Name Orders

The Western naming order should be used over the Eastern order.

This means that forenames will precede surnames.


  • Mantaro Kinniku > Kinniku Mantaro
  • Meat Alexandria > Alexandria Meat
  • Mari Nikaido > Nikaido Mari


The spellings given by Yudetamago are considered canon and must be used.


  • Chojin (not "choujin")
  • Ashuraman (not "Asuraman")
  • Ilioukhine (not other variations)

Manga over Anime

This is because some names are changed in the English dub, as well as some names were changed for the original anime, and this may lead to confusion, such as for example "Kid" referring to both Terry the Kid and Mantaro Kinniku. We also have a wiki policy of canon-only content, with the manga being considered canon.


Wolfman will be named 'Wolfman' and not 'Rikishiman', as 'Wolfman' is his manga name.

Geronimo will be named 'Geronimo' and not 'Beetlebomb', as 'Geronimo' is his manga name.

Both 'Rikishiman' and 'Beetlebomb' would respectively redirect to 'Wolfman' and 'Geronimo'.

English over Japanese

These were for two reasons: clarity (for users) and consistency (for ease of search).


  • Devil > Akuma
  • Justice > Seigi
  • Brutal >Zangyaku
  • Time > Jikan
  • General Devil > Akuma Shogun


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