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Painman is the Perfect Fifth of the Perfect Origin and one of Goldman's former allies.


Painman is the Perfect Fifth of the Perfect Origin. His opponent was Junkman. After a long battle, Painman was defeated. Out of respect, Painman gave his Wind Dumbbell to Junkman before passing away.


Painman's quite confident in his Cushioning Material and often praises its qualities. As arrogant as he is, he has a sense of honor and gave up his Wind Dumbbell upon his loss.


Painman often disagreed with Goldman over what the strongest material on the planet: Painman's Cushioning Material or Goldman's Hardness 10: Diamond Power. Despite this, Painman had a fond respect for Goldman even after Goldman defected and became General Devil.


Painman is made entirely out of Cushioning Material, a bubble wrap-like material that can bounce back after a prolonged offense. This material is weak to sudden heat due to the laws of thermodynamics.


Painman's opponent was the Bloodbath Hell of the Devil Knights, Junkman. They fought in a Steel Cage death-match. Painman's Cushioning Material was a huge pain for Junkman to crush as Painman could simply restore himself even after a powerful Junk Cube Crush. Not even the Junk Spikes could penetrate this almighty Cushioning Material. After restoring himself, Painman boasted that his Cushioning Material is stronger than Goldman's Diamond Power. Painman's name not only comes from his ability to take on as much pain as he wants, but it also comes from his ability to dish it out as well.

Painman reminisced about his past with Goldman and constantly insulted Goldman, angering Junkman since Junkman is one of Goldman's Devil Knights. Even though Painman couldn't fight Goldman, he's glad to fight Junkman in his place. He added that Junkman should be proud of fighting him and performed the Terrible Pain Clutch on him.

Luckily, Junkman escaped by using a Sharpness Junk Upper on him. After a eureka moment, Junkman built up the friction in his Junk Hands in order to set them on fire in order to create a brand-new variant of the Junk Crush: the Overheat Junk Crush.

Despite piercing one of Painman's airbags, the Overheat Junk Crush exhausted him to the point where he couldn't even lift his Junk Hands. Out of desperation, Junkman amputated himself and boasted that he'll go down in history for popping Painman's airbags. He ended the match with a mighty Junk Crush, crushing Painman between his Junk Hands. Painman was beaten with this amazing technique and gives Junkman his Wind Dumbbell. After this, Painman ordered his men to not attack Junkman because Junkman gave Painman a great fight.


Dummy Bubble

  • Painman creates an easily popped duplicate of himself to confuse his opponents

Cushioning Material Body

  • Painman's body is made of a cushioning material that protect him. As a result, his body is covered in special air bags. However, heat can cause them to expand out of control.

Fireball Press

  • Painman curls up into a ball and slams into his opponent.

Pain Recovery

  • If Painman's attacked, Painman's air cushions spring into action and bounce the opponent's offense away from him.

Terrible Pain Clutch

  • Painman's signature hold. Painman wraps his arms around his opponent's head and left arm while locking down their legs and right arm with his legs.

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)


  • Laugh: "Te-hahaha" (テハハハ)