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Omega Centauri's Six Spears Arc

  • The second arc of the 2011 revival of Kinnikuman. Set one-and-half years from the end of the Scramble For The Throne Arc, it spans Volume 61 - 71


The Omega Centauri's Six Spears Arc is the second arc of the Kinnikuman (2011) series. It comprises of 10 volumes and 107 chapters, set not long after the Perfect Origin Arc and before the current unnamed arc.


After the defeat of The Man at the hands of General Devil, the three factions return to their homes, but the peace is quickly broken when a new menace fall upon Earth. Trapping the three factions inside magic barriers, Satan let the Six Spears of Omega Centaury to attack Earth. They fight wit the reserve justice chojin, killing everyone excepts Wolfman, who manage to defeat Lunaight.

The Fated Princes showed up, and with Kinnikuman, they end up fighting with the remaining Spears. Kinnikuman, Mariposa and Big Body manage to win their matches, but Zebra and Super Phoenix are defeated. The remaining Prince, Kinnikuman Soldier, a.k.a, Ataru Kinniku, shows up and challenge Omegaman Aristera and Mariquitaman to a tag match, choosing Brocken Jr. as his partner. After the defeat of the Omega Centaurian, Satan finally appears, materializing into a physical body, but suddenly, Justiceman appears and fights Satan in a match, defeating him.

New Characters



  • Teapackman vs. Hailman
  • Canadianman vs. Pirateman
  • Benkiman vs. Gear Master
  • Curry Cook vs. Mariquitaman
  • Wolfman vs. Lunaight
  • Kinnikuman Mariposa vs. Hailman
  • Kinnikuman Big Body vs. Gear Master
  • Kinnikuman vs. Pirateman
  • Kinnikuman Zebra vs. Mariquitaman
  • Kinnikuman Super Phoenix vs. Omegaman Aristera
  • Ataru Kinniku & Brocken Jr. vs. Omegaman Aristera & Mariquitaman
  • Justiceman vs. Satan



After the defeat of The Man, the three factions return to their homes, but suddenly, a magic barrier trap them inside their bases, at the same time that a mysterious group of chojin descend upon Earth, arriving to Sagrada Familia in Spain, killing some chojin recruits, before facing off against the reserve team of Justice Chojin: Wolfman, Canadianman, Curry Cook, Benkiman and Teapackman.

Teapackman vs. Hailman

Teapackman challenges Hailman on Special Ring C, starting by attempting to strike him with a teabag. Teapackman uses a Teabag Whip, but Hailman dodges until he is backed into a corner, at which Teapackman attempts another Teabag Whip, and - when Hailman dodges again - it damages the corner-post. Hailman uses a Blizzard Hand in response, followed by a Freezing Ring, which turns the ring to ice and allows Hailman an advantage, as he slides to cut into Teapackman's chest before Teapackman can use a Teabag whip again.

Hailman jumps into the air, while grabbing the handle of Teapackman's head. He tries to rip off Teapackman's head, at which point Teapackman reveals he specially trained his head and neck after his loss against Warsman. Teapackman swells his neck and manages to throw Hailman in an opposite direction. He delivers a kick to Hailman's abdomen, and spills boiling tea onto the canvas, which freezes into the shape of a slide, before using his teabag as a board to surf upon the iced canvas. He uses the speed to make a powered-up Teabag Whip.

Teapackman proceeds to strangle Hailman with the string of his teabag, using a Deadly Teatime attack. Hailman breaks free from sheer force, and counters with a Reverse Death-Valley Bomb, but - as Teapackman lies bloody on the floor - he grabs at Hailman with a Dragon Screw. A Teabag Whip is attempted again, but a Hail Breath freezes it solid, and Hailman destroys it with a Blizzard Hand. Teapackman melts the ice and attempts to use a Teabag Whip with the remains, but Hailman dodges every blow.

Eventually, the whip strikes Hailman in the face, but - due to it being broken - it delivers no harm. Teapackman tries again and again to use his Teabag Whip, and Hailman counters with a Blizzard Hand and a Freezing Body, which freezes the entirety of Teapackman's body. This prompts Hailman to use a Blizzard Sword, which decapitates Teapackman, and - holding the head high above as a trophy - the match is declared in his favour.

Canadianman vs. Pirateman

Canadianman takes on Pirateman in Special Ring E, where they lock up in the centre of the ring. He initially holds out in the beginning, but gets serious when Teapackman gets killed by Hailman.

Pirateman knees Canadianman in his face, when Canadianman states he is ready to lay down his life for justice, and this is followed by a rolling savate. Canadianman uses the recoil from the ropes to land a blow on Pirateman's chest, but Pirateman's jacket clamps down around Canadianman's wrist, allowing him to use a Treasure Hunt Suplex. Just as he tries to stomp on Canadianman's face, Canadianman throws him into the air and attempts a power-bomb, which is countered with a Flying-Body Scissors-Drop.

Canadianman throws Pirateman from him with a bridge, and decides to show the new technical wrestling moves he trained himself in during the month leading up to this fight. Canadianman tries to kick Pirateman, but his foot gets stuck again in Pirateman's jacket. Despite his trapped foot, Canadianman proceeds to kick at Pirateman's face, until Pirateman lets go of his foot and traps him in a head-lock. After using a tiger suplex, Canadianman switches from power moves to technical moves, including an STF.

