Perfect Origin Arc (完璧超人始祖編)

  • The arc of the 2011 revival of Kinnikuman. Set one-and-half years from the end of the Scramble For The Throne Arc, it spans Volume 38 - 60


This is the longest arc of Kinnikuman (manga) to date, spanning over 22 volumes and 208 chapters.


The Justice, Devil and Perfect Chojin gather to sign a peace treaty to prevent future wars between their factions, but a group - named the Perfect Large Numbers - disrupts events and challenges the factions to a new tournament. At the end of this tournament, a second group - named the Perfect Origin - arrive to declare a second tournament, as they are led by Nemesis and Chojin Enma. The tournament ends with the victory of Kinnikuman over Nemesis.


First Stage

  • Terryman vs. Max Radial 
  • Stecasse King vs. Turboman (USSR)
  • Mr Khamen vs. Crushman (Germany)
  • Black Hole vs. Dalmatiman (China)
  • Atlantis vs. Marlinman (London)
  • Kinnikuman vs. Peek-a-boo (Japan)
  • The Mountain vs. Strong The Budo (USA)

Second Stage

  • Brocken Jr vs. Crushman
  • Ramenman vs. Marvellous
  • Springman vs. Psychoman
  • Black Hole vs. Jak Chi
  • Diablos vs. John Does
  • Robin Mask vs. Nemesis
  • Warsman vs. Polarman

Third Stage

  • Ganman vs. Sneagator
  • Psychoman vs. Planetman
  • Thingman vs. Sunshine
  • Crowman vs. The Ninja
  • Justiceman vs. Ashuraman

Fourth Stage

  • Ganman vs. Buffaloman
  • Nemesis vs. Ramenman
  • Justiceman vs. Terryman
  • Psychoman vs. Brocken Jr
  • Psychoman vs. Silverman
  • Nemesis vs. Kinnikuman


  • General Devil vs. The Man



Terryman has come to Japan at the request of Meat Alexandria, where three chojin factions plan to sign a peace treaty: Justice Chojin, Perfect Chojin, and Evil Chojin.[1] Terryman is the spokesman for the Justice Chojin. He signs the treaty at the Japan Martial Arts Stadium, and several days later he participates in a Chojin Appreciation Day. Harabote revealed that most of the Idol Chojin are stuck in Medical Suspension in order to recover from their wounds from their battles over the years, explaining their absence from the event.

When Terryman's shoelace snaps, he notices that the arena is being invaded by Perfect Chojin. [1] Terryman gets the children to safety, when it is revealed these are Perfect Chojin from outer space. [2] After Max Radial defeats Specialman and Canadianman - and Tileman, Curry Cook, and Benkiman are turned into humans - Terryman jumps into the ring to protect people and stop the Perfect Chojin. [3]

One of the Perfect Chojin bears a resemblance to Big the Budo, which puzzles Terryman (as he was killed in the Dream Tag Arc). The lookalike confirms Terryman's doubt and says he's not Big the Budo, but Strong the Budo. It is revealed that the assailants are the Perfect Large Numbers, a group of Perfect Chojin who don't recognise the Three Chojin Factions Peace Treaty, as it was signed by Neptuneman, who they didn't recognise as the true representative of Perfect Chojin. Neptuneman has been imprisoned by them.

After they seriously wounding Geronimo, Terryman steps in to stop the Perfect Large Numbes, who agree to fight the Justice Chojin, namely Terryman at the moment, in a full-scale tournament, under the condition that if he loses, then the entire Justice Chojin faction will surrender unconditionally.

Terryman punches Big the Budo and declares a full-scale tournament. [4] Natsuko and Geronimo beg Terryman not to compete, as he would need to defeat all seven chojin alone, but he states that he must for the safety of the world. He picks a card at random that determines his opponent: Max Radial. [4]

Terryman Vs Max Radial

The match takes place at the Tokyo Dome. [5] Terryman attacks from the red corner, before the match begins, before landing a storm of punches and proceeds with a Spinning Toe Hold. It is revealed Max Radial's legs are made from suspensions, so the leg hold has no power, and he tightens them and releases them so that Terryman is sent flying in the distance. Terryman attempts a Calf Branding, but Max's tires stop his face from making contact with the ring canvas. [5]

Terryman is attacked by a Drift Tackle, but - when he stands - his body is torn with slashes from the tires. [6] Terryman attempts to counter with an Oklahoma Stampede-styled Throw, but Max stops this with a Big Radial Fin. Max attacks again and again, until Terryman's skin is ripped into shreds. Even after Terryman faints, he stands and prevents another Drift Tackle. [6]

It is revealed that Terryman has been wearing down the tires on Max Radial's shoulders, which is where Terryman starts to focus his attacks. [7] Terryman manages to scrape the rubber from the tires, before exploding the tires. He is finally able to use a Calf Branding attack and a Texas Condor Kick, before winning with a Tenacious Blow. [7] Terryman falls out of the ring, only to be caught by Kinnikuman. [8] When Max Radial is murdered by Big the Budo, Terryman is horrified and fails to understand them. [8]

As such, he fought and won Max Radial, getting grievously injured, sitting over until the Perfect Origin Arc, and then he fought against Justiceman, revealing how Backlund had secretly replaced the prosthetic leg he wore in the 20th Chojin Olympics with a more advanced, one-of-a-kind model able to perform exactly as a real, flesh-and-blood leg and never be dislodged, the apex of his farrier's skill. However, despite knowing that his new leg was unable to be repaired or rebuilt (as Backlund died sometime before) he let Justiceman trash him during the fight: touched by his sacrifice, Justiceman forfeited, letting him win by default.

The Return of Kinnikuman

With Radial knocked out and Terryman declared the winner, Terryman, trying to challenge the other Perfect Large Numbers members, falls out of the ring, exhausted and wounded, but is saved by Kinnikuman, who came to help Terryman out despite all of his responsibilities on Planet Kinniku.

Max Radial is soon awoken by the commotion between Kinnikuman and the Perfect Large Numbers, and upon realising he lost, commits suicide according to Perfect Chojin Law, with some help from Strong the Budo. This sends Terryman into a ideological crisis, as he saw no need for Radial to kill himself. The Perfect Large Numbers rebut Terryman by saying that their goal is to be the strongest, and those who lose are deemed weak and therefore must die.

The Perfect Large Numbers then fire themselves out of a giant machine-gun and form 6 holes in Tokyo Dome, travelling around the world to set up Duel Rings, each one in one of the Idol Chojin's homelands of the USA (Grand Canyon), Japan (Ryōgoku Sumo Hall), Germany (Brandenburg Gate), China (Great Wall), the USSR (Red Square) and London (River Thames).

Terryman sees no point in fighting the Perfect Large Numbers any more, as the only outcomes of their fights are either killing their opponent or suicide. Kinnikuman asks Terryman if the Idol Chojin would have formed if everyone were too afraid of their ideological differences to fight and bond. After assuring Terryman he'll find a way to solve this, Kinnikuman heads off to fight Perfect Fright in Sumo Hall. Terryman soon tries to head to the Grand Canyon, but five cloaked figures knock him out of the way and take up the other five holes.

First Stage of the Tournament

It soon becomes apparent that the Devil Chojin have arrived to fight the Perfect Large Numbers. At first, Terryman's perplexed by their arrival, but with the arrival of Buffaloman at Tokyo Dome, he pieces together that Buffaloman had gotten out of Medical Suspension and knowing the others were still stuck in it, contacted his old faction to help deal with the new threat, since the Devil and Justice Chojin are still in the peace treaty. However, Buffaloman not only denies that, but also states he's a Devil Chojin again, which an accompanying Springman can attest to. Soon after that, the start of the First Stage begins with the match ups.

