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Perfect Origin Arc (完璧超人始祖編)

  • The arc of the 2011 revival of Kinnikuman. Set one-and-half years from the end of the Scramble For The Throne Arc, it spans Volume 38 - 60


This is the longest arc of Kinnikuman (manga) to date, spanning over 22 volumes and 208 chapters.


The Justice, Devil and Perfect Chojin gather to sign a peace treaty to prevent future wars between their factions, but a group - named the Perfect Large Numbers - disrupts events and challenges the factions to a new tournament. At the end of this tournament, a second group - named the Perfect Origin - arrive to declare a second tournament, as they are led by Nemesis and Chojin Enma. The tournament ends with the victory of Kinnikuman over Nemesis.


First Stage

  • Terryman vs. Max Radial
  • Stecasse King vs. Turboman (USSR)
  • Mr Khamen vs. Crushman (Germany)
  • Black Hole vs. Dalmatiman (China)
  • Atlantis vs. Marlinman (London)
  • Kinnikuman vs. Peek-a-boo (Japan)
  • The Mountain vs. Strong The Budo (USA)

Second Stage (Pyramid)

  • Brocken Jr vs. Crushman
  • Ramenman vs. Marvellous
  • Springman vs. Psychoman
  • Black Hole vs. Jak Chi
  • Diablos vs. John Does
  • Robin Mask vs. Nemesis
  • Warsman vs. Polarman

Third Stage

  • Painman vs. Junkman (Chojin Graveyard)
  • Ganman vs. Sneagator (Leaning Tower of Pisa)
  • Psychoman vs. Planetman (Sagrada Familia)
  • Thingman vs. Sunshine (Statue of Liberty)
  • Crowman vs. The Ninja (Silver Pavilion)
  • Justiceman vs. Ashuraman (Demon World Palace)

Fourth Stage (Yggdrasil)

  • Ganman vs. Buffaloman
  • Nemesis vs. Ramenman
  • Justiceman vs. Terryman
  • Psychoman vs. Brocken Jr
  • Psychoman vs. Silverman
  • Nemesis vs. Kinnikuman (Koshien Stadium)


  • General Devil vs. The Man (Uluru/Ayer's Rock)