Canadianman reiterates his desire to prove his worth, but Pirateman uses a King Kong Drop, and proceeds to driver an array of punches. This inspires Canadianman to break off his maple-lead head-piece to escape, as he follows with a Football Tackle. Pirateman breaks free, when Canadianman attempts a Canadian Back-Breaker, but Canadianman uses his Rebuilt Canadian Back-Breaker. Despite all his training, Pirateman proves too strong for him and breaks free with a Carribean Storm. This is followed by a Jolly Rodger, and Pirateman explains he will allow Canadianman to live, if Canadianman gives up his pride.

Canadianman reuses, and this leads to him getting his back broken by Pirateman's finishing move, Saint Elmo's Fire. This rips open his body, nearly tearing him into two halves, and the match is declared in Pirateman's favour.

Benkiman vs. Gear Master

Benkiman and Gear Master choose to fight one another on one of the rings, and Gear Master advances on Benkiman. Benkiman attacks with a low leg kick. As they fight on the Special A Ring, Benkiman takes him into an arm-bar. Gear Master counters with a Genocide Gears, but Benkiman counters with a series of elbow blows to the head, before being flung to the corner-post.

Benkiman dodges in time of an oncoming attack, while Gear Master's gears destroy the corner-post. After Benkiman is knocked down, Gear Master attempts a moon-sault, which Benkiman dodges. Benkiman catches Gear Master in a Romero Special, only for Gear Master to break free when the gears on his wrists and ankles cut into Benkiman's flesh, after which he tries to force Benkiman into his Genocide Gears. A Heraldo Spin allows Benkiman to counter the attack, and - attempting to fly overhead - gets caught by Gear Master, who grinds into his body.

In an attempt to free himself, Benkiman sprays Gear Master with water. This washes off the oil from Gear Master's gears, stopping them from properly working and making them stop. Benkiman attacks with a series of middle kicks. This is followed by a one-hand back-breaker, which aggravates the wound on Benkiman's leg, but Benkiman uses Friendship Power too German-suplex Gear Master. Gear Master is thus skewered on the corner-post, but eventually stands and removes the skewer. Gear Master reveals that the Six Spears are not aliens from Omega Centauri, but originally from Earth and are returning to their home-planet.

After Gear Master destroys another corner-post, Benkiman uses his Benki Wash, but this is countered by a Gear Hurricane. Gear Master uses his gears to trap Benkiman in a Boston Crab, and - in desperation - Benkiman rams his heraldo into Gear Master's gears. Benkiman uses his own form of the Fire of Inner Strength to kick at Gear Master's head, as he proceeds to use a Secret Technique: Ant Ball, and finishes with his Benki Flush. Gears start to encompass Benkiman's body, while Gear Master user his gears as a form of propulsion to climb back out of Benkiman. Gear Master runs Benkiman through his Genocide Gears, which leaves Benkiman broken and unable to fight. The match is decided in Gear Master's favour.

Curry Cook vs. Mariquitaman

Mariquitaman enters one of the rings in which the young chojin were training, in Special Ring D, and Curry Cook follows to challenge him to a one-on-one fight, while their teammates battle. Curry Cook begins with a series of low-kicks, until he realises Teapackman has been killed by Hailman. Mariquitaman eventually counters with two high-kicks. He takes flight to slam into Curry Cook with a lariat, before using a Marquita Flip. This downs Curry Cook, who uses an All-Spice Shield to temporarily get behind Mariquitaman.

Curry Cook uses a Garam Masala Thumbing, switching to a triangle-lock hold, and - channelling his Brutal Chojin nature - unleashes a barrages of elbow drops. Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Flying to break free, and - as he attempts a pile-driver - Curry Cook avoids the blow by bracing his hands on the canvas. After kicking Mariquitaman away, Curry Cook uses a Mandala Fireball. This is follows by a double-armed suplex, along with a Curry Roux. He rips open a hole in Mariquitaman's abdomen, before using a Ganges Back-Breaker, but Mariquitaman leans into the attack - despite adding to the damage - so that he can break free.

Mariquitaman kicks the back of Curry Cook's head, and uses his Rorschach Dot. He reveals Curry Cook is not fighting purely brutal fight, but to avenge his friends, and that this motivation is not enough to defeat the Six Spears. He uses a Cochineal Twister. Curry Cook breaks out and climbs the corner-post to attack again, but Mariquitaman uses a Mimic Needle, which pierces into Curry Cook as he falls onto Mariquitaman from his attempted body-press. Curry Cook breaks free, but is thrown to the corner-post, and Curry Cook uses another Garam Masala Thumbing.

After a series of blows, Mariquitaman gains the upper-hand and dives for Curry Cook, but Curry Cook realises - despite the spikes on Mariquitaman's back - there's an exposed part free from spikes on his opponent's back/wings. This allows him to get in a blow, but Mariquitaman opens up his wings in response, and uses a Wing Bookend to break Curry Cook's foot. Kinnikuman arrives and shouts support to Curry Cook, and Curry Cook reveals to Kinnikuman that the Six Spears are trying to uncover how their Friendship Power works. Curry Cook then uses a Curry Roux and grinds Mariquitaman against the ropes, before using a Chakra Sting, but Mariquitaman catches his kick.

