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Psychoman is initially presented as a member of the Large Numbers under the disguise of "Grim Reaper", before revealing himself as one of the Perfect Origin and long-standing companion of Silverman.


A Perfect Chojin part of the Perfect Origin. He was the Chojin who taught Neptune King how to use Magnet Power, though according to Psychoman, Neptune King developed it nowhere near as well as himself.


Psychoman is an intelligent, calculating, and composed chojin, and, like many other Perfect Chojin, was proud and arrogant, and tended to speak to his opponents with a fey, sometimes mocking tone. Like his fellow peers, he looked down on what he considered to be "inferior" chojin and saw them as weak, particularly the Devil and Justice chojin.


He is a tall and rather slender chojin with an athletic build. He wears elaborate clothes full of detail. His appearance varies a little bit when he is in his "Grim Greaper" form, having a more darker and stoic look. In both forms, he has a hat that uses in some techniques. He can also use his long dress to efectuate some of his attacks.


Despite being among the Origin, however, he cared very little for anyone else, even towards the Perfect Large Numbers. The only ones who he perhaps showed concern for and was especially loyal to was The Man, and to a great extent, Silverman. Even as Grim Reaper, he showed no hesitation in ripping open Turboman's back and taking his Earth Unit after his defeat and even kicked his body out of the ring.


He seems to have a strong relationship with Silverman, who considers him to be his best friend. [3] Psychoman only considered his feelings for Silverman a form of respect, rather than friendship, as he idolised Silverman as his hero. The concept of friendship is alien to Perfect Chojin, as such Psychoman merely laughs and mocks the idea, and is even willing to kill him in their battle. [3] Despite this assertion, Psychoman deeply admired him to the point he even kept his room the way he left it when Silverman left the group. Likewise, Silverman mutually respected and admired Psychoman in turn, and was distraught to see him corrupted by his obsession with Magnet Power.


Psychoman also had a heated rivalry with Ganman, and both had a mutual dislike of each other, with the latter frequently criticising him and the former often dismissing and mocking him. He even considered making Ganman the target for the dial's erasure energy to make him vanish instead. However, he might have had some respect for him, as he couldn't bring himself to do it.


He strongly believed in Magnet Power and saw it as an incredible force that he was dedicated to researching and wielding. [4] He notably tried to talk his peers into using it as well, but became frustrated when they all refused, especially so when Silverman wanted to seal it away. [4] He proved that he was indeed adept in its usage and found creative ways of using it to his advantage. But he tends to rely heavily on this power, which would cause him to make oversights with his techniques.



Psychoman is one of the ten Perfect Origin who was chosen by the Chojin Enma to be spared as the gods annihilated all of the chojin with the Seven Capillaria Rays. He would join his fellow perfects on Earth in training and honing their skills to their utmost for aeons.

At some point, he discovers Magnet Power, a power hidden deep in the earth, which he has begun using to enhance his own power, and attempts to convince the other Origin into using it too. [4] However, they unanimously disagree with using such a borrowed power, with Silverman proposing to seal it away to prevent its abuse, feeling that it would corrupt them. Only The Man agrees to it, shocking the other members of the Origin. [4] He charges its study to a delighted Psychoman, and he sets up a lab in Sagrada Família in Spain to dedicate himself to researching and learning to use it. [5] This would eventually lead to the creation of the Mortier de Pileur in the Chojin Graveyard, which could generate artificial chojin power.[5]

Later on, he takes on Neptune King as a student and teaches him how to use the Magnet Power, but then left after he felt he had perfected its use out of arrogance - one of the reasons why Psychoman deemed him a failure.

Eventually, along with Strong the Budo, Psychoman would help with creating the Perfect Large Numbers, a faction of Perfect Chojin picked by Chojin Enma himself to serve as bodyguards, and with Psychoman joining them under the guise of "Grim Reaper". This was done without the Perfect Large Numbers knowing that they were being used as a front, as Psychoman hid his true intentions. [6]

Kinnikuman 2011

Perfect Origin Arc

John Does vs. Diablos

Grim Reaper and Turboman enter with the New Large Numbers. [7]

Grim Reaper reveals the next location - of the second-stage of the tournament - will be the Saqqara Pyramid, which has been relocated to Japan's Tottori Dunes. [8] He and Turboman form a large gun, along with the other New Large Numbers, and shoot over to the pyramid. [9] The Grim Reaper lands on the third step, while Turboman takes the fourth step. [9] The Justice Chojin follow them to the mountain, and Buffaloman is assigned against Turboman, who attacks him with a drop-kick before he can enter the ring. [10]

