Pallo special

The special technique of Warsman


The Pallo Special is Warsman's signature technique copied from Robin Mask during his time at the Wolf's Room. In fact, Warsman's mastery of this particular Robin Clan finisher is the reason why Robin Mask selects Warsman as his pupil for the 21st Chojin Olympics.

Warsman leaps onto his opponent's back, constricts his opponent's legs with his own, and tugs on his opponent's arms until they submit and/or he dislocates their arms.


Pallo Special: The End

This variant is similar to the original version, but Warsman continues the move until he slams his opponent face-first into the canvas. Used against The Manriki in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc and Polarman during the Perfect Large Numbers arc.

Tower of Babel

A tag-team combination of Robin Mask's Tower Bridge and Warsman's Pallo Special. While Warsman is performing the Pallo Special on his opponent, Robin Mask lands on Warsman's shoulders while doing a Tower Bridge with the other opponent. Robin Mask's landing adds pressure to the Pallo Special victim while impacting the Tower Bridge victim at the same time.


A mirrored version of the Pallo Special taught to Kevin Mask by Warsman in his Kuroe disguise. Known as Tactics No. The End by Kuroe. This version of the Pallo Special has Kevin's back facing his opponent's back while he attempts to dislocate his opponent's arms.

Makai OLAP

Asuraman's version of the OLAP done with all six of his arms. To add more damage to the move, Asuraman leaps at one of the ring turnbuckles and slams his opponent's head against it.

Niku -> LAP

A tag technique done by The Young Masters. While Mantaro Kinniku performs a Kinniku Buster on an opponent, Kevin performs an OLAP on the same opponent.



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