We ask people to be careful when using scanlations as sources.

There are some parts of the overall series that are laden with errors, to the extent that it's even tripped up our administrators and most valued editors, and forced us to cross-reference against the original RAWs a few times. If a person makes a mistake due to a translation error, it will not be held against them, and we will assume good faith (and possibly leave the editor a brief head's up as to the issue).

Scanlations: Pros/Cons

Potential Issues

A few errors are as follows:

  • Accents not in the original
    •  Or borrowed from the dub
  • Spelling errors
    • Notably "choujin" or "chyojin" being used
    • Inconsistent naming between various scanlation groups
  • Homophobic language
    • This occurs in several groups several times
  • "Engrish"
    • Random Japanese words used for no justifiable reason 
  • Verbal tics
    • An example of this is a character calling others "Brother" to emulate a real-life wrestler
  • General mistakes  
    • One rectified is the "suicide rule", one not rectified is General Devil citing "three" conditions for a deal, with two of the conditions being the same
    • One would also be a confusion of dates in one arc, so that the tournament ended before it had even begun, and in the Viz translation dates were changed incorrectly also

Potential Benefits

Generally speaking, the story seems to be true in all scanlation teams to date, and one can successfully fulfil "About" and "Story" sections without ever encountering an issue or accidentally inserting false information onto the wiki. The problem comes when people assume - understandably - that the scanlation teams are entirely accurate, especially with things such as "Trivia", spelling, characterisation, and speaking styles/quotes.

Common Issues

In particular, we ask people to verify heights, weights, and power levels. In very early translations, there were many mistakes; even in modern day some mistakes occur within the fandom due to the unique Japanese numbering system. We also ask people to check birthdays and dates. If these can be checked against RAWs, or cross-checked with other scanlation groups, it would be most appreciated.

What We Ask of Editors

We ask only one of two things:

  • If you can, please double-check against the RAWs
  • If you can't, be aware of the correct spellings used within the wiki and our rules regarding problematic language and verifiable content

You're welcome to use quotes, but please omit accents that are not based on the source material. You're welcome to mention verbal tics or idiosyncrasies, but they must be reflected by the original material. You also must abide by the spelling of the wiki, which is a reflection of Yudetamago's canon.

Thank You to the Scanlators

We wish to thank all scanlation teams for their work.

It is a difficult job, one that we concede we could not do ourselves, and it takes a great degree of skill and talent . . . we do not begrudge each team for having their own quirks or preferences or processes, and we are very grateful for the teams for making missing manga available in English for free for fans. That being said we must be accurate and the source material is the only canon.

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