He then drags Buffaloman into the ring with a Turboman Stunner. [10] Turboman punches Buffaloman while he's down, until Buffaloman counters with a headbutt and proceeds to use a back-drop. [11] It is then that Springman arrives on the fourth step to fight the Grim Reaper. [12] Grim Reaper begin the match with a Buzzsaw Hat, which cuts Springman's leg as he enters the ring with a jump. [13]

Grim Reaper throws Springman against the corner-post, but the post goes through Springman's hollow body and allows him to remain unharmed, and a Spring-Body Breaking-Squeeze breaks the corner-post. A Spring Transfer allows him to distract Grim Reaper, whereby he land a drop-kick to the face. [13] While Turboman and Grim Reaper, struggle in their matches and appear to be losing, Jak Tea fights against Black Hole and creates a strong geyser before he dies. [14] This creates a crack along the pyramid. [15]

Turboman frees himself from Buffaloman with a Somersault Kick. He tries a body-press, but Buffaloman catches him and counters with a back-flip. The fifth step finally collapses from the cracks and descends into the fourth step, where the two single matches combine into one tag-match. Turboman gets Buffaloman into a tombstone pile-driver, but - as he prepares for another attack - Springman and Buffaloman combine to use a Chojin Dodgeball. [15] Springman is chastised for attacking Turboman, who was not his original opponent, as the match rules must abide by those of a single-match (due to the unusual circumstances). [16]

The two teams agree to form a tag-team match with tag-team rules.

Springman lunges at Turboman, who uses a lariat and a Starter Revolver, but gets his arm caught inside Springman, who retaliates with a Spring Cyclone. [16] Springman proceeds to use a Killer-Coil Head Attack. [17] A second attempt at the attack is deflected by Turboman's a back-kick. It nearly knocks Springman out of the ring, until Buffaloman catches him. Turboman charges with a flying-cross, but the Diabolos counter again with a Devil Expander. Buffaloman then bounces off Springman to kick Turboman, who proceeds with a series of blows. Turboman uses a Glove Revolver and a Turbine Chop. [17]

Buffaloman and Turboman return to their corners, and Turboman tags in Grim Reaper, who spins around on Turboman's head and delivers an Ignition Dress to Buffaloman. [17] They proceed to use a John Does Arrow. [18] The Diabolos try another Devil Expander, but Turboman dives through Springman and knocks Buffaloman out of the ring, before hitting him again with another John Does Arrows. A High-Capacity John Does Arrow sends Turboman towards Buffaloman, who manages to catch him and slams him against the wall, which causes the wall to crumble into the shape of a flight of stairs. [18]

This allows Springman to use a Devil Slinky. [19] He uses a Spring Body-Breaking Squeeze, which causes Turboman's body to start to glow, as Turboman stores the energy of his opponents. Turboman uses a High-Speed Turbo-Crash, as their two attacks seem to create a stalemate, but soon the release of Turboman's energy causes Springman to harden. He proceeds to stab Springman in his face with Revolver Spikes, and a Revolver Fin causes Springman's body to crash into Buffaloman. [19]

Springman finds strength to lift Buffaloman, despite his weakened state. [19] The Diabolos attempt a Long Horn Train, but - when it only glances off Turboman - follow with a Most Super Express. [20] They follow with a third attack, which against glances off Turboman, but Turboman finds strength to use a Revolver Stud while Springman starts to crumble away. Springman uses all his strength to throw Buffaloman into a Hurricane Mixer, and Buffaloman's horns break through Turboman's Revolver attack and pierce his chest. This leads to Turboman's death, followed by Springman dying within Buffaloman's arms. [20]

The Grim Reaper proceeds to Turboman's corpse, where he opens Turboman's back and steals his Earth Unit (which allows him to store energy to use against an opponent), and then kicks Turboman's body out of the ring. [21]The Grim Reaper removes his robe, which he uses to taunt Buffaloman like a matador, and uses a Skeleton Body to avoid being struck with a Hurricane Mixer. The Grim Reaper states that people fall victim to Buffaloman's attack due to fear and fidgety movements, but - knowing no fear - he cannot be hurt.