Mariquitaman breaks Curry Cook's left leg, and proceeds to use a Cochineal Twist. Kinnikuman tells Curry Cook to use his Friendship Power, even though it is what the Six Spears want, so that he will not be torn in two, but Curry Cook refuses lest it help the Six Spears in their cause. He is torn partially open, before being thrown into the air, and is finally killed with a Ladybird Wing Blade. The match is thus decided in Mariquitaman's favour, and Curry Cook thanks Kinnikuman for his friendship before his death.

Wolfman vs. Lunaight

Lunaight begins with a series of palm punches, which is then returned by Wolfman. Wolfman spots Kinnikuman on the giant screens, but - while goading Kinnikuman (who was stranded on Earth, thus avoiding the force-fields) - is bitten again by Lunaight. Wolfman forces back Lunaight's head, which rips skin from his shoulder. The sight of Wolfman willing to risk his life to save Earth inspires Kinnikuman, who heads to Spain in order to help them fight.

Omegaman Aristera asks that Lunaight sacrifice his life in battle, but Lunaight instead throws Wolfman against the ropes. Wolfman proceeds to headbutt Lunaight, and the two are locked almost evenly in the centre of the ring. Wolfman uses a right overhand throw, followed by an izori drop. Lunaight tries to bite Wolfman's right shoulder, but bites through the rope of the ring, and Wolfman counters with an underarm grab. Wolfman proceeds to ask Kinnikuman why Kinnikuman never asked him for help in his Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne. Wolfman believes Kinnikuman pitied him due to his injury.

Lunaight uses a Metal Bite, which Wolfman counters with a slap. Wolfman uses a series of slaps and headbutts, and Wolfman and Kinnikuman antagonise each other, which fuels Wolfman's motivation in battle, and culminates in a Shumokuzori throw. Lunaight uses a Wolf Claw Attack, and proceeds to alter his for, before cutting him with his clawed feet and then entering a stand-off. He then transforms into a large beast. The two are evenly matched, until Lunaight throws Wolfman from the ring and Wolfman is forced to hold onto the top rope to stop from leaving the ring.

Lunaight attacks with a Wolf-Tail Iron-Whip, followed with a Lunaight Bomb. A sumo-stomp is added to insult Wolfman, who is being beaten with his own sport, and Kinnikuman is reminded of their own match during the Olympics. Wolfman uses a Dragon Leg Screw, but is struck again by another Wolf-Tail Iron-Whip and a Wolfgang Spiral, as the tail wraps around him much as Springman once did in battle. Lunaight asks Wolfman to tag out with Kinnikuman, which angers Wolfman enough to wrench off Lunaight's tail and uses a headbutt against him, but this is countered by a Metal Bite to the leg. Kinnikuman offers to tag out with Wolfman, but - inspired by their friendship - Wolfman uses a Rubik's Cube Slap.

A Metal Bite is delivered to Wolfman's arm, which he is unable to dodge due to the damage on his leg. Lunaight knocks him down with a choke-slam, but Kinnikuman uses their friendly rivalry to antagonise Wolfman into standing up, where he glows with new power, and Wolfman breaks Lunaight's jaw with a single slap, before resuming with his Rubik's Cube Slap. Wolfman attempts a Clasped Hand Twist, when - as Lunaight seems to be losing - Omegaman Aristera tells Lunaight that he cannot lose now that he has drawn out Wolfman's true power. To stop from being thrown, Lunaight digs his claws into the ring, and he starts to glow with a newfound power, in the same manner that Wolfman also glowed with power.

Wolfman is downed and sees the spirits of Canadianman, Curry Cook, Teapackman, and Benkiman. The two are evenly matched, until Wolfman summons his Friendship Power to use a Shiranui Unryu Drop. This knocks Lunaight out of the ring, who returns to his previous form, and the match is declared in Wolfman's favour. Lunaight tries to stand, but falls from the edge of the tower upon which the ring is placed, but Wolfman grabs at his arm and stops him from falling to his death. To save his pride at being saved by someone from Earth, Lunaight slashes at Wolfman's hand and chooses to fall to his death.

Mariposa vs. Hailman

Hailman begins on the offensive with a Blizzard Hand. Mariposa dodges and counters with a Missile Drop-Kick, before landing on Hailman outside of the ring with a La Quebradora, which Hailman counters with a bridge. A Blizzard Lariat follows from Hailman, and this is also followed with another Blizzard Hand. Mariposa kicks away his hand, and pins Hailman to the mat by his arm. The move is broken when Hailman uses his other hand to attack with a Blizzard Hand, and proceeds to use a Freezing Ring.

Mariposa attempts another kick, but is stopped by a Hail Breath. This freezes Mariposas's legs together. Hailman uses a Glacier Crash, and then a Blizzard Blade to slice open Mariposa's chest. A second Hail Breath freezes a cylindrical ramp into the ring, and allows Hailman to use a Freeze Screw Lane. Despite being down, Mariposa counters with a Enzuigiri. He uses a Montezuma Defence. The flames around Mariposa act like an armour, and Mariposa reveals that he can create flames even without Robin Mask's Analo Staff, by building up friction by spinning against the corner post.