Turboman vs. Stecase King

Turboman arrives in the USSR, where he anticipates fighting Warsman, but - instead - Stecase King arrives to fight him in Warsman's place, due to Warsman still being in suspended animation. [9]

Stecasse King jumps onto Turboman's head, where he blasts him with Hell's Symphony. [10] Turboman eventually retaliates by grabbing Stecasse King's legs, and breaks free with a Powerbomb. [11] Stecasse King swaps tapes and changes tactics, as he counters with a German Suplex, and Turboman - seeing the tape belongs to Kinnikuman - assuemes Stecasse has made the same mistake as in the past, by choosing a weak tape. It is revealed the tape, however, is based off Kinnikuman Zebra. [11]

Turboman is sent hurtling into a wall with an Inferno Muscle attack. [12] He attempts to counter with a Rolling Savate, before throwing his body at Stecasse to stop him from changing tapes, but Stecasse - using Neptuneman's tapes - protrudes spikes from his body, before using a Double Leg Suplex. When Stecasse changes tapes again, Turboman promises to crush him before he can press 'play'. Stecasse gains the upper-hand, first copying Mammothman and then Warsman. The PALO technique causes Turboman to start to glow gold. [12]

It is revealed that Turboman has purposely let himself be hurt over and over, so that he could store the energy from Stecasse. [13] He uses Earth Crush to transfer all of of his stored power into Stecasse, and Turboman's right arm and left leg are sent hurtling from his body. Stecasse strives to stand, as he attempts a Bear Claw and a Screwdriver, but - due to being so overpowered - his other arm falls off in the process. Turboman finishes with a Complete Sting technique. This completely breaks Stecasse, who falls limp and lifeless out of the ring onto the floor below. [13]

Crushman vs. Mister Khamen

Crushman arrives in Germany, where he anticipates fighting Brocken Jr., but - instead - Mister Khamen arrives to fight him in Brocken Jr's place, due to Brocken still being in suspended animation. [14]

Mister Khamen starts with the upper hand, as he bites down onto Crushman's carotid artery, and is able to keep his body invisible. [15] Crushman attempts to knock Mister Khamen's head away, but he hardens his head and stops Crushman from countering via elbow punches. Crushman realises that Khamen's weakness is the cobra on his head, and a punch causes Khamen to let go and Crushman to be freed. This makes Khamen visible. Crushman then uses his Iron Glove technique, but Khamen escapes by scattering his body parts.

A stray dog enters the ring, which Khamen mummifies, and he wraps Crushman in his loin cloth in an attempt to mummify him next. [15]When Khamen attempts to suck out his essence, his cheeks then explode with nuts and bolts. [16] Crushman reveals he cannot be mummified, as he is made of steel and not primarily of water. This time Crushman manages to succeed in his Iron Glove, which pierces holes through Khamen's body and causes extensive blood loss. Crushman wins and Khamen is defeated. [16]

Black Hole vs Dalmatiman

The match takes place on the Great Wall of China; Dalmatiman counters Black Hole's attacks with a Doggy Nail Kick, but his foot goes directly through Black Hole's face. [17] They exchange in a series of blows, until Black Hole appears in eight different places using his four-dimensional powers, and all eight attack Dalmatiman. [18] Dalmatiman is able to counter with a Speckle Control, followed by a Dalmatiman Clutch. After changing his head into a dog's head, he is able to track Black Hole's scent and rips the real Black Hole back into the match (after Black Hole tries to hide in his shadows). [18]

He engages in a series of attacks, the Mad Dog Tooth, which tears chunks of Black Hole's flesh from his body. [18] This is followed with a Mad Dog Flip. [19] He uses a Salivating Shield to stop shadows from reaching Black Hole, which stops him from disappearing and reappearing at will. To counter Black Hole's Black Hole Absorption, he uses his Speckle Control once more to focus his spots on his stomach, before using a Speckle Bomb. The canon - that emits from this attack - plugs up Black Hole's face hole. He then proceeds with his finisher: Dog Ear Crush. Black Hole dislodges the canon. [19]

After Black Hole retries his attack, Dalmatiman uses his Doggy Nails and Speckle Control to counter once again. [20] Black Hole uses an Extreme Black Hole to suck the entire body of Dalmatiman inside him, but Black Hole lures him back out using a bone-shaped hole, which enables him to use a flying-knee strike to Dalmatiman's face. He ultimately defeats Dalmatiman with a Fourth Dimension Kill. This knocks out Dalmatiman and secures a win for the Justice Chojin, but Black Hole uses a Red Mantle of Death to decapitate Dalmatiman, foiling his suicide attempt. [20]

Marlinman vs. Atlantis

The match between Marlinman and Atlantis takes place on the River Thames, where the ring to fight is centre of the river by the Tower Bridge. [21] Marlinman tries to escape a tight headlock by countering with a back-drop, but Atlantis escapes and throws him face-down onto the canvas. Atlantis attacks him without mercy, using a Bow-and-Arrow attack, until Marlinman uses a Fin Saw attack. Marlinman attempts a brain-buster, but is thwarted with a Saint Helen's Eruption. [21] Marlinman starts to lose a lot of blood. [22]

They exchange a series of blows, before Marlinman attacks with a Flying Swordfish. Atlantis soon covers the ring in his Atlantis Mist, to reduce visibility, and this catches Marlinman off-guard, but his learning ability allows him to learn this technique and fend it off the second time. Marlinman eventually jumps into the Thames, before sawing through the canvas, and he pulls Atlantis into the waters. Marlinman tries to slice his throat, but the skin from Robin Mask's attack has scarred Atlantis' skin and makes it impossible to penetrate. [22]

Atlantis counters the attacks and uses a Neck Cutter Drop Kick. [23] They continue to exchange attacks, including a Piranha Shoot and Flying Spiral Sword from Marlinman, and ends up using Spear Fishing. [23] The impact of the attack breaks the underwater camera. [24] Marlinman jumps out of the water with Atlantis' impaled form, but Atlantis - still alive - removes himself from the spike. Marlinman attacks again using Spear Fishing, but Atlantis is reinvigorated by the cheers of a child in the crowd, and he forces them back into the river again. Atlantis soon reemerges, but with Marlinman trapped in a Tower Bridge. [24] This kills Marlinman, but Atlantis also stops breathing: they both die locked in the hold. [24]

Kinnikuman vs. Peek-a-Boo

Peek-a-Boo appears in Ryogoku Sumo Hall. [25] As Kinnikuman is the representative of Japan, he is designated as the opponent of Peek-a-Boo. [25] Kinnikuman and Meat Alexandria go to the stadium to fight, where Kinnikuman takes pity on a crying Peek-a-Boo, but - after making Peek-a-Boo laugh with a game of peek-a-boo - Peek-a-Boo uses the hands on his stomach to reveal a monster and scare Kinnikuman. [26] He then proceeds to attack Kinnikuman with a series of kicks. [26]

Kinnikuman eventually manages a tackle and a Waterfall Drop. [27] When Terryman criticises Kinnikuman for taking so long in his match, he exchanges a rapid series of blows with Peek-a-Boo, but Peek-a-Boo appears weak and can only cry in response to the attacks. [28] After Kinnikuman cradles him to stop the tears, and plays piggy-back, Peek-a-Boo uncovers his face and reveals he has been learning from Kinnikuman. He starts to attack in earnest. [28]

After issuing a series of attacks on Kinnikuman, he moves away the hands from his abdomen to reveal his true face of fear, which has the appearance of a demon. [29] Meat reveals that Peek-a-Boo learns with a baby's speed, which means he is assimilating all of Kinnikuman's moves. When Kinnikuman tries to use a Kinniku Buster, Peek-a-Boo counters is with ease. [29] He goes on to use a Big Baby Bomb. [30] It is revealed that Strong the Budo 'resets' Peek-a-Boo after each match, and he argues with Strong the Budo about his refusal to revert back to his old form. Kinnikuman - during the conversation - is able to Body Slam Peek-a-Boo. [30]

Kinnikuman realises that Peek-a-Boo has not assimilated his most basic moves, as he did not use them during the match, and so he gains an advantage by using them. [31] Peek-a-Boo also has evolved so quickly, that he has forgot the basics by learning so many advanced moves. Kinnikuman uses a series of attacks, culminating in the Furinkazan. [31] Peek-a-Boo - once defeated - learns about the power of the heart and Friedshop Power. [32] Kinnikuman convinces him not to commit suicide in defeat, but to find Neptuneman and become stronger than he is at present. Peek-a-Boo tells Strong the Budo that he made a promise to Kinnikuman for a rematch, so he will not kill himself in shame. [32]

The Mountain vs. Strong the Budo

(More to Come)

Strong the Budo pauses in his match to chastise Peek-a-Boo. [33]

He stands astride the Mountain, as he declares Peek-a-Boo should commit suicide for his failure, and - as Peek-a-Boo states his intention to be a Justice Chojin - Strong the Budo blames Kinnikuman for "corrupting" the Perfect Chojin, with this as proof that the chojin race must be exterminated. He proceeds to karate chop the Mountain's face. [33] Strong the Budo attacks violently with a series of chops, as he seeks to show Peek-a-Boo what will be in store for him, and the Mountain finally catches one of Strong the Budo's arms. [34]

The Mountain catches a series of blows, before using an inner-thigh throw. The string of Terryman's boot breaks, as the Mountain climbs the corner post and uses his Mountain Drop technique. Strong the Budo stops this technique with a kick to the Mountain's torso. A strong punch from Strong the Budo leaves a crater-like hole on the Mountain's chest, after which he breaks off the Mountain's left leg with a low-kick. A Budo Rock-Crushing Claw allows Strong the Budo to lift the Mountain and slam him into the canvas. [34]

Even with half of his face now destroyed, and one leg, the Mountain tries to stand. Strong the Budo tries to turn the Mountain into a human as punishment for his failure in battle, but the Mountain would rather die as a chojin than live as a human. [34] The Mountain uses an armpit-lock, at which point all of Terryman's shoelace snap at the same time. [35] Strong the Budo throws the Mountain to the ropes, before using a Perfect-Warrior Helmet-Breaker. This breaks apart the Mountain's head and downs him.