The Grim Reaper grabs Buffaloman by his horns, before grabbing at his skin and flipping him over, and - in the process - tears chunks of skin from Buffaloman. [22] The Grim Reaper proceeds to tear off more skin from Buffaloman, and attacks with a Dress Spear, which reveals all the scars on Buffaloman's body from previous matches. [23] He is eventually countered by Buffaloman's Buffalo Hammer. The Grim Reaper proceeds to capture Buffaloman's legs, as he sets up for a John Does Arrows, before revealing it can double as a solo-technique called the Phantom Canon. This causes Buffaloman's scars to reopen in a bloody manner.

Buffaloman summons his blood back into his body by force of will. [23] The scars move to Buffaloman's horn and turn it into a Long Horn, before he speeds around the Grim Reaper and lands a series of blows. [24] The Grim Reaper uses an Ignition Dress, followed by a Thunder Sabre, which pins Buffaloman to the canvas, and the Grim Reaper uses the Earth Unit to absorb power from Buffaloman. The sheer power from Buffaloman causes the Earth Unit to break, and Buffaloman uses a Hurricane Mixer. [24]

This is followed with a Chojin Cross Slam. [25] The Diabolos are declared the winners of the match, and Psychoman exposes his chest with the offer that Buffaloman kills him as he sees fit, due to the Perfect Chojin suicide rule and out of respect to Buffaloman as the victor. The Grim Reaper taunts Buffaloman until Buffaloman stabs him through the chest with his horn, and this cements Buffaloman's return to a Devil Chojin, preventing him from going back to his Justice Chojin allies. Psychoman then vanishes.

Buffaloman takes a piece of Springman's body and leaves. [25]

Psychoman vs. Planetman

Grim Reaper reappears at the Sagrada Familia in Spain. [26]

It is revealed he never died, but simply disappeared after his fight with Buffaloman. [27] He explains that he was masquerading as an ordinary Perfect Chojin, on behalf of Chojin Enma, when in reality he is one of the Perfect Origin, and his real name is Psychoman. He proceeds to summon a storm to destroy the Sagrada Familia, at which point Planetman appears as a challenger to Psychoman. [27] He amuses Psychoman by stating an intent to kill him. [28]

Buffaloman and Black Hole proceed to Barcelona to observe the match. It is revealed Planetman found Psychoman's location by luck alone, as he accidentally uncovered a portal when searching Psychoman's bedroom for his dumbbell in the Chojin Graveyard. Psychoman reveals the rule that a defeated Perfect Chojin must commit suicide does not apply to the Perfect Origin, at which point Planetman breaks usual wrestling rules to attack Psychoman with a knee-kick, despite the gong having not been rung. [28]

Planetman temporarily gains the upper-hand by chance, and proceeds to use a Planet Ring and continues with a Ring Stone, but Psychoman skilfully dodges. [29] Planetman tries again with a Ring Stone, despite its previous failure, but Psychoman successfully dodges again. Psychoman discards the ring with his superior strength, before using a Neck Hanging Tree, and Planetman breaks away with a Jupiter Ring, before managing to retrieve his Saturn Ring. He uses an Olympus Mons and Olypmus Volcano on Psychoman.

Psychoman lands safely on the corner-post, as the strength of the attack was inferior to his own overall strength, and counters with a far stronger Ignition Dress. Planetman then tries a Sub-Zero Planet-Four Headlock. [29] After attempting a Frozen Crush, Psychoman breaks free with a mere flick of his finger. [30] He slashes apart Planetman's body, despite most of his body being frozen, and completely breaks free from the ice, which was unable to hold his enormous power. This is followed by a Giant Reaching Palm.

He slams the weakened Planetman into the canvas, and Planetman desperately attempts a Space Hell, followed by a Devil-Move Grand-Cross, but - even using all his strength - he completely fails to leave an impact upon Psychoman, who easily uses a Magnet Power to block any damage. [30] Planetman struggles to stand, and - with no other options - uses his Devil Necromancy Soul Resonance Wave. [31]

He somehow finds enough strength to use his Face Planet. [31]

This gathers the souls of the deceased Large Numbers in an attempt to hold sway over his opponent. This plan fails, as Psychoman - feeling no attachment to them - proceeds to destroy them one after the other, while severely injuring Planetman in the process. [31] He then finishes Planetman off with the Phantom Cannon, which completely destroys him. [32] The broken remnants of Planetman scatter to the canvas, as he proves himself too weak to prove a challenge against a Perfect Origin, and his head tumbles before Buffaloman and Black Hole, where it turns to dust and vanishes from sight. Psychoman is the clear victor. [32]


Psychoman returns after The Man's return, alongside Ganman and Justiceman. [33]

Nemesis refers to Psychoman as "Grim Reaper", which Psychoman corrects. The Ninja attacks Psychoman, after Psychoman insults the Justice and Devil Chojin, and Psychoman stops him by grabbing his leg, followed by throwing him in the air with a blow to his chest. This is followed by a Dress Canon, which throws The Ninja into the arms of Brocken Jr. [33] After The Man brings forth the rings upon Yggdrasil, and arrives on the topmost ring, before making those below promise not to attack The Man while he fights. [34]

Psychoman vs. Brocken Jr.