Hailman tries to counter with a Hail Breath, but Mariposa uses a Fire Torch Rocket. The two exchange a series of blows, until Mariposa starts to use headbutts to indent Hailman's forehead, and Mariposa's body starts to melt. Hailman uses his Blizzard Ring Maximum, which rises five ice blocks from the ring, and proceeds to Ice Ring Prison. This traps Mariposa in a block of ice. Mariposa uses is Montezuma Defence, but - being an air-tight space - Mariposa is unable to create flame. Mariposa breaks free and tries to use the corner-posts for friction, but Hailman uses a Hail Breath to freeze the ring itself to stop him from being able to create friction.

Hailman follows with a Blizzard Block Hammer, and - after a series of blows - uses a Blizzard Hand to pierce through Mariposa's right thigh. Mariposa counters with a figure-eight lock, but Hailman is able to turn the attack to his advantage, using an Inverted Indian Death-Lock Face-Lock, and begins to freeze all of Mariposa's body. The sunlight moves through Hailman, whose body acts as a magnifying glass, and Mariposa is finally able to reignite his fire. Mariposa uses a Montezuma Defence, and takes to headbutting Hailman from above.

The headbutt is a repurposed version of his previous attempted Muscle Revenger, which Mariposa calls: Aztec Cemetery. This knocks out Hailman, and the match is rung in Mariposa's favour.

Big Body vs. Gear Master

Gear Master begins with a series of knee strikes to Big Body. He attempts to use his Genocide Gears, but Big Body is able to force back Gear Master. At first Gear Master underestimates Big Body, as he was the first Fated Prince to lose the Scramble for the Throne tournament, but later he is impressed as Big Body does his best to fight him valiantly. He reveals he has chosen the Forbidden City as the place for the match, as it is home to many royals, and - as Big Body failed to prove his worth as a "royal" - it will be a fitting end of him.

Big Body counters using a Deadly Dive and a Sunset Flip. The two exchange a series of blows, until Gear Master tricks Big Body into trapping his foot inside Gear Master's Genocide Gear, and throws him against the corner post. Gear Master sets Big Body up for a Muscle Revenger, believing it will bring back traumatic memories, but Big Body reveals he was waiting for a chance in life to redo his match and undo his failure, as he uses a Super Strength Atomic Bomb. Gear Master attempts a Hyper Genocide Mode, which seems to overwhelm Big Body.

He traps Big Body's hands, which forces Big Body to use a dropkick to escape, but this is followed by a Body Tackle from Gear Master. Big Body reasserts he has super strength, and demonstrates this with a rolling savate, which leads Gear Master to goad him again with accusations of weakness. Gear Master points up to the skies, where he points to the Yellow Emperor's Star.

It is a star that only reveals itself when someone unworthy steps within the palace grounds. In the past, a mirror would hang in the emperor's room and fall on anyone unworthy that attempted to claim the throne, and the Emperor's Star shall do the same above the ring. The presence of the star disconcerts Big Body, and Gear Master gains the upper-hand. Gear Master attempts to use a German Suplex; Big Body counters with a Stop the Gear, but Gear Master counters with a Reverse Genocide Gears, which traps Big Body's head between his gears.

Gear Master uses an Anti-Kythera Beefcake Processor, but Big Body pulls himself out of the gears. He drives Gear Master into the canvas, before dodging an oncoming attack with a kick to the head, and finally goes behind Big Body to use a Crucifix Back-Breaker. Big Body notices that Gear Master is nervous about the Emperor's Star, where Gear Master laments that he was forced to come to Earth due to the Perfect Origin, and that he will not miss his chance to prove his worth and prove that his people are better than the Perfect Origin (who claimed to be like gods).

Gear Master frees himself from Big Body and throw him overhead, and - after Gear Master attempts a Genocide Gear - Big Body counters his moves by using a Super Strength Exploder Suplex. This does not break Gear Master's gears, and Gear Master mocks Big Body, but Big Body states he still has plans. Big Body states he no longer feels fear, as he uses a Super Strength Jet Torpedo. He creates a tornado of yellow sand, which he forms into a ball, and throws it directly into Gear Master's gears. This stops the gears from turning, as Big Body takes him into a clutch and uses a Maple Leaf Clutch on Big Body. This defeats Gear Master, as Knock rings the gong in Big Body's favour.

The crowd cheers for Big Body, and Gear Masters points to the Emperor's Star above. Gear Master is impressed by Big Body, who did his best to fight him valiantly. In the end, when the Emperor's Star of the Forbidden City Palace (set to crush the loser and denounce him as a fraud) falls over the defeated Gear Master, with his last words expresses sadness about his own fate, with Big Body there to ease his last moments. Big Body tries to save him, but is ultimately unable and curses the gods as being unfair.

Zebra vs. Mariquitaman

The two begin with a series of punches, before Zebra delivers a punch directly to Mariquitaman's face, which is matched by a face punch from Mariquitaman to Zebra.

When Mariquitaman tries a flying-body press, which is matched by a flying-body press by Zebra. The two then also use matching drop-kicks, and then try a flurry of punches, which both evade. Mariquitaman states that he always fights in an octagon ring, and that he likes to drink the blood of his opponents, as he proclaims he shall win the match. After attempting a moonsault on Zebra, Zebra counters with reverse brain-buster. Zebra attempts a drop-kick, but moves into a Zebra Thunderbolt Crash. He then uses a Zebra Hell's Submission, but Mariquitaman breaks free.

