo's Fire)
Third Gear Master O-X
(Genocide Gears)
Fourth Mariquitaman O-X
(Ladybug Wing Sword)
Curry Cook
Fifth Lunaight X-O
(Shiranui - Unryuu Nage)
Vs. Fated Princes
First Hailman X-O
(Aztec Cemetary)
Kinnikuman Mariposa
Second Gear Master X-O
(Maple Leaf Clutch)
Kinnikuman Big Body
Third Mariquitaman O-X
(Mariquita Deadly Ride)
Kinnikuman Zebra
Fourth Pirateman X-O
(Muscle Spark)
Fifth Omegaman Aristera O-X
(Omega Armageddon Avenger)
Kinnikuman Super Phoenix
Omega Glorious Vs. Full Metal Jackets
Mariquitaman X-O
(Napalm Combination on Mariquitaman -> Ataru's Muscle Spark on Omegaman Aristera)
Brocken Jr.
Omegaman Aristera Kinnikuman Soldier


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