Strong the Budo poses the Mountain's body in a funeral pose. [34]

Strong the Budo proceeds to goad Buffaloman, by stating that he knows General Devil as a close friend, but - during his speech - the Mountain finds enough strength to grab Strong the Budo in a lock, as the suspended ring snaps from its holdings. [36]

Second Stage of the Tournament

A few of the Perfect Numbers later reappear with the new Perfect Large Numbers, with seven of them in total, and - with the first tournament stage over - they grow tired of waiting in the shadows and expose themselves. [37][38] When Crushman attempts to attack Geronimo, Kinnikuman stops him from harming him. [38] The Perfect Numbers then reform the giant gun from earlier, before shooting themselves onto steps of a pyramid for the second stage of the tournament. [38] After the Justice Chojin go through tunnels that lead them to their rings, they are allocated their opponents. [39] 

Brocken Jr vs. Crushman

Crushman rushes towards Brocken with his Iron Glove, but is misled by his hat that was thrown preemptively ahead of him into the ring. [40]Brocken shoulder-tackles him from behind. [41] They exchange a series of blows, until Brocken willingly dives into Crushman's Iron Glove, but - by skill alone - he manages to avoid being impaled and delivers a punch to Crushman's face. Brocken avoids every attempt at an Iron Glove through his speed. [41]

Crushman reveals that he is waiting for Brocken to lose stamina, so that he can effectively use his Iron Glove. [42] Brocken attempts a low blow to avoid the Iron Glove, as he loses speed, but Crushman uses a Leg Iron Glove against him. Crushman then uses his Iron Glove to hide his body away, effectively the perfect self-defence. He crashes again and again into Brocken, until Brocken - in the heat of battle - repeatedly tries to use his Red Rain of Pain with an injured hand.

He collapses in a weakened state, which enables Crushman to trap him in an Iron Glove. [42] Brocken falls out of the ring, holding on by the rope alone. [43] Reinvigorated by Friendship Power, Brocken dives once more into the Iron Glove and uses a Tomahawk Chop, and then breaks off a spiked bar of Crusman's with a Camel Clutch. This finally allows him to use his Red Ran of Berlin against Crushman. [43] Crushman - being defeated - chooses to commit suicide by destroying his own heart. [44]

Crushman's corpse is carried out on a stretcher. [44]

Ramenman vs. Marvellous

Ramenman opens the match with a drop-kick, but Marvellous blocks the attack with ease. Marvellous tries to sweep at his ankles, but Ramenman instead lands a kick to his head, and Marvellous hits the mat hard. [45] When Ramenman becomes distracted by the match between Brocken Jr. and Crushman, Marvellous tries to attack and is countered, forcing him to use the Rising Dragon technique. [46] Marvellous then uses a Hold Triangle Side, and Ramenman - trying to inspire Brockenman - breaks the hold and strikes back. [47]

They exchange a series of blows, as Ramenman struggles with Crushman's death, and Marvellous steadily gains an upper-hand. [48] He mocks Ramenman for once having been a Brutal Chojin, before using Rising Dragon once more and follows with a Twin Dragon Coil Hold. [48] This starts to tear Ramenman in two pieces. [49] Ramenman is soon able to free himself and takes Marvellous into a Camel Clutch, but he switches then to a Sleeper Hold, and then exchange blows until both their backhand chops strike at the same time. They then start to mirror one another's techniques in perfect unison, and Marvellous reveals he is also an expert in Kenpo. [49]

It seems that Marvellous is winning, after crushing Ramenman against the wall of the pyramid, until Ramenman counters with a Flying Leg Lariat. [50] Ramenman reveals that he doesn't consider Marvellous worth killing, and Marvellous attacks his head-scar left by Warsman. The dragon on Marvellous' arm attacks of its own accord, forcing him to punch it into submission, and this reveals that Marvellous only fights fair and without dirty tactics. After they continue their match, Ramenman finally uses a Wall Drop technique. [50] This finally decides the match and Ramenman is declared the winner. [51]

At first, Marvellous cannot hear Nemesis' command to commit suicide, as he lies asleep, but - when he awakens - the dragon head dives for his heart and tears it open. Ramenman destroys the head, but it's too late and Marvellous is dead. [51]

Springman vs. Psychoman

7 years later, Springman returns along with the rest of the Devil Chojin with the goal of purging the Perfect Chojin Large Numbers, only getting to see action at the Step Pyramid as the opponent he wanted to fight, Peek-a-Boo, was fighting Kinnikuman. At the Pyramid, he fought Perfect Chojin Grim Reaper. But Black Hole's match with Jack Faucet had weakened the pyramid's foundation, causing Buffaloman and Turboman's ring to collapse, making both combatants fall into Springman's ring, which was below.

With circumstances in mind, they decide to fight a tag match, with the Diabolos against the John Does, where it's revealed that Springman was a close friend of Stereo Cassette King as they were both branded as 'Toy Chojin' by Sneagator. Springman, with Buffaloman helping got set it up, eventually gets Turboman in his new hold, the Spiral Body Breaking Squeeze. Unfortunately, Springman shares Stecasse King's fate and falls victim to the Earth Crash, hardening Springman's body and robbing it of its elasticity in the end. But Springman carries out a final attack with the Diabolos Long Horn Train, killing Turboman. Springman then breaks apart, bidding farewell to his 'Captain' Buffaloman.

Black Hole vs. Jak Chi

Jak Chi is assigned to fight Black Hole. [52] He hovers in the air above the ring-post, with steam that emits from his feet, and uses Boiling Shot upon Black Hole, who howls in pain, but - using the shadow of the Boiling Shot - Black Hole manages to escape. Black Hole gains the advantage with a Front Suplex. He later avoids another Boiling Shot by expanding the hole upon his head. [52]

Black Hole lands a Body Press on Jak Chi, but a second attempt at a Front Suplex is countered by Jak Chi's use of a Boiling Shot that reverses the direction of the suplex. [52] Jak Chi tries another Boiling Shot, but Black Hole escapes with a Shadow Hiding technique. [53] Jak Chi aims his Boiling Shot at the shadows,which causes damage to Black Hole, until Black Hole splits into multiple shadows. Eight versions of Black Hole appear, but Jak Chi uses Boiling Shot to attack all eight shadows. [53]

Jak Tea then uses Eye Dowsing. This forces the shadows to disappear until only the real Black Hole remains, and - when Jak Chi uses another Boiling Shot - Black Hole counters with a Glory Hole. Black Hole then uses a Canadian Back-Breaker and a Reverse Deadly Drive, but Jak Chi counters with a Double Boiling Shot, a Kick Fireball and Drill Dowsing. He Jak Tea finds an underground spring with the final technique, which causes a burst of water to shoot upward. The steam blocks out all sunlight, leaving Black Hole unable to uses shadows to escape. [53]

Jak Chi gains the advantage with a series of blows and techniques. [54] He taunts Black Hole with a hint of shadow from his Coolant Shot, but he makes the shadow disappear at the last moment and uses a Faucet Crusher. Black Hole retaliates with poking him in the eyes and kicking him in the groin, and support from Buffaloman and Springman motivate him by offering support. He uses Extreme Black Hole to suck in everything in sight. [54] Black Hole is incapacitated, but the match cannot end as his hand is still moving. [55]

It is revealed that even light itself was pulled into Black Hole's Extreme Black Hole, and this leads to him communicating psychically with Pentagon. He then uses a Fourth Dimension Cross, which causes him to turn into Pentagon. [55] Pentagon attacks Jak Chi with Angel Wing Claws, which burns Jak Tea's flesh about hs face. [56] Pentagon attacks with a series of blows, ending with Space Shuttle and Space Falcon, and Jak Chi tries to retaliate again with a Faucet Crusher, but Pentagon stops it with a Chronos Change. This allows Jak Chi to take monumental damage. Pentagon then swaps places again with Black Hole. [56]

This defeats Jak Chi, who then commits suicide by standing on the geyser. [56]

Diabolos vs. John Does

Later on, when the full scale tournament progresses to its Second Stage, on the Step Pyramid, Buffaloman gets to fight Perfect Large Number Turboman, but the match doesn't last long, as Black Hole's match with Jack Tea causes the step between Buffaloman's stage and Springman's stage, where he was fighting Grim Reaper, collapses, with Buffaloman and Turboman falling onto the lower step, which ends up leaving two Devil Chojin and two Perfect Chojin in the same ring. Reluctantly, Harabote officially declares a tag match between The Diabolos and the John Does. Midway through the tag match, both Springman and Turboman get killed during it, leaving Buffaloman and Grim Reaper to duke it out.