He participates with the remaining Perfect Origin at the Unforgiven Yggdrasil in Koshien Stadium in a new tournament, in which his opponent is Brocken Jr.

Psychoman lands a series of blows on Brocken Jr., as he comments on Justiceman's perceived betrayal of the Perfect Origin, and drives Brocken Jr. head-first into the ring with a pile-driver. [35] Brocken Jr. tries to attack with a kick, but Psychoman counters with a kick in turn. [36] Psychoman proceeds with a series of Giant Reaching Palms, which removes a great deal of Brocken Jr.'s attire, and Brocken Jr. finds strength to attack with a Black Mist of Hamburg, followed by a Red Rain of Berlin. [36]

Psychoman throws him to the ropes, but Brocken Jr. stops an attack by placing his hand upon Psychoman's face, and uses a Grey Blade of Solingen. [36] This gives Psychoman a chance to use Ignition Dress. [37] Brocken Jr. tears off a piece of Psychoman's robe, before using a Bremen Sunset. This is followed by Thunder Sabres by Psychoman, but is countered by Brocken Jr's Red Rain of Berlin. The second attempt at a Red Rain of Berlin is defeated by Psychoman, who breaks Brocken Jr's hands. [37]

A Spear Dress technique removes the last of Brocken Jr's attire, while damaging his upper body, and Brocken Jr falls against the canvas. [37] Psychoman again targets Brocken Jr's broken hands, when Brocken Jr attempts to fight back despite his weakened state, and follows this up with a Phantom Cannon. [38] Psychoman then slams Brocken Jr's head into the canvas. Brocken Jr continues to show signs of wishing to fight, which prevents Harabote Muscle from calling a technical knockout.

Psychoman attempts a final move, but a burst of light in the sky stops him. The light reveals itself to be Silverman. [38] This tempts Psychoman to slam Brocken Jr again onto the mat,w which knocks him unconscious and causes the match to be declared in Psychoman's favour. [39] Silverman returns Brocken Jr to the Justice Chojin below, and Brocken Jr is thus allowed to survive the match. [40]

Psychoman vs. Silverman

Silverman first appears in a flash of light in the skies. [41]

Silverman asks that Psychoman leave Brocken Jr. to him, as opposed to killing him, due to the Justice Chojin falling under his domain. [42] Psychoman proceeds to knock out Brocken Jr., after which Silverman apologises to Psychoman for the damage caused by Goldman, and takes Brocken Jr. back to his friends below. It is revealed that the reason for the Fire of Inner Strength is that it is inherited by Silverman's genetics. [42] Silverman returns Brocken Jr. to Kinnikuman, before conversing with him. [43]

He confides that he left the Chojin Graveyard on Psychoman and The Man's behest, so that he could persuade his brother to return, but that he disagreed with his brother's approach and raised the Justice Chojin to be free, and now they finally have strength to defeat the Perfect Chojin. Silverman refused to return to Psychoman and The Man, as he believes that his purpose is on the surface world, and believes in the potential of the Justice Chojin to flourish and rule, as opposed to being eradicated. [43]

Goldman and Justiceman agree with Silverman, that all chojin should be allowed to live. [44] Psychoman declares he will fight Silverman, to see whose ideals are best, and a formal match it declared. It is revealed that Silverman and Psychoman have a 50/50 win-loss record, and this will be a deciding match between them, as Silverman jumps into the ring. [44] Psychoman begins with a series of punches, but Silverman blocks every blow with his shield. [45] Silverman manages to deliver a blow and throw Silverman.

The two engages in a series of blows, but Psychoman recognises that grappling is Silverman's strength and delivers direct strikes with his Spear Dress. Silverman deflects all but one blow. Psychoman knocks him to his knees, before gaining the upper-hand and flings him with a double-arm suplex. [45] Silverman grinds on the ropes with his shield, before using the pressure to push out and bash Psychoman with his shield, and this prompts Psychoman to attempt a Mongolian Chop, which is stopped by a Perfect Defender. [46]

The Perfect Defender is revealed to be the originator of the Muscle Curtain.