Zebra uses the eight sides of the ring to run about, gathering intense speed, and uses a Muscle Inferno. A Mariquita Wing allows Mariquitaman to break free just before he hit the wall of the castle, and uses an Executioner Suplex on Zebra. Zebra attempts to retaliate with a toehold face-lock, but Mariquitaman breaks free by using his Mariquita wing to cut into Zebra's torso. Mariquitaman states that he idolises Omegaman Aristera, as no one else has ever beaten him, and fights in hopes of impressing Aristera. Zebra then attempts a German Suplex, but is stopped by a Mimic Needle, and attempts instead a chicken-wing suplex, which is stopped in turn by a Mariquita Picturesque Guillotine.

Mariquitaman states he knows Zebra has been hiding back, as he has not unleashed his Black State, and uses his Rorshach Dot to form the crest of a zebra on his chest, which shows him what is holding Zebra back. Zebra states that the image is that of his friend "Kid", and he eradicated his Black State in order to honour kid and not as he is not simply repressing that state. Mariquitaman then covers his body in stripes, before using a Coccinelli Twister on Zebra (Zebra's own signature move). This is followed by a Rorschach Influence, as he transfers his stripes onto Zebra and forces him to assume his Black State. Zebra starts to fight in earnest, before using a True Muscle Inferno on Mariquitaman.

Zebra follows by a Zebra Bloody Driver. He delivers a series of punches, bloodying Mariquitaman, but Mariquitaman mocks him before using a Sheltering Pupa. This covers him in armour and renders Zebra's punches to be ineffective, before using a Mariquita Moulting and then a Mariquita Twofold Kill. This is followed by a Mariquita Wing, Mariquita Wing Wrapping-Sheet, and a Wing-Wrapping Brain-Crusher. Mariquitaman reveals he brought out Zebra's dark side, as it made him more predictable and his attacks easier to counter.

Mariquitaman knocks the back of Zebra's head with a double-knee strike. This leads to the Black and White parts of Zebra to manifest and discuss how they are both two halves of one whole, and they notice their Zebra Medal on the ring, which was dislodged by Mariquitaman. The Black and White halves become one again, in honour of Kid, and the two exchange blows, until Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Helicopter. Zebra grabs his medal and makes amends to the spirit of Kid, before Zebra uses his True Muscle Inferno.

Mariquitaman uses a Mariquita Wing to throw them both off-course at the last minute, and follows by a Ladybird Wing-Blade. After a further series of blows, Mariquitaman ends the match with a signature move that he had only used once before (on Aristera): Mariquita Deadly Ride. This breaks Zebra's arms and legs. The bell is rung and the match is declared in Mariquitaman's favour, and Zebra warns Mariquitaman to never trust Satan before losing consciousness.

Kinnikuman vs. Pirateman

During the battle with Pirateman, Kinnikuman manages to get his opponent tell about their motives: the Six Spears were searching for the Magnet Power and the Fire of Inner Strength (to whom the Friendship Power is a prerequisite) to save Omega Centauri from ruination and avenge their ancestors, driven away from Earth by a vengeful Strong the Budo. However, when Pirateman gets the upper edge on Kinnikuman (moved to pity by his story), he loses faith in his plan, and decides to execute Kinnikuman in retaliation for having led him to place his faith into the Fire of Inner Strength. Kinnikuman decides to soothe his pain in the only way he know: by staging a miraculous comeback and beating him with the Muscle Spark.

Despite this, the wounds he received from Pirateman caused him to pass out.

Super Phoenix vs Aristera

During the match, Super Phoenix angers Aristera by saying that his accidental murder of Dexia and subsequent loss against Kinnikuman was great because he put a wrench in the Six Spears' plan. However, Aristera won't stand for the Six Spears' pride being insulted and demonstrates the Omega Apocalypse Crash on Super Phoenix.

Super Phoenix survived the attack by calculating a way out of it. He proceeded to make a comeback by using his intelligence against Aristera's overwhelming power and demonstrated the Phoenix Thunder Storm grapple on him. This causes the ring to crash into the roof of Azuchi Castle, revealing a portal into the Chojin Graveyard.

It is revealed the Six Spears' ancestors built the precursor to the Azuchi Castle as a way to gain access into the Chojin Hakaba. Oda Nobunaga would follow in the ancient Chojins' footsteps, but The Man sent visions into Akechi Mitsuhide's mind and coerced him into betraying Nobunaga. Aristera asks Super Phoenix to join them in their quest to kill The Man and the other Chojin Gods, but Super Phoenix refuses.

Despite his advanced skills, Super Phoenix was unable to damage Aristera significantly. Aristera even managed to reverse the Muscle Revenger with the Giant Glove Cutter technique. To make matters worse, The God of Intelligence showed up. Even though Phoenix refused his offer to be possessed, Phoenix changed his mind after seeing the large gap in power between him and Aristera. With this new boost in power, Phoenix was able to make another comeback in the fight.

When Super Phoenix attempted to finish off Aristera with a super-powered Muscle Revenger, Lunaight, Hailman and Gear Master's souls appear on Aristera's Omega Hand and channel their Friendship Power into Aristera, giving him the strength to take on Super Phoenix. They tell him to never give up on their hopes before vanishing.