Grim Reaper initially has control over the match, as he constantly avoids and stops Buffaloman's Hurricane Mixer multiple times, and he constantly tries to goad Buffaloman into unleashing his full power, as Buffaloman showed he could've had more than his reputed 10 Million Chojin Power during the tag match. But when Buffaloman does, Grim Reaper takes advantage and uses the Earth Unit he took from Turboman to measure Buffaloman's power, which is revealed to be an incredible 80 Million Power. This sheer amount was enough to destroy the Earth Unit and shock Grim Reaper long enough for Buffaloman to hit him with his Hurricane Mixer and ultimately beat him with his Chojin Cross Slam. After the match, Buffaloman decides, against the Justice Chojin's wishes, to murder Grim Reaper after he goads him again to show his allegiance.

After the Perfect Origin hit the scene, and Grim Reaper reveals himself to be Psychoman, Buffaloman decides to make up for letting him escape alive, but Devil Knight Planetman beats Buffaloman to fighting Psychoman. Buffaloman mostly observes while the Devil Knights take on the Perfect Origin.

Once all the factions converge for the "Unforgiven Yggdrasil" Showdown, Buffaloman gets a chance to fight Perfect Origin Ganman, who killed Devil Knight Sneagator, the Seven Devil Chojin's trainer. The match starts off majorly one-sided, as Ganman constantly counters and slams Buffaloman. It's not until Devil Shogun tells Buffaloman to use any means to win and gain strength that can surpass the gods that Buffaloman goes all out. However, it becomes apparent that when Buffaloman taps into his maximum power, his blood and consequently his heart of justice starts to come back, which is why he initially held back, fearing doing that would mean betraying his Devil Chojin friends.

Ironically, when Buffaloman drops his act, he turns the focus onto Ganman, wondering why someone who values honesty so much won't use his "Cyclops", his one eye that can see through any lies, on his master, the Chojin Enma. Ganman reacts badly to this accusation, and tries to quickly finish off Buffaloman. However, Buffaloman takes advantage of this and fools Ganman into directing his Cyclops at Strong The Budo, distracting him long enough for Buffaloman to finish him off with a new move; the Hurricane Giga Blaster.

Robin Mask vs. Nemesis

It is revealed - after accumulating so many injuries over the years - that Robin Mask has entered suspended animation as a part of his healing process. [57] He is in England, where he will remain in stasis until his healing is completed. [57] During this time, Marlinman appears at the River Thames to challenge Robin Mask. [58] After the defeat of the first group of Perfect Chojin, a new group appears, and it is at this point that Robin Mask is revealed to have been fully healed and returns to his companions. [59]

The next tournament is scheduled to take place on a pyramid, with seven steps and seven rings, and Robin Mask convinces Kinnikuman to rest, so that they can take care of their opponents on his behalf. [60] A series of tunnels leads the Justice and Devil Chojin to their opponents: Robin - on ring six - is assigned Nemesis. [61] Nemesis starts with an upper-hand, as he employs a one-handed back-breaker. [62] Robin eventually is able to land a knee-kick. [63] After exchanging a series of blows, throughout the other matches, Nemesis attacks with a Flying Head Scissors. [64] Robin evades and counters with a Boston Crab.

Nemesis evades the attack and reverses it with a Pile-Driver, but Robin Mask breaks free in turn with a headbutt, and proceeds with an Ice Rock Gyro. They engage in a series of blows, before both fall to the canvas and hold each other in an equal grapple. [65] At this point, Nemesis reveals the origin of the Perfect Chojin. [66] He states that Perfect Chojin are descended from chojin chosen by the gods, but all other chojin are descended from those rejected by the gods. He proceeds to use a Nemesis Driver. [66]

He drives Robin's head into the canvas, but Robin pulls himself out. [67] Nemesis throws Robin again with a double-arm suplex, and follows through with a high-kick, until Robin is able to counter with a throw. Robin uses a Unicorn Fire Head, but Nemesis counters after with a Battleship Sinker, and Robin still stands, as he reveals that Kinnikuman is his main motivation and reason for throwing away his pride. [67] He describes in detail how his defeat by Kinnikuman allowed him to be reborn as a better chojin with Friendship Power. [68]

Nemesis knocks off Robin's Analo Staff with a knee-strike, and they engage in a series of blows again. [68] He is eventually able to stop Robin's blows with the Perfect Defender, which is a variation of the Muscle Curtain, and continues to use the Perfect Assailant, which Robin dodges and uses to lead into a Robin Special. [69] Nemesis breaks free and uses a Scorpion Death-Lock. He convinces Robin to remove his armour and fight at full-power, which leads to Robin attempting a Naked Tower Bridge. [69]

The attack starts to tear apart Nemesis' body, but also has an effect on Robin's body. [70] Nemesis eventually breaks free and uses a Tombstone Driver, leading Robin to try a British Steel Edge. The technique is broken, leading Robin to say goodbye to his friends, before Nemesis uses another Battleship Sinker. [70] Robin is knocked out and the match it declared to be in Nemesis' favour. [71] Nemesis then tosses Robin's body down the pyramid and into the sands of the dunes below. Despite Kinnikuman's attempts to save Robin, he is only able to save the visor of his mask, and Robin's body sinks out of reach of his friends. [71]

Warsman vs. Polarman

On the seventh step, Warsman learns of Robin Mask's death in his match against Nemesis. [72] Polarman takes advantage of his distraction and attacks from behind, but Warsman counters with his Bear Claw attack. They exchange a series of blows, while Warsman incorporates Robin's techniques into his repertoire, and - when Warsman tries to throw him out of the ring - he uses his fur coat to parachute down to safety. Polarman then gets the upper-hand and kicks Warsman's head, causing it to dent and partially damage his brain. [72]

Polarman attempts to use a Polar Nail attack on Warsman, while Warsman is down, but Warsman evades the attack. [73] Warsman slowly works on attacking Polarman's weak-points, where he causes severe damage, but Polarman breaks Warsman's claws in the process. Warsman continues to attack Polarman's weak-points, and follows by biting at his leg, while his smile reveals that he plans to kill Polarman. He is knocked down again by Polarman. [73] Warsman is reinvigorated by Robin's spirit, and gets up a fourth time to attack Polarman. [74]

It is soon after that Polarman gets the upper-hand, but Warsman's friends support him and cheer him, increasing his Friendship Power. [75] Polarman seemingly has Warsman defeated, as he lies atop of him and forces him into the mat, but Warsman rises with a Naked Tower Bridge. [76] Warsman traps him in a Palo Special. [77] Polarman snatches off Warsman's mask, but Warsman is no longer self-conscious, as he knows that he has the full support of his friends. Warsman finally defeats Polarman. [77] Polarman asks for Warsman to kill him, but Warsman refuses. [78]

Polarman is then killed by Nemesis, who then tosses his body into the sands below, where it is sucked away with Robin Mask's corpse. [78]


(More to Come)

Third Stage of the Tournament

Ganman vs. Sneagator

Sneagator enters a portal that leads to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Ganman and orders Sneagator to grovel before him and follows up with a headbutt, and Ganman repeats that Sneagator is a student of Goldman, a traitor of the Perfect Origin. Ganman already saw his upcoming fight against Sneagator a long time ago with his Cyclops ability. Sneagator announces that the Devil Knights and Perfect Origin can fight in the open and dive kicks Ganman, but Ganman grabs one of his legs with ease.

