Prince Kamehame (プリンス・カメハメ) was a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman. Renamed "Prince Lou Ow" in the translation of Ultimate Muscle by 4Kids Entertainment.


  • Classification: Seigi Chojin
  • Homeland: Hawaii, USA Flag of the United States (Originally Planet Coconuts)
  • Age: 70
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 950,000 Power
  • Favorite Techniques: Back Flip, Kamehame's 100 Killer Attacks
  • Tag Teams: Muscle Brothers (Kinnikuman)
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter ?, Anime Episode 19

Kinnikuman refers to him as Master (師匠, Shishō). He has only taken three students in his life, Kinnikuman, Mantaro Kinniku, and Chaos Avenir. He has an eagle on his chest and a mahiole-like crest on his head. His name comes from Hawaiian King Kamehameha.

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Back Flip (バックフィリップ)
Martial arts Kick
Rolling Savate Kick
Somersault Kick
Kamehame's 100 Killer Techniques (カメハメ殺法100手, Kamehame Sappou Hyaku Te)


American Tour Arc

Kamehame is a Veteran Choujin. In all of his 999 title defenses, he never lost once. When he first appears, he lives in Hawaii as Jesse Maivia's personal assistant. At age 70, he is Hawaii's greatest wrestler. He would have gained a 1000th victory but he lost to Jesse. Kinnikuman got to Hawaii and ended up challenging Kamehame because Kamehame agreed to let him fight Jesse if Kinnikuman could get through him. Kinnikuman lost within seconds of the match's start. He defeated Kinnikuman with a Back Flip. Kinnikuman lost but still wanted to challenge Jesse. Jesse was the only man to defeat Kamehame and since Kamehame saw promise in Kinnikuman, Kamehame decided to train Kinnikuman. He taught Kinnikuman the 48 Killer Techniques. When the training was finished, for now, Kinnikuman challenged and defeated Jesse.

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Kamehame later joined Kinnikuman in the Dream Tag matches since Kinnikuman didn't have a partner. Kamehame sported a Kinniku mask and assumed the name Kinnikuman Great. The two had the name Muscle Brothers (マッスルブラザーズ). The first match for them was against Pentagon and Black Hole. The Muscle Brothers won the match when they performed the Muscle Docking technique. During a match between The New Machineguns and The Stray Devil Combo, Kamehame eventually was killed by Sunshine.

Terryman carried Kamehame into an empty locker room and discovered Kinnikuman Great's identity. Before Kamehame died, he wanted Terryman to assume the mantle of Kinnikuman Great and his fighting techniques.

Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc

Kinnikuman takes Kamehame's ashes to the West Izu Islands to be buried at sea. The Muscle Brothers Nouveau later meet up with Kamehame's ghost and are trained by him.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

During the Royal Crown arc, Kamehame returned when Omegaman Dexia performed his Omega Metamorphesis technique and had Kamehame's spirit take over his body. Through the course of the match, Kamehame's spirit was too hard for Omegaman to control and Kamehame fully gained control of Omegaman's body. Kamehame used this to teach Kinnikuman his remaining techniques, the 52 Submissions. With the techniques at hand, Kinnikuman beat Omegaman with the Muscle Spark, and with his repertoire complete, was able to be a match for Super Phoenix.

Career Information

  • First Hawaii Chōjin Heavyweight Champion (999 successful title defenses)
  • Kinnikuman's Master
  • Hawaii's Big Star (ハワイの巨星, Hawai no Kyosei)
  • God of the Hawaiian Chōjin World (ハワイ超人界の神, Hawai Chōjin-kai no Kami)
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