Super Phoenix asked how he managed to get a grasp on Friendship Power. Aristera explained he obtained that power through the hopes of his Omega Centaurians and broke out of the Muscle Revenger. Aristera somehow planned for Phoenix getting possessed by the God of Intelligence. He boasted that he'll be the first one to beat a god in combat.

Super Phoenix realised that Aristera is like Kinnikuman in that he has the same infinite potential as him. Aristera hated that Chojin were stuck with the Chojin Kyodo they were born with and sought to change that by fighting powerful Chojin and connecting with them. Aristera was glad that the Gods focused on Kinnikuman, allowing Aristera to build up his power in secret. Aristera pulled off another Omega Apocalypse Crash on Super Phoenix.

The God of Intelligence reminded Super Phoenix that has the power of a God behind him. Super Phoenix should be able to recover from this. Super Phoenix does another Muscle Revenger, but Aristera was able to reverse that into a modified Omega Catastrophe Drop, the Omega Armageddon Avenger. Just before he passed out, Super Phoenix revealed that he chose to fight Aristera and the Six Spears because he was humbled by Kinnikuman's kindness and that the Omega Centaurians and the Man were former allies.

Also, Super Phoenix suggests that the Six Spears were being used by a greater being and pities the Six Spears because of it. Aristera tells him to shut up and chokes him. Aristera believes that The Man changing doesn't mean the crimes he committed against the ancestors of the Omega Centaurians will vanish. Aristera only wants The Man to atone for those crimes. In response, Super Phoenix thinks that Aristera knows nothing about The Man's love for Chojin and that all Chojin would thank the Man if they learned about what he did.

Before tossing a beaten Super Phoenix aside, Aristera claims that Super Phoenix was "a surprisingly upright Chojin to fight". He wonders if Super Phoenix was always like this and theorises that Super Phoenix changed by the fight against Kinnikuman during the finals of the Scramble for the Throne tournament. Aristera corrects himself and suggests the fight changed them both. He notes the reason why Dexia served Super Phoenix in the first place.

Full Metal Jackets vs Omega Glorious

The Universal Chojin Committee will preside over this match. The match starts off a bit rough for Brocken Jr. Mariquitaman seems to dominate him as he could counter his beloved Red Rain of Berlin technique. After that barrage, Brocken reminds himself that he's Kinnikuman Soldier's best choice and that he won't let him and his teammates down. Ataru pulls Brocken Jr. aside and gives him a dope slap, giving Brocken Jr. the motivation to fight back.

Mariquitaman's Rorschach Dot technique reveals an outline of Ataru's mask. Basically, Brocken Jr.'s deepest regret is being unable to do anything on his own. Brocken Jr. refutes that and shows off the Battlefield Dropkick combination attack on Mariquitaman. Ataru follows up with the Drill-A-Hole Cannon Driver technique.

Ataru baits out Aristera, which is good for Aristera. Aristera wants to see Ataru's Burning Inner Strength. Despite their deadlock in grappling strength, Ataru places Aristera into a Grenade Suplex. Ataru even manages to block Aristera's Four Finger Splash with a Niku Curtain guard.

Eventually, Aristera breaks the Niku Curtain and brags about his Chojin Strength given to him by the people of Omega Centauri. After demanding to see the Burning Inner Strength, Aristera places Ataru into a Powerbomb. Ataru reverses the move and counters a brand-new Niku Suppression. Ataru explains that the Kinniku clan's power doesn't just come from the Burning Inner Strength. It comes from the "righteous wrestling used by kings and based on solid moves and techniques".

In fact, Ataru will be glad to teach Aristera those techniques. Aristera retorts that Ataru abandoned his family and goes for a big boot kick. Ataru grabs Aristera and puts him into the Niku Downpour technique. Ataru and Aristera charge at each other, but Aristera slips out of the way. Mariquitaman does a powerful Tiger Feint Kick. Aristera isn't here for Ataru's mastery of wrestling techniques. He wants to see Ataru's Burning Inner Strength! The Omega Gloriouses place Ataru into a variant of the Mariquita Pupa Two-Fold Kill, the Glorious Sanction Crash.

After encouraging Brocken Jr. to fight back, Ataru steps in and invokes the Hellfire Inner Strength. He proceeds to do a Dragon Cube Suplex on Aristera. Mariquitaman intervenes, but Ataru swats him aside. After climbing back into the ring, Aristera reveals his backstory to Ataru. Before he became leader of the Six Spears, Aristera was considered an outcast until he learned about his special ability. Aristera is a mutant with the special ability of connecting and gaining an opponent's Chojin Power.

Receiving a beating from Ataru, Aristera achieves Omega Inner Strength and reverses Ataru's Napalm Stretch. He turns the match around and devastates Ataru with a Gigantic Glove Cutter. Ataru calmly states Aristera's Omega Inner Strength is filled with hatred towards The Man, so it isn't as strong as Ataru's Hellfire Inner Strength. Angered by this, Aristera beats down Ataru some more and delivers a speech on how Ataru is a thoughtless drifter who ran away from his family and his royal duties. Aristera fights for his people, unlike Ataru who does whatever he wants.

Even though the Omega Gloriouses display rather brutal techniques on the Full Metal Jackets, they still manage to stand because of Friendship Power. When Mariquitaman uses his Rorscharch Dot technique on Brocken Jr., the dots form the letter L, a sign that Ataru believes that Brocken Jr. should never give up in the face of adversity. Mariquitaman doesn't understand the meaning behind it until Brocken Jr. explains it for him. Mariquitaman thinks that means the L stands for defeat, but Brocken Jr. corrects him.

