Pirateman (パイレートマン) is an Akuma Chojin whose design is based off a pirate.  



Just like his design, Pirateman has a pirate based mentality. However, he has also shown to be quite a kind and proud person. He is extremely proud of being a member of the Omega Centaurians. Also, when Kinnikuman offers to give his Fire of Inner Strength to save Pirateman's home planet, Pirateman replies with: "You are a kind lad, you are". However, he rejects Kinnikuman's offer due to his own pride in the Omega Centaurians and guilt for potentially lying to the Chojin of Earth.


Pirateman is extremely dedicated to Omegaman Aristera and the cause of the Six Spears. Even when the Omega Glorious lost to the Full Metal Jackets, Pirateman still remained loyal to him.


Pirateman is a pirate-themed chojin hailing from the Omega Centauri System. He's a member of the Omega Centauri's Six Spears, a group of Akuma Chojin sent by Satan to retrieve Psychoman's secrets from underneath the Sagrada Familia. However, the Chojin Olympic finalists halt them in their tracks. Despite Canadianman learning new techniques, Pirateman beats Canadianman by tearing him in half with his St. Elmo's Fire technique.

When the Five Fated Princes show up, his opponent is Kinnikuman. After Kinnikuman Zebra's loss at the hands of Mariquitaman, Kinnikuman tries to run away. But when Kinnikuman's cornered, he uses the Burning Inner Strength against Pirateman. Pirateman, in turn, uses Aurora Power, a watered down version of Magnet Power, against Kinnikuman. He also reveals that the Perfect Origin was responsible for the Omega Centaurians moving to the Cluster in the first place. The Perfect Origin slaughtered countless ancient Chojin until the survivors were forced to use an Ark to flee from Earth.

Piratemen and his brethen aligned with Satan and returned for two main reasons: avenge their ancestors by slaying Strong the Budo and collecting the perfected Magnet Power and the Kajiba no Kuso Djikara to try saving his new homeplaet by ruination

In the whole match, Pirateman gets the advantage, as Kinnikuman is both scared and moved to pity from his story. When he attempts to execute Kinnikuman, the latter realizes that Pirateman is just acting out his sadness and anger for thinking the Kajiba no Kuso Djikara is useless and Omega Centauri is now doomed: Kinnikuman decides to prove him wrong by the only way he can, staging one of his miraculous comebacks and winning with the Muscle Spark.

When Pirateman wakes up during Aristera's attempt of getting Kinnikuman onto his side, Pirateman tells Aristera that he doesn't understand the meaning behind the Kajiba no Kuso Djikara. In order to use its full potential, one needs to understand and empathize with a fellow Chojin. Spiteful Chojin who hold grudges like the Six Spears aren't able to use it at its best.

After Aristera and Mariquitaman's defeat against Brocken Jr. and Ataru, Pirateman delivers a heartwarming speech. He admits that Aristera is a selfless person, thinking of others before himself. Pirateman elaborates that Aristera has more positive traits than he would like to admit. Pirateman's willing to help out Aristera in his time of need. Aristera finally admits the Omega Centaurians' way is flawed and that he's willing to change those values for the sake of the Omega Centaurians.    

When Justiceman invited Justice Chojin and the remaining Spears of Omega Centauri into the chambers of Chojin Enma, The Man explains the origin of the ancestors of the Omega Centauri chojin. According to The Man, these ancestors wanted to become gods, even mastering Magnet Power to further their might. However, they would be punished for having such radical thoughts.

In fact, there was a divide between the Chojin Gods: one that wanted to keep Chojin alive and one that wanted them all dead. The Man headed the faction that wanted them alive, while the God of Harmony led the faction that wanted them all dead.


  • Jacket Shutter: Pirateman closes his pirate jacket like a bear trap. Used to counter attacks to his chest area.
  • Treasure Hunt Suplex: A suplex done while the opponent's hand is still inside the Jacket Shutter.
  • Caribbean Storm: A reversal technique for backbreaker moves. Pirateman slams his opponent's head into the canvas.
  • Saint Elmo's Fire: Named after the pheomenon seen in stormy weather at sea. Pirateman forces his opponent into an upside-down position while turning their back against them. He tugs on his opponent's legs and back while putting their head into a figure-four leglock. If this move is successful, Pirateman tears his opponent in half.
  • Aurora Power: Pirateman can manipulate electromagnetic forces with this ability. Used in his fight against Kinnikuman. According to Pirateman, Aurora Power is a knockoff compared to the Magnet Power used by Neptuneman, Big the Budo & Psychoman. Because of this, he'd rather use his wrestling skills in combat.
  • Parachute Anchor: Pirateman turns his jacket into a improvised parachute.
  • Viking Buster: Pirateman's reversal of the Kinniku Buster. Done after doing the Parachute Anchor.
  • Bloody Ocean Splash: Pirateman does a simple backtoss. He uses it to execute opponents when they're close to the ocean.

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  • Laugh: "Muma Muma"


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