The match between Sneagator and Ganman needs a certain arena. Ganman orders Sneagator to look down in the nearby area, noticing a pair of humans wondering about the sudden seat stands. Ganman throws Sneagator aside and straightens the Leaning Tower, revealing a ring in the back of the tower ready for the rumble. Sneagator bites Ganman's arm. Ganman flash-steps behind Sneagator to avoid the bite, and Sneagator tries biting Ganman again, but Ganman avoids each bite. Ganman lariats Sneagator. 

The reason why Ganman can avoid Sneagator's bites is because of his Cyclops ability. Sneagator ignores that explanation and attempts to gouge Ganman's eye out, but Ganman counters with his Elk Horns, smashing Sneagator into a pulp. A wounded Sneagator forces the Elk Horns open, but Ganman uses his Elk Horn Scissors technique in response, splattering more of Sneagator's blood over the ring.  

Ganman is in the set up for his finisher, the Elk Horn Compressor, and pulls it off. Luckily, Sneagator already escaped, already changed into his Alligator Snapping Turtle form. Ganman tries his Elk Horn Scissors again, but fails due to the hard shell. The Cyclops ability can't keep up if Sneagator constantly changes. After a quick explanation, Sneagator kicks Ganman in the face and slams into Ganman with his Turtle Kill Shell technique. Sneagator follows up with a bite to his shoulder. 

Ganman points the weakness of Sneagator's current form: his soft underbelly. Ganman takes advantage of this and punches Sneagator real hard in that region. Sneagator quickly sheds that form and wraps around Ganman as a giant python. Ganman quickly slams an already shed Sneagator snake skin in confusion, as Sneagator's already one step ahead of Ganman with his Komodo Dragon form. Sneagator continues the assault on Ganman and goes for a poisonous bite at Ganman's blood.   

Sneagator lunges at Ganman, but Ganman goes for a double chop to the neck, slicing into Sneagator's flesh. Tired of Sneagator's transformations, Ganman activates his Cyclops ability on Sneagator, reverting Sneagator back into normal and slamming into the canvas. Back in his crocodile form, Sneagator lays dazed on the floor.  

Sneagator goes for another skin shed, but Ganman negates it instantly with his Cyclops ability. Ganman wants Sneagator to fight in his real form. Ganman slaps Sneagator mercilessly, but Sneagator blocks and counters with a kick to Ganman's head. Ganman counters with a mighty kick comparable to General Devil's kicks. 

Leaking blood from his body, Sneagator stands up. Sneagator sheds again but into another crocodile form and chucks his shed skin right at Ganman, blinding him. Sneagator uses this moment to grapple Ganman's legs with a Boston Crab. However, Ganman uses his Elk Horn Scissors on a Sneagator. Sneagator turns into his Tyrannosaurus Foot in a Sneaker form, and unties his laces, revealing his true form. H slams Ganman into the Leaning Tower. Ganman can't move and tries his Cyclops on Sneagator, but it fails because Sneagator is in his true form.  

Ganman breaks out of his grip by flexing and susses out Sneagator's real face with a grapple because the real face is still grieving his students' defeats at the hands of the Perfect Large Numbers. Ganman painfully slams Sneagator's head on one of the ring's wooden poles. Sneagator still attacks in a last-ditch effort. For his trouble, Sneagator gets shredded into pieces by Ganman's Elk Horn Tempest. As he's attacked again by Sneagator, Ganman says that Sneagator is a sore loser and finishes him off by kicking him at the monitor screen. After the bell rings, Ganman is declared the winner.  

Psychoman vs. Planetman

Grim Reaper reappears at the Sagrada Familia in Spain. [79]

It is revealed he never died, but simply disappeared after his fight with Buffaloman. [80] He proceeds to summon a storm to destroy the Sagrada Familia, at which point Planetman appears as a challenger to Psychoman. [80] It is revealed Planetman found Psychoman's location by luck alone, as he accidentally uncovered a portal when searching Psychoman's bedroom for his dumbbell in the Chojin Graveyard. [81]

Planetman temporarily gains the upper-hand by chance, and proceeds to use a Planet Ring and continues with a Ring Stone, but Psychoman skilfully dodges. [82] Planetman tries again with a Ring Stone, despite its previous failure, but Psychoman successfully dodges again. Planetman tries a Sub-Zero Planet-Four Headlock. [82] After attempting a Frozen Crush, Psychoman breaks free with a mere flick of his finger. [83] He slashes apart Planetman's body, despite most of his body being frozen, and completely breaks free from the ice, which was unable to hold his enormous power. This is followed by a Giant Reaching Palm.

He slams the weakened Planetman into the canvas, and Planetman desperately attempts a Space Hell, followed by a Devil-Move Grand-Cross, but - even using all his strength - he completely fails to leave an impact upon Psychoman, who easily uses a Magnet Power to block any damage. [83] Planetman struggles to stand, and - with no other options - uses his Devil Necromancy Soul Resonance Wave. [84]

He somehow finds enough strength to use his Face Planet. [84]

This gathers the souls of the deceased Large Numbers in an attempt to hold sway over his opponent. This plan fails, as Psychoman - feeling no attachment to them - proceeds to destroy them one after the other, while severely injuring Planetman in the process. [84] He then finishes Planetman off with the Phantom Cannon, which completely destroys him. [85] The broken remnants of Planetman scatter to the canvas, as he proves himself too weak to prove a challenge against a Perfect Origin, and his head tumbles before Buffaloman and Black Hole, where it turns to dust and vanishes from sight. Psychoman is the clear victor. [85]

Thingman vs. Sunshine

The match takes place at the Statue of Liberty. [86]

It appears as if the Ninja has returned, but it is revealed to be Sunshine. [86] Sunshine jumps in search of his opponent, but they catch him by surprise and get him in a lock, until Sunshine breaks free and they both land on different sections of the statue. [87] Thingman summons a hurricane of sand, which erodes the Statue of Liberty and transforms it into a statue of a Perfect Chojin. [87] They are to fight within the ring that exists on the palm of the transformed statue, and the two finally clash within upon the canvas. [88]

The two start evenly matched, until Thingman delivers a blow to Sunshine's neck. Sunshine begins to turn to sand, which allows him to return to normal, and uses his sand to counter against punches to the chest and a middle-kick to his abdomen. Thingman attempts a power-bomb, along with a Thing Demolition Wave, and the latter releases a metallic sound that reduces Sunshine to a pile of sand, but Sunshine rebuilds his body.

Sunshine throws Thingman against the statue, who retaliates with an Extreme Shoulder Armoury, which leads Sunshine to attempt a Cursed Roller. [88] The attack fails, as Thingman's previous attack has turned Sunshine from sand into concrete, and Thingman is able to deliver a series of blows, as he gains the upper-hand. [89] Thingman attempts a German Suplex, but Sunshine blocks the move with one arm, and retaliates with a body-scissors, before delivering many blows and finishing with a Death Valley Bomb.

Thingman reveals his body is made from a meteorite, as such he cannot be easily damaged, and uses a Shoulder Armoury Disc Cutter. He uses the ropes of the ring to crack parts of Sunshine's body, and his Thing Demolition Wave then breaks open the cracks and sends Sunshine crumbling to the canvas. [89] Sunshine's head proceeds to cry, as he struggles to regenerate his body, and - begging for death - allows Thingman to reduce him to nothing but sand, after destroying his head. [90] Thingman gathers his sand up in the canvas, but - before he can toss Sunshine's remains into the see - the canvas appears to catch fire.

The iron and sand in the small canvas, which is spun around fast, creates a scientific effect that leads to a vast amount of heat. Sunshine recombines into a red-hot giant key, which he inserts into part of his body and restores himself to normality with a Sand Hell. Sunshine then turns into sand and reappears behind Thingman, where he destroys his Extreme Shoulder Armoury with his bare hands. [90] Thingman tries to retaliate, but Sunshine uses a Sand Cemetery Press. [91] This defeats Thingman, who collapses onto the ring.

Sunshine takes Thingman's dumbbell. [91] After a confession by Ganman about the origins of the Perfect Origin, Sunshine smashes the dumbbell into his head, before he knocks Thingman out of the ring and returns the Statue of Liberty to its previous state. [92]

Crowman vs. The Ninja

He returns to serve his lord Akuma Shogun in the Perfect Origin arc. He made a cameo as a form Sunshine used before Sunshine revealed himself during his match against Thingman. The Ninja made his real appearance at the Silver Pavilion. His opponent is the Perfect Origin Crowman.

Despite losing against Crowman throughout his match, he gains the resolve to fight back from his fellow Team Soldier teammate Brocken Jr. and the Justice Chojin doing the Chojin Blood Brother L formation. With newfound determination, he turns the tables against Crowman by using a combination of his Face Copy and Binding Spider Web techniques, giving the Akuma Chojin one more victory.

