Pri-Clun (プリクラン Puri Kuran) is a Croation wrestler styled after a photo-booth.


Pri-Clun is a feminine Croatian wrestler of indeterminable gender. When Pri-Clun takes a snapshot, everyone in their path is absorbed into the photograph. The name of this character is a parody of the "Print Club" photo-sticker machines that are all over Japan. Renamed Printman in the anime and Photo Pat in the English dub, the latter a reference to Saturday Night Live character Pat.


Pri-Clun debuts in the Chojin Olympics, as they fight Destruction. They are seen parachuting into the ring for his entrance. [1] Pri-Clun begins the match by enticing Destruction to take a photograph, which is a lead-in to their Smackdown Picture technique, but hurls him into a double-arm suplex before the photograph can be taken. [2] It is then they performs his Smackdown Picture, but accidentally takes a picture of the fans and kills them. [2]

They exchange in a series of violent blows, which bloody Pri-Clun, and Pri-Clun eventually forces Destruction into a Smackdown Picture, but - when the picture is developed - they cannot see Destruction's head on the film (despite Destruction appearing headless in real-life). [3] Destruction hid his head within his body to avoid the attack, and captures Pri-Clun in an Avalancher Crush attack. [4] He then slices Pri-Clun into three pieces, thus ending the match and defeating Pri-Clun within 13 minutes and 43 seconds at the Fukuoka Dome. [5]


Smackdown Picture
Pri-Clun takes a picture of the opponent, trapping them inside the photo. Then he destroy the picture with the wrestler inside it. This is his finishing move.
Tra La La!
Pri-Clun jumps high up while grabbing the opponent in a double-arm position.
Tra La!
Used after Tra La La! While up in the air Pri-Clun throws the opponent towards the ring with a double-arm suplex.
Dragon Screw
Arm Lock
Reverse Romero Special


  • Submitted by: Keiko Muguruma (六車景子) of Hyogo.


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