Brocken Jr. brings up his former grudge against Ramenman and compares that grudge to Aristera's grudge towards The Man. Living with a grudge like that will rob a man of their future. Brocken Jr. reverses the combination technique, pulling off a Double German Suplex. When Mariquitaman tries to cut up Brocken Jr. with his wings, Brocken Jr. counters with a Red Rain of Berlin technique and slices off Mariquitaman's wing.

Brocken gets on the receiving end of a Brains Shutdown Bomber, yet he still stands strong. Brocken Jr. boasts that Kinnikuman Soldier brings out the best in him. The Omega Gloriouses attempt another Glorious Graveyard Splash, but Ataru interrupts it, pulling off tag-team version of the Napalm Stretch, the Napalm Combination.

Aristera is forced to acknowledge he is now helpless. Ataru announces that he'll beat Aristera, but Aristera proclaims that Ataru understands nothing and unleashes a beating while listing everything that he lost in his fight to obtain Friendship Power. His losses didn't matter as long as he can keep fighting. Just as Aristera is about to pull off his Omega Armageddon Avenger, Ataru reverses it and claims that Aristera's "Inner Fire" needs to be stoked in order for the two fighters to understand each other.

Ataru repeatedly dropkicks Aristera into the air and finishes him off with the Ataru Muscle Spark, the most merciful move in Ataru's arsenal. Just as he's about to get slammed into the canvas, Aristera laments that he can't pull out his Omega Inner Strength. Aristera rambles on about being Omega Centauri's hope before passing out. And with this, the match between the Omega Glorious and the Full Metal Jackets ended at 78 minutes and 43 seconds of non-stop action.

Aristera is shocked that Ataru would show him mercy while taking on his rage. The people of Omega Centauri believe in matches end in destroying their opponents or getting destroyed themselves. That belief made things easier for them. The Omega Glorious fought with that belief in mind, but the Full Metal Jackets never gave into the Omega Glorious' ideology. The Full Metal Jackets kept fighting to find a solution, never stopping until they beat the Omega Glorious. In the end, Full Metal Jackets' cruel mercy won over the Omega Glorious.

Aristera is forced to admit that Ataru's mercy is the right way. He admits that he feels guilty for pushing Mariquitaman off into his doom. Ataru's mercy is strong enough to beat the Omega Centaurians. However, Ataru reveals that his mercy, a pale imitation, is nothing compared to Suguru's mercy. Ataru says that he's a selfish fool and notes that Aristera has a kind heart dedicated to improving the lives on Omega Centauri. Ataru came here to push Aristera's potential.

Ataru came here to push Aristera's potential. He explains that an evil monster's trying to take advantage of him, so he and the other Fated Princes came to stop that. Aristera doubts himself, but Pirateman speaks of Aristera's virtues and tells Aristera is the savior of the Omega Centaurians. They truly believed in him and rallied behind him not because of his hatred towards The Man, but because he's a good leader towards his followers.

Pirateman admits that Aristera is a selfless person, thinking of others before himself. Pirateman elaborates that Aristera has more positive traits than he would like to admit. Pirateman's willing to help out Aristera in his time of need. Aristera finally admits the Omega Centaurians' way is flawed and that he's willing to change those values for the sake of the Omega Centaurians.

Brocken Jr. and Ataru are proud of Aristera for opening up for the first time. Even Brocken Jr. is crying tears of joy because of this moment. Satan shows up to ruin the moment, shooting off a black spike to kill Aristera after revealing that he planned on turning Aristera into his next vessel. Aristera is now useless to Satan. However, Mariquitaman blocks the spike for his leader, showing that he's still alive even after all that punishment.

Justiceman vs. Satan

Satan thinks that Justiceman's got a swollen ego for saying that he'll fight Satan in the name of justice. Satan admits that he would have some trouble fighting against The Man, but fighting against a lackey of his will be a piece of cake. Satan will shatter Justiceman's misguided confidence into pieces with his new body. Justiceman will be the first offering to him.

Justiceman asks Satan why he would grow a new body. Justiceman notes that Satan always seeks out new hosts because he's so paranoid. Creating a new body is not like Satan at all. To Justiceman, Satan's already revealed his hand. Justiceman theorizes that this contradiction is connected to the recent chaos going on lately.

Satan orders Justiceman to be silent, but Justiceman retorts that Satan might be upset after getting elbowed in the face by him. Justiceman corrects him and properly introduces himself as the Perfect Sixth of the Perfect Origin. Justiceman has lived for countless aeons and he will beat threats like Satan through the teachings of The Man. After all, Justiceman's here to protect the Chojin world's promising future!

With that, Justiceman grabs Satan by the arm and throws him, but Satan reverses that and knees Justiceman in the gut. Satan thinks that there's no hope for the Chojin world. The only thing that exists is dark despair. The more despair exists in this world, the stronger Satan becomes. Satan slams Justiceman's head into the mat and elbows him in the neck.

Satan thinks that Justiceman's pathetic and that he'll never protect the Chojin world in a state like this. It shouldn't be a problem for Satan to change things for the worse. Satan grabs Justiceman's legs and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Satan's not done yet, though. There's more pain on the way.

