Poison Six Pack Arc (Anime Episodes 45-51, Anime Only)


This arc occurs midway through the Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc.

It takes place just after the preliminary events, but just before the main tournament matches. In this arc, six chojin kidnap three young women: Rinko Nikaido, Tamaki Maekawa, and Keiko. They demand that the New Generation engage in a tag-tournament with them, with one girl released with every match that they win.

This begins a series of non-canon matches with minor popular antagonists.

Puripuriman proved so popular in this segment, with an American audience, he was animated into every episode after this point as a presenter (in introductory segments). The arc itself allowed for team-up matches that would otherwise have not been possible to see at that point within the anime series, and allowed for further showcasing of popular characters that lacked manga screen-time, such as Gazelleman.


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