A chojin modelled after the real-life temple Parthenon. 


Modelled after the real-life temple Parthenon. His shadow has the power to bring out Zebra's brutal personality. His entire body is made up of sculptures. Thousands of dead creatures are inside his temple body, and his pillars are filled with methane gas. He was offered 3,000,000,000 Chojin Dollars to perform on Zebra's team. The dollar bills (gold bars in the anime) he received from Zebra were packed into his pillars.

In the last semifinals match of the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc, he teamed up with Zebra in a Tag Match against Kinnikuman and Robin Mask. He trapped Robin inside his pillars with his "Body Petrification Trap", but Robin escaped using the Anoalo Sceptre. He then broke Parthenon in half with his Tower Bridge and finished him off with the Robin Special.



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Team Zebra vs. Team Kinnikuman

(More to Come)

The Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne proceeds as expected, until the match between Team Zebra and Team Kinnikuman, at which point Parthenon attempts a Guillotine Drop on Ramenman. [2] Kinnikuman intervenes to stop the attack, at which point Kinnikuman and Robin Mask declare that they will fight on his behalf. Zebra agrees to turn the final match between both teams into a tag-match. [2]

Robin Mask sneaks behind Zebra with a choke-hold, while Kinnikuman is incapacitated. Robin Mask and Kinnikuman proceed to use an Anglo-Japan Cross-Bomber. Parthenon then uses a drop-kick to knock away Kinnikuman, and Zebra - usually a clean fighter (White Form) - steps into Parthenon's shadow, where his stripes cover most of his body and his brutal side emerges (Black Form). [3]

Later, Zebra concentrates a headbutt on the ring, where he cracks open a fissure along the canvas, which divides the ring in two. [4] He proceeds to use a Brutal Art: Canvas Presser, but Kinnikuman and Robin Mask survive due to Kinnikuman's Face-Flash. [4]

Zebra throws Parthenon at Kinnikuman, who proceeds to bounce him in the air over and over with his abdominal muscles, and Kinnikuman then attempts a Muscle Spark (one of the Kinniku Clan's 3 Great Techniques). [5] This is countered by Parthenon's Destroyer technique, and Zebra states that Kinnikuman no longer has his Fire of Inner Strength; Zebra then performs the Muscle Inferno (another one of the Kinniku Clan's 3 Great Techniques) on Suguru. Kinnikuman is left incapacitated on the canvas.

Parthenon tries to petrify Kinnikuman with a Human Body Fossil Seal, but Robin Mask uses his Unicorn Head to tag into the match. This results in Robin Mask being sealed inside one of Parthenon's pillars. [5] Kinnikuman is revived by Robin Mask's support, along with the support of his friends, which invokes his Friendship Power. [6] Kinnikuman uses one of the ropes to drag fossils from the canvas, which are thrown at Parthenon, and proceeds to use a front-headlock on both Parthenon and Zebra, and uses a Double Brain-Buster of Friendship and a Double Camel-Clutch. Parthenon counters with a Temple Rubble Demolition.

Parthenon then casts a shadow on Kinnikuman, which removes his sense of justice and makes him turn on his friends, but - in the process - Zebra turns back to his "White Self" and becomes good. It is revealed Kinnikuman is merely acting evil, while Zebra is unable to return to his "Black Self", and this is due to the power of justice emanating from Robin Mask inside Parthenon. [6] Robin Mask breaks free from Parthenon, by igniting the methane gas with the Anoalo Fire, and uses a Tower Bridge on Parthenon. [7]

This snaps all six of Parthenon's pillars. [8] The top-half of Parthenon continues to live, and this prompts Robin Mask to use a Robin Special, but - on Parthenon's death - money shoots out of his corpse. Robin Mask is too fatigued to continue, and is taken out of the ring by Ramenman. [8]


Body Petrification Trap (人体化石封じ, Jintai Kaseki Fuuji)

Temple Crumbling (神殿瓦礫崩し, Shinden Gareki Kuzushi)

Career Record

  • Team Zebra: Second-in-Command

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

  • X Robin Mask (Robin Special)



  • Laugh: Gyogyogyogyo (ギョギョギョギョ)


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