Pashango (パシャンゴ) Flag of Brazil
Seiyuu: Tomohisa Asou.


Ricardo's trainer who taught him a multitude of submission moves (their style is likely meant to be an exaggerated variation of Brazilian jiu-jitsu). One day, during a sparring match, he witnesses Ricardo partially transform into his "Lord of Darkness" version and subsequently attacks him as he would any other Akugyō Chōjin. Shocked and angered, Ricardo slays his master with the Torture Slash, then passes the murder off as an accident to his fellow students Hugo (ウーゴ), Silva (シウバ), and Hitode (ヒトーデ). However, as the others leave to find medical assistance, Silva lingers behind and sees Ricardo stomp on Pashango to ensure his demise.
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