Justiceman vs. Ashuraman

Ashuraman appears within a cave in the Demon World. [93]

A voice calls to him and compliments his composure, where the Sixth Origin appears: Justiceman. [93] Ashuraman clicks his fingers an makes four screens appear about the ring within the arena, which enables them to speak to the chojin in other rings across the world. [94]

After Justiceman puts his scales on a corner-post, Ashuraman dives forward to attack. [95] Justiceman counters before an attack can land, as he drops a high-kick to Ashuraman's upper arms. This knocks off Ashuraman's armlets, and it lands upon the scales, which strikes a balance that shows he is neither evil or good. Ashuraman proceeds to use an Ashura Six-Realm Lotus. Justiceman counters with a palm-press and a spin-kick. Ashuraman attempts an Ashura Torpedo, which is countered with a Chancery Drop.

Justiceman continues to perfectly counter Ashuraman's attacks, culminating in a double-arm suplex. [95] Ashuraman attempts a Paramita Lariat, but this is countered with a Large Three-Arm Lock. [96] Justiceman is able to predict with set of arms Ashuraman will use at any moment, which is due to the genetics of Milosman 'speaking' to Justiceman, and Justiceman uses a Judgement Crash. This wrenches off one of Ashuraman's arms, and a Judgement Twist removes another. [96]

A Judgement Avalanche removes two more arms, leaving him with two arms. [96] Ashuraman attempts an Ashura Izuna Drop, as his knees turn into hooks and hold onto Justiceman's feet, but Justiceman counters with a handstand. [97] Justiceman attacks with a knee-strike. Buffaloman encourages Ashuraman to continue, who attempts a Lariat that misses and lands on a ring-post. This slices off Ashuraman's remaining left arm.

Ashuraman attempts a hand blow, but his arm gets entangled in the ropes. This slices off his right arm. He proceeds to grow six new arms, borrowed from various Devil Chojin. [97] He proceeds to use a Revived Tornado Hell, which finally lands a blow on Justiceman. [98] This is followed by an Ashura Face-Change and a Tornado Hell and an Ashura Six Realm Lotus. He lands a series of blows against Justiceman, as he leaves no openings, and follows with an Angry Suplex. This is broken by Justiceman with a Judgement Windmill.

After the attack, Ashuraman takes two corner-posts and slices indents in them. They attach to the top two ropes on each side of the ring, as he slips between them on one side to use an Ashura Flaming Bullet. [98] Te two incessantly try to counter each other's attacks during the fall, until Ashuraman uses his Ashura Buster. [99] This is soon turned into a Blood Unit Ashura Buster. It fails to impact Justiceman, and - in anger - Ashuraman attacks Justiceman with a series of blows, but Justiceman dodges every single attack. [99]

Justiceman proceeds to break off several of Ashuraman's arms, and destroys his various faces, until only one is left. He follows this with a Judgement Penalty. [100] This destroys the rest of Ashuraman's arms and the final face. [101] Justiceman is declared the victor. Despite this victory, the scales on the side of the ring declare Ashuraman innocent and Justiceman tosses back his armlet to him. [101]

Fourth Stage of the Tournament

Ganman vs. Buffaloman

The fight takes place on the first ring of Yggdrasil. [102]

They begin by clashing horns in a rapid succession, before Ganman slams Buffaloman's head onto the corner-post with a bulldog headlock. [102] Ganman attempts to ram into Buffaloman, but Buffaloman counters with a preemptive kick, and attempts a body-press, which is caught by Ganman in turn. [103] He throws Buffaloman down, before they lock hands centre of the ring, and Ganman attempts a double over-hook suplex; which prompts Buffaloman to state that he cannot lose, as he must avenge Sneagator.

Buffaloman extends one horn, and uses it to pierce into Ganman's right shoulder. [103] This is followed by a Hurricane Devil Sword, as well as a Buffalo Hammer, until Ganman throws Buffaloman out of the ring and forces him to prevent his fall by drilling into the stone ring. [104] Buffaloman drills a tunnel under the ring, which allows him to pierce his horn through the surface for a Devil Shark manoeuvre. It is impossible for Ganman to "read" Buffaloman's moves while he is underground, and Buffaloman knocks him down by targeting his legs.

Ganman begins to dodge the horn by sensing Buffaloman's breathing, and catches the horn in his hands, which he uses to drag Buffaloman out of the ring, before using Elk Horn Scissors. He slams Buffaloman onto the ring, which reduces the size of his horn, and Ganman shines a light down on Buffaloman with his cyclops eye. [104] Buffaloman attempts a Hurricane Mixer, but Ganman catches him by his horns and proceeds to use a brain-buster. [105] It is revealed Buffaloman is holding back his power, and Kinnikuman and General Devil convince him to use his full power once more. [105] Buffaloman breaks out of a Canadian Back-Breaker. [106]

He uses a Reverse Suplex, before struggling evenly with Ganman in the middle of the ring. The two engage in a series of even blows, but the scars on Buffaloman start to reopen as he gains back the Friendship Power of the Justice Chojin, and - after an equal battle - Ganman breaks off one of Buffaloman's horns. [106] Ganman gains the upper-hand, after a series of carefully aimed blows, until Buffaloman punches his own eye so that he is left with one working eye (just like Ganman) in order to create a 'fair' fight. [107]

They lock together evenly again in the ring, until Buffaloman dares Ganman to use his eye power on Chojin Enma. [107] This provokes Ganman to use an Elk Horn Compressor, as he states he will not use his eye power on Chojin Enma due to having faith in him as a person. [108] He follows with an Elk Horn Tempest, but - as the throws Buffaloman - Buffaloman uses his one remaining horn to swing on the corner-post. Buffaloman builds up speed by moving post to post, and uses a new finishing move: Hurricane Giga Blaster. [108]

This completely destroys Ganman's horns. [109] Ganman reveals he has remembered Buffaloman's name, which proves he considers Buffaloman a worthy adversary due to how he forgets all other opponents' names, and hands him his dumbbell. This kills Ganman, who dies upon the canvas. [109]

Nemesis vs. Ramenman

Later on, during the "Unforgivable Yggdrasil" Showdown, Ramenman fought Nemesis in Kinnikuman's place, and after Nemesis explains his origins, Ramenman chips in to mention that he once planned to become a Perfect chojin after winning the 20th Chojin Olympics by journeying to Mont Saint Parfait.

It was his loss to Kinnikuman that kept him from going, after he decided to try and learn why he lost to him. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't beat Nemesis, as Nemesis managed to tap into the Friendship Power the Justice chojin use themselves. Left incapacitated by Nemesis's Muscle Spark, Ramenman was beaten and driven to the hospital, leaving him out of the arc.

Justiceman vs. Terryman

Justiceman fights Terryman on the 3rd floor of Yggdrasil. [110]

Terryman grabs Justiceman's head with a Texas Bulldozer, but Justiceman counters with a back-drop. While Terryman writhes in pain, Justiceman attacks again with a Moonsault Drop, and Terryman uses this as an opportunity for a knee-crusher. The attack fails and Justiceman knocks him back. [110] Justiceman announces that he will accept the Perfect Chojin are wrong, if Terryman can best him in battle. [111] He also states that he intended to fight to the death. Terryman accepts and attempts a series of blows, but none work.

Justiceman tries to stomp on a downed Terryman, but Terryman attempts to knocks him down with a sliding kick. The kick misses, but Terryman manages to grab Justiceman's other leg and knock him to the canvas, before using a Spinning Toe Hold. [111] The crowd cheers for Terryman, but Justiceman kicks him away and counters with a triangle-hold. [112] He then uses a shoulder-throw to toss Terryman across the ring.

