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This article lists our rules and policies regarding the naming of characters.

We have taken into consideration fandom preferences, scanlation usage, and official translations.

Name Orders

The Western naming order should be used over the Eastern order.

This means that forenames will precede surnames.


  • Mantaro Kinniku > Kinniku Mantaro
  • Meat Alexandria > Alexandria Meat
  • Mari Nikaido > Nikaido Mari


The spellings given by Yudetamago are considered canon and must be used.

There are times where this becomes more complicated, such as how 'Voltman'/'Boltman' can be read as either, without any consistent English translations or any English version seen within the manga. In these circumstances, we may leave it to administrator discretion, but with room for a community discussion for a change in the "Discuss" section of the wiki (or on article talk-pages).


  • Chojin (not "choujin")
  • Ilioukhine (not other variations)
  • Ashuraman (not "Asuraman")
    • We recognise in English the typical spelling of this word is 'Asura', but the origin of this word is from the Sanskrit, and Yudetamago have consistently used "Ashuraman" with little to no deviation. Due to it being a transliteration of a transliteration, and no fixed standards in translations, priority has been given to Yudetamago's preferred and consistently used spelling of "Ashuraman".


In a few rare circumstances, the manga is inconsistent with spellings and/or shows confusion with the "l", "v", "x" or "th" sounds in English. Two examples are "Legox" being recorded as "Legocs", and "Kevin Mask" being recorded as "Kebin Mask". Due to clear spellings at other points of the manga, and definitive pre-existing spellings in English (which is also the origin language), the correct English spelling will take priority over the incorrect English used within the few rare times of the manga.

Manga over Anime

This is because some names are changed in the English dub, as well as some names were changed for the original anime, and this may lead to confusion, such as for example "Kid" referring to both Terry the Kid and Mantaro Kinniku. We also have a wiki policy of canon-only content, with the manga being considered canon, as such it will take priority for names.


Wolfman will be named 'Wolfman' and not 'Rikishiman', as 'Wolfman' is his manga name.

Geronimo will be named 'Geronimo' and not 'Beetlebomb', as 'Geronimo' is his manga name.

Both 'Rikishiman' and 'Beetlebomb' would respectively redirect to 'Wolfman' and 'Geronimo'.

English over Japanese

These were for two reasons: clarity (for users) and consistency (for ease of search).


  • Devil > Akuma
  • Justice > Seigi
  • Brutal >Zangyaku
  • Time > Jikan
  • Power > Kyodo


Akuma Shogun will be used in place of General Devil. This is due to it appearing to be the official term, chosen by Yudetamago themselves, and preferred by the fandom overall. This is subject to change and discussion, due to the official translation (and some scanlation groups) using `General Devil`, as well as `General Devil` being the correct English translation.

Fire of Inner Strength

There was a lot of debate in regards to this technique.

The official translation uses "the Fire" or "K.K.D", and current scanlation groups are split between "the Fire of Inner Strength" and "Burning Inner Strength". We initially used "Burning Inner Strength" as the default, but - after a community vote and several complaints - have reverted back to "Fire of Inner Strength" due to its prominence and preference within the fandom.

A fair few articles may still have "Burning Inner Strength", but we encourage editors to tweak these back to "Fire of Inner Strength" and endeavour to fix all cases over time.