As Satan delivers a beat-down on Justiceman, Satan announces that he will destroy Justiceman until his pride and face are completely gone. Seeing as the match has barely lasted for five minutes, Satan decides to check on Justiceman's barely damaged mug. Clearly upset, Satan proclaims that he cannot stand Justiceman's kind at all. Justiceman makes Satan bubble with rage. Justiceman can keep up the act all he wants, but Satan's through with playing around. It's time for one of Satan's finishers, the Satanic Soul Branding! Anyone who stands in Satan's way will get a one way trip into oblivion!

And thus, Satan does that move on Justiceman, but Justiceman doesn't flinch at all. He asks Satan if that was his strongest move. Justiceman breaks free, coughing up blood when he's finished. Satan boasts that the Satanic Soul Branding had an effect on Justiceman after all. Justiceman praises Satan for hurting him enough to the point where he coughs up blood. This is far as Satan will go in Justiceman's eyes.

Satan repeats that he can't stand Justiceman's attitude while unleashing another beat-down on Justiceman. He doesn't like that Justiceman acts like he's invincible. Satan will reveal Justiceman's act is all faked. To do that, he'll use Justiceman's own scales. Satan's belt buckle weighs less than Justiceman's item, making Satan think that he's right about Justiceman being all talk.

Satan notes the irony of Justiceman's scales turning against him and exposed Justiceman's own fear of Satan. That earlier act was all a bluff. Satan goes for a kick, but Justiceman catches it and easily reverses it with a tug. Satan thinks that Justiceman's resistance is annoying.

However, Justiceman announces that he's stopped playing around. He will use his Justice moves for this fight, performing the Justice Crash on Satan to prove his point. A crack forms on Satan's body, causing him to yell that his defeat can't be happening! Justiceman explains Satan's plan of possessing a powerful vessel in order to defeat The Man. When Satan's plan failed, he decided to create his own body. Justiceman believes that Satan's in a rush to do something and realizes what that is.

Satan retorts and orders Justiceman to stop his theorizing. Justiceman ignores that and does a Judgement Twist. Justiceman asks if Satan can feel the impermanence of Earth. Satan's body can deal with normal Chojin, but it can't deal with a Perfect Origin. Giving up on a physical body for so long has made Satan weak. If Satan is struggling to beat Justiceman in combat, he has no chance at beating The Man. When his plan to possess Aristera failed, everything began to unravel for Satan.

There's a reason for Satan not giving up and adapting a physical body, according to Justiceman. Satan calls Justiceman an insolent brat and asks if he could dare to critique Satan, the great Demon King like that. Justiceman retorts with a pair of his own questions, saying that Satan's title doesn't even matter at all to him. Satan's time has passed. The Perfect Origin's time has passed as well, which is why Justiceman and The Man stopped interfering. Justiceman adds that an unneeded relic like Satan needs to stop interfering with Chojin lives, placing him in the Justice Avalanche finishing hold to accentuate his point.

A crack appears on Satan's arm. Ominously, Satan warns Justiceman that he still has a plan even if he's outmatched by Justiceman. Justiceman asks about the plan, which is revealed to be Satan's ace up his sleeve. It is the one thing Justiceman isn't prepared for. Justiceman says that Satan has nothing at all and slams him into the canvas.

Satan recovers with an upward kick to Justiceman's face and boasts of his own power. Justiceman shouldn't underestimate Satan since Satan's the Demon King and all. Justiceman goes for a kick, slamming Satan into a ring turnbuckle. Satan doesn't like that Justiceman's messing around with him and admits that Justiceman hasn't beaten him, not by a long shot. Satan can't lose at all. With this, Satan attempts to possess Justiceman's body.

Today is the birth of a new demon king, and the start of a bloody Sabbath! Justiceman manages to prevent Satan's possession and rejects Satan. While kicking Satan in the face, Justiceman asks, "What on Earth are you thinking?" Satan obviously didn't think things through.

Satan's plan is clearly half-baked because Justiceman doesn't have the needed evil heart that Satan desires at all. This is the reason Satan gave up on possessing Aristera, since Aristera made an attempt to reform. Satan brings up the scales tipping in his favor, but the scales suddenly tip in Justiceman's favor. Satan has a nervous breakdown upon seeing that.

Justiceman explains that his earlier guilt came about because he let Satan roam around on Earth. That guilt has faded away since Justiceman can now enact his most prized finisher on Satan, the Justice Penalty, without impunity. And thus, Justiceman has deemed Satan guilty! Justiceman leaps into the air and performs his finisher move, marking Satan guilty for his many crimes!

His face still gripped by Justiceman's hand, Satan can't believe he's being wiped out with no mercy. With this finisher, Justiceman causes Satan's body to shatter. Satan's spirit flees, threatening to come back as long as there's evil in the hearts of mankind. The cube ring, drained of energy, crashes into the ground.


Traveling to the Chojin Graveyard, Justiceman presents The Man to the remaining of the Six Spears, Omegaman Aristera and Pirateman, who told them about why he vanish their ancestors from Earth. The Man also warns about the danger of the gods, and their plan for wipe out the chojin race with the capillar rays. He then promise to help the Omega Centaurian, at the same time that the gods start to descend upon the Earth.