After flinging Terryman around the ring, but Terryman realises that Justiceman has a pattern to how he fights: he always uses "logical" movements. Terryman feigns a Condor Kick, which Justiceman raises his arms to counter, but Terryman changes to a double-somersault kick. He then uses a German Suplex, followed by a full-weight moonsault (aerial moves he would never usually move, so an opponent would not logically expect). Terryman uses a King Kong Drop, but Justiceman evades and uses a Judgement Crash. [112]

The move does vast damage to Terryman's arms, but the stars on his arms begin to glow. [113] Terryman proceeds to use continual middle-kicks with his left leg, despite seeming to have injured his left knee, but Justiceman blocks every kick. It is revealed that Buckland created Terryman a new artificial leg, almost as good as an organic leg, but the leg cannot be replaced if it is broken (especially due to Buckland's death. [113]

Justiceman counters by attacking Terryman's right leg, before Terryman attempts a Texas Clover-Hold. [114] The move is countered by Justiceman, who uses a knee-bar on the right leg, but Terryman breaks from the hold. Terryman accuses Justiceman of taking pity by not attacking his left leg, but Justiceman states he wants to leave Terryman no excuse for having lost the match. He follows this with a Judgement Twist, which destroys enough bones and tendons to make Terryman's left arm useless. [114]

Terryman tears out two corners of the ring, which creates a Texas Twister. [114] This knocks Justiceman to the canvas, allowing Terryman a chance to use the Texas Twister once again, but this time Justiceman is able to counter with a chop. [115] Terryman follows with a Calf Branding. It fails to damage Justiceman, who uses an ankle-lock on Terryman's right leg and breaks his leg. A Judgement Avalanche follows, which causes the light on Terryman's stars to diminish. Even without working limbs, Terryman headbutts Justiceman.

Justiceman attacks back with a Justice Penalty. [115] The light returns to Terryman's stars, as he regains his Texan Spirit. [116] The force of the Judgement Penalty knocks Terryman's prosthetic leg from his body, and - despite his extensive injuries - Terryman crawls towards Justiceman. He tries to fight, but Justiceman declares that he already found him "guilty" when he used his Judgement Penalty, and he cannot judge a person twice; as Terryman survived the move and Justiceman cannot continue to fight (due to having given judgement), Terryman wins as the match is effectively forfeited. He gifts Terryman his dumbbell. [116]

Justiceman proceeds to compliment Terryman's Fighting Spirit (what Terryman dubs his 'Texan Spirit'). [117]

Psychoman vs. Brocken Jr

Psychoman later reunites with the remaining Perfect Origin at the Unforgiven Yggdrasil in Koshien Stadium to participate in the final battle, and would be fought by Brocken Jr.

Psychoman lands a series of blows on Brocken Jr., as he comments on Justiceman's perceived betrayal of the Perfect Origin, and drives Brocken Jr. head-first into the ring with a pile-driver. [118] Brocken Jr. tries to attack with a kick, but Psychoman counters with a kick in turn. [119] Psychoman proceeds with a series of Giant Reaching Palms, which removes a great deal of Brocken Jr.'s attire, and Brocken Jr. finds strength to attack with a Black Mist of Hamburg, followed by a Red Rain of Berlin. [119]

Psychoman throws him to the ropes, but Brocken Jr. stops an attack by placing his hand upon Psychoman's face, and uses a Grey Blade of Solingen. [119] This gives Psychoman a chance to use Ignition Dress. [120] Brocken Jr. tears off a piece of Psychoman's robe, before using a Bremen Sunset. This is followed by Thunder Sabres by Psychoman, but is countered by Brocken Jr's Red Rain of Berlin. The second attempt at a Red Rain of Berlin is defeated by Psychoman, who breaks Brocken Jr's hands. [120]

A Spear Dress technique removes the last of Brocken Jr's attire, while damaging his upper body, and Brocken Jr falls against the canvas. [120] Psychoman again targets Brocken Jr's broken hands, when Brocken Jr attempts to fight back despite his weakened state, and follows this up with a Phantom Cannon. [121] Psychoman then slams Brocken Jr's head into the canvas. Brocken Jr continues to show signs of wishing to fight, which prevents Harabote Muscle from calling a technical knockout.

Psychoman attempts a final move, but a burst of light in the sky stops him. The light reveals itself to be Silverman. [121] This tempts Psychoman to slam Brocken Jr again onto the mat,w which knocks him unconscious and causes the match to be declared in Psychoman's favour. [122] Silverman returns Brocken Jr to the Justice Chojin below, and Brocken Jr is thus allowed to survive the match. [123]

Psychoman vs. Silverman

Silverman first appears in a flash of light in the skies. [124]

Silverman asks that Psychoman leave Brocken Jr. to him, as opposed to killing him, due to the Justice Chojin falling under his domain. [125] Psychoman proceeds to knock out Brocken Jr., after which Silverman takes Brocken Jr. back to his friends below. [125]

He confides that he left the Chojin Graveyard on Psychoman and The Man's behest, so that he could persuade his brother to return, but that he disagreed with his brother's approach and raised the Justice Chojin to be free, and now they finally have strength to defeat the Perfect Chojin. [126] Silverman refused to return to Psychoman and The Man, as he believes that his purpose is on the surface world, and believes in the potential of the Justice Chojin to flourish and rule, as opposed to being eradicated. [126]

Goldman and Justiceman agree with Silverman, that all chojin should be allowed to live. [127] Psychoman declares he will fight Silverman, to see whose ideals are best, and a formal match starts. [127] Psychoman begins with a series of punches, but Silverman blocks every blow with his shield. [128]

The two engage in a series of blows, but Psychoman recognises that grappling is Silverman's strength and delivers direct strikes with his Spear Dress. Silverman deflects all but one blow. Psychoman knocks him to his knees, before gaining the upper-hand and flings him with a double-arm suplex. [128] Silverman grinds on the ropes with his shield, before using the pressure to push out and bash Psychoman with his shield, and this prompts Psychoman to attempt a Mongolian Chop, which is stopped by a Perfect Defender. [129]

The Perfect Defender is revealed to be the originator of the Muscle Curtain.

Psychoman attempts a series of blows, but each one is countered by the Perfect Defender. Silverman then delvers a punch, but the opening allows Psychoman to use a Face Claw, and Silverman relentless kicks at Psychoman, who refuses to let go of him. [129] This leads Psychoman to grab Silverman from behind, while keeping a hold of his face, until Silverman uses a judo throw to dislodge him. [130] Psychoman uses a Face Claw again, while Silverman retaliates with an Arm Bar, and - after receiving an onslaught of blows from Silverman - Psychoman manages to throw Silverman from him and uses his Magnet Power.

The Face Claws allows Psychoman to artificially magnetise Silverman's body. Silverman attempts to throw Psychoman out of the ring with a German Suplex, but a Magnet Turn allows Psychoman to return to the ring and attack Silverman. [130] Psychoman attacks with a Giant Reaching Palm, which removes Silverman's shield and causes it to be tossed aside, where it attaches to a ring-post. [131] This attracts Silverman by the magnetic power towards the ring-post. Psychoman uses this to attempt a Magnetic Bomber.

This removes Silverman's mouth guard, and Psychoman gains the upper-hand before he opens the Apollo Window. [131] This turns the ring into a giant magnet. [132] After a series of blows against Silverman, Psychoman uses his Grim Reincarnation technique. [132] Silverman survives the attack. [133] He states that he considers Psychoman to be his best friend, and asks him to forgo his magnet power, but Psychoman retaliates with an attack that forces Silverman to use his Perfect Defender. Psychoman attempts a Thunder Sabre Squall. [133]

Psychoman follows with a Longer Thunder Arrow. [134] Silverman manages to demagnetise himself, resulting in overcoming Psychoman's attacks, and Silverman gains the upper-hand, as he reveals Psychoman has relied too much on his magnet power (neglecting basic moves and techniques). [134] Silverman proceeds to use an Arrogant Spark. [135] The match is declared over in Silverman's favour.

Silverman speaks freely with Kinnikuman (and Nemesis) about the secret history of the Kinniku Clan, and how he abandoned the Arrogant Spark - (made to ruin and destroy every foe) - because it lacked the mercy that the Kinniku Clan shows towards with the defeated opponents, turning them into allies and friends. [135] He states his faith in Kinnikuman, while warning Nemesis to learn the art of mercy. [136]

Silverman states he only used his Arrogant Spark this time, due to his knowledge that Psychoman would survive the attack, and takes Psychoman's dumbbell from him, as he reveals that he wishes all ten dumbbells of the Perfect Origin to be collected, so that they may die together (as all ten assembled would eradicate the Perfect Chojin). [136] Silverman proceeds to as Terryman for his dumbbell, obtained from Justiceman, as he seeks for him and the Perfect Origin to be unburdened of immortal life. [137] Silverman takes the dumbbell, and offers both to Goldman. [137] The collected dumbbells do not destroy the Perfect Origin, however. [138]

Psychoman reveals that he altered the dumbbells, so that - once collected - only he would be killed by them, and this would allow the others to live. [138] He confesses he could not undo the magic, so he redirected it onto one person instead of all ten. [139] Silverman collects Psychoman into his arms, and Psychoman thanks both Silverman and The Man, before dying in Silverman's arms.

He leaves behind only a hat, while Silverman starts to disintegrate. Silverman reveals that he and Goldman only had enough power to generate one body, with Goldman having that body, and so he only came back for one battle against Psychoman, meaning he now must leave their world. He vanishes while clutching Psychoman's hat, before finally only his smiling mask remains. The hat and mask rest together. [139]

Nemesis vs. Kinnikuman

Nemesis wishes to immediately fight, but is ordered by Chojin Enma and Harabote Muscle to rest. [140] He dives through the roots of Yggdrasil, along with Kinnikuman and others, and they are taken to Koshien Stadium. [140] The match is declared to take place the following day at 12pm. [141] Kinnikuman and Nemesis enter medical suspension for the evening, in order to recover from their injuries. [142]

They arrive at the ring the following day, with Nemesis enters the red corner of the ring with an old cape of the Kinniku Clan. [143] He announces that he has forgone a second. [143] The two start with a grapple, until Kinnikuman counters with a Full Nelson and a Dragon Suplex. [144] Nemesis breaks free and they grapple again, until Nemesis uses a Pile-Driver, after which he gains the upper hand and delivers a series of blows. He manages to knock Kinnikuman to the canvas, despite it being the start of the match. [144]

Kinnikuman then uses the Muscle Curtain. [145] This leads Kinnikuman to believe he has an advantage, but Nemesis raises the guard to his mask and uses the Muscle Curtain in turn. Each time Kinnikuman attempts a counter, Nemesis breaks them with his own counter-attack. Nemesis continues with a Perfect Assailant, which Kinnikuman evades before using a Chojin Hanging. [145] Nemesis breaks the attack with a headlock. [146]

He strikes Kinnikuman to the mat with a modified Bulldog Headlock, before concussing Kinnikuman with a back-drop and following with a Scorpion Death-Lock. Kinnikuman attempts a Kinniku Buster, but Nemesis reverses the technique with a Perfection Buster. [146] This begins a countdown. [147] Nemesis drags Kinnikuman upright, despite being still unconscious, and ends the countdown. He slaps Kinnikuman awake, at which point Mayumi Kinniku arrives and reveals Nemesis true name is Kinniku Sadaharu. [147]

Nemesis rushes at him with a series of punches. Kinnikuman manages to suplex Nemesis, before using Robin Tactic No. 1, and ends with a back-drop. Nemesis sets up for his Nemesis Driver. [148] Kinnikuman - inspired by the support of his friends - breaks the technique, before using a Kinniku Driver. [149] Nemesis manages to stand, despite his injuries, and Mayumi invites him back into the Kinniku Clan.

Despite his actions towards Peek-a-Boo earlier within the arc, Peek-a-Boo appears to support Nemesis and act as his second within the match, and Neptuneman appears to also offer his support. [149] Nemesis states that he will accept the views of the Justice Chojin if he loses, but that Kinnikuman must become a Perfect Chojin if Nemesis wins. [150] They exchange a series of blows and various techniques.

Kinnikuman hears the spirit of Robin Mask, which inspires him to survive the Battleship Sinker by grabbing onto a rope at the last second. [150] In exhaustion, both Nemesis and Kinnikuman collapse. [151] They both stand, while the crowd cheers evenly for both, and they both engage in a series of blows, as they strive to get in the final finishing move on the other. Nemesis attempts Silverman's secret technique: the Arrogant Spark. [151] This seemingly knocks out Kinnikuman, but Nemesis' armour cracks and he is downed. [152]

Kinnikuman proceeds to use a Muscle Spark on a severely weakened Nemesis, and uses his Fire of Inner Strength. [153] This downs Nemesis, who - as the countdown begins - sees the spirit of Tatsunori. [154] He proceeds to lose by a knockout at 64 minutes and 28 seconds. [154]


General Devil vs. The Man

General Devil faces Strong the Budo (The Man) at the Ayer's Rock in Australia. [155]

Strong the Budo summons forth a ring from the rocks. [155] The match will begin when the sun rises above the sword. [156] This allows Peek-a-Boo, Nemesis and Neptuneman to reach the ring in time, and this is followed by Buffaloman and Sunshine. Kinnikuman and Meat follow afterwards. Strong the Budo reveals that he once trained General Devil, and the results of the match will determine whose ideals should govern the chojin world: Devil Chojin or Perfect Chojin. Harabote Muscle and Knock arrives to referee. [156]

General Devil and Strong the Budo rush towards each other. [157] General Devil starts with the upper-hand, as he lands a barrage of blows, before slamming him into the canvas. He slams Strong the Budo's head into the stone ring, but Strong the Budo is able to counter with his legs alone. General Devil uses the ropes to counter with a kick, but Strong the Budo uses a Lariat, which enables General Devil to use a corner-post to use a Body Press, only to be countered in turn with a back-flip. The two exchange various attacks. [157]

Strong the Budo appears to finally gain an advantage, stating that his pupil could never surpass him, but General Devil counters once more, but a shoulder-tackle knocks General Devil down at the corner of the ring. [158] General Devil regains his composure and uses a Canadian Destroyer, before using a Daisetsuzan Drop. This is following by a Double Arm-Spin Assault. General Devil attempts a Nine Point Seal, but Strong the Budo deflects it and break free. He proceeds to use a Double Knee Crusher. [158]

After being downed, Strong the Budo starts to absorb General Devil's Chojin Power. [158] Meat reveals that Strong the Budo is seeking to turn General Devil into a human. [159] Strong the Budo uses a Chojin Compressor, but General Devil breaks free and uses a Hell's Guillotine. This is broken by a Hell Neck-Breaker Chop, but General Devil survives the move by using Diamond Hardness. [159]

General Devil goes on to use his Diamond Sword technique. [160] He lands two cuts on Strong the Budo's abdomen, and follows with a Hellish Merry-go-Round, but Strong the Budo stops him by taking a hold of both his swords in his bare hands. Strong the Budo also uses his Chojin Hardness, before raising it to Diamond Level. He follows this with a Flawless Lock-Up Hold. General Devil counters by changing his Hardness Level to Zero, and escapes with a Soft Body. [160] Strong the Budo uses a Budo Rock Crush Claw. [161]

General Devil escapes the move and uses a Skull Crush. In desperation, Strong the Budo bashes his head - with General Devil still around it - against the corner-post. This shakes General Devil loose. Strong the Budo uses a Helmet Breaker, and uses Army Decimate Slam, as both men turn to Diamond Level Hardness. [161][162] This triggers the countdown, as General Devil is downed on the canvas. [162]

He rises on the count of seven, and Strong the Budo tries to steal his power again. [162] General Devil is powered by the desire to overcome his old mentor, something akin to Friendship Power, and seeks to surpass him by finding a Hardness Level beyond Diamond. [163] He changes to Hardness Level 10: Sharp. [163] This is followed by a Lonsdaleite Power. [164] This power allows General Devil to defend against Strong the Budo and cause him damage, despite his own Diamond Power, and General Devil uses a General Discs.

This is followed by a Lonsdaleite Clothesline, which breaks through the diamonds on Strong the Budo. [164] The two exchange a series of blows, until General Devil attempts another Lonsdaleite Clothesline, but Strong the Budo manages to block the attack. [165] General Devil lights up the skies with Lonsdaleite Power, as Strong the Budo uses an Army Decimate Power. The move destroys Strong the Budo's knee, while the Lonsdaleite Power protects General Devil. General Devil continues with a double-arm spin. [165]

General Devil uses his Lonsdaleite Power again to create a new hold. [166] He uses a New Hell's Guillotine, also known as the God's Guillotine, and this destroys Strong the Budo's disguise, revealing his original form as The Man. [166] Strong the Budo congratulates General Devil, before being down for the count. [167] General Devil attempts to kill Strong the Budo in his victory, but Kinnikuman stops him. [167]

Kinnikuman argues that both men have learned the ideals of Justice Chojin, and General Devil killing Strong the Budo - and then himself - would make Psychoman's sacrifice be in vain. [168] He then threatens to fight General Devil, if General Devil continues on his current path. In exchange for saving Strong the Budo's life, General Devil sets down two conditions:

  1. Strong the Budo must never leave the Chojin Graveyard
  2. The Graveyard must abolish the granting of eternal life to chojin. [168]

General Devil leaves with Buffaloman and Sunshine, but warns Kinnikuman that a Devil Chojin will always break their promise, and not to trust the peace treaty. [169] Strong the Budo also leaves, but warns that he will continue his quest to destroy all chojin should Kinnikuman and the others ever pose a threat. [169]



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