Psychoman attempts a series of blows, but each one is countered by the Perfect Defender. Silverman then delvers a punch, but the opening allows Psychoman to use a Face Claw, and Silverman relentless kicks at Psychoman, who refuses to let go of him. [46] This leads Psychoman to grab Silverman from behind, while keeping a hold of his face, until Silverman uses a judo throw to dislodge him. [47] Psychoman uses a Face Claw again, while Silverman retaliates with an Arm Bar, and - after receiving an onslaught of blows from Silverman - Psychoman manages to throw Silverman from him and uses his Magnet Power.

The Face Claws allows Psychoman to artificially magnetise Silverman's body. Silverman attempts to throw Psychoman out of the ring with a German Suplex, but a Magnet Turn allows Psychoman to return to the ring and attack Silverman. [47] Psychoman attacks with a Giant Reaching Palm, which removes Silverman's shield and causes it to be tossed aside, where it attaches to a ring-post. [48] This attracts Silverman by the magnetic power towards the ring-post. Psychoman uses this to attempt a Magnetic Bomber.

This removes Silverman's mouth guard, and Psychoman gains the upper-hand before he opens the Apollo Window. [48] This turns the ring into a giant magnet. [49] After a series of blows against Silverman, Psychoman uses his Grim Reincarnation technique. [49] Silverman survives the attack. [50] He states that he considers Psychoman to be his best friend, and asks him to forgo his magnet power, but Psychoman retaliates with an attack that forces Silverman to use his Perfect Defender. Psychoman attempts a Thunder Sabre Squall. [50]

Psychoman follows with a Longer Thunder Arrow. [51] Silverman manages to demagnetise himself, resulting in overcoming Psychoman's attacks, and Silverman gains the upper-hand, as he reveals Psychoman has relied too much on his magnet power (neglecting basic moves and techniques). [51] Silverman proceeds to use an Arrogant Spark. [52] The match is declared over in Silverman's favour.

Silverman speaks freely with Kinnikuman (and Nemesis) about the secret history of the Kinniku Clan, and how he abandoned the Arrogant Spark - (made to ruin and destroy every foe) - because it lacked the mercy that the Kinniku Clan shows towards with the defeated opponents, turning them into allies and friends. This move would later become the Muscle Spark, which Silverman etched onto the Kinniku Temple mural himself. [52] He states his faith in Kinnikuman, while warning Nemesis to learn the art of mercy. [53]

Silverman states he only used his Arrogant Spark this time, due to his knowledge that Psychoman would survive the attack, and takes Psychoman's dumbbell from him, as he reveals that he wishes all ten dumbbells of the Perfect Origin to be collected, so that they may die together (as all ten assembled would eradicate the Perfect Chojin). [53] Silverman proceeds to as Terryman for his dumbbell, obtained from Justiceman, as he seeks for him and the Perfect Origin to be unburdened of immortal life. [54] Silverman takes the dumbbell, and offers both to Goldman. [54] The collected dumbbells do not destroy the Perfect Origin, however. [55]

Psychoman reveals that he altered the dumbbells, so that - once collected - only he would be killed by them, and this would allow the others to live. [55] He confesses he could not undo the magic, so he redirected it onto one person instead of all ten, and - while he considered erasing Ganman at first - he had not the heart. [56] Silverman collects Psychoman into his arms, while The Man chastises Psychoman, before thanking him for his loyalty. Psychoman thanks both Silverman and The Man, before dying in Silverman's arms.

He leaves behind only a hat, while Silverman starts to disintegrate. Silverman reveals that he and Goldman only had enough power to generate one body, with Goldman having that body, and so he only came back for one battle against Psychoman, meaning he now must leave their world. He vanishes while clutching Psychoman's hat, before finally only his smiling mask remains. The hat and mask rest together. [56]


Solo Techniques

Phantom Cannon

  • One of Grim Reaper/Psychoman's trademark techniques. Using his coat as a suction, he catches his enemy's feet inside of it and proceeds to blast them out full force into the ground to cause great damage.

Kill Hat (八つ裂き(キル)ハット)

  • Knives pop out of his hat and rotate, making it into a buzzsaw-like weapon to slice his foes.

Spear Dress

  • Psychoman forms the end of his dress around his feet, turning them into a sharp spear to stab at the target.

Skeleton Body

  • This technique turns his body transparent to prevent his opponent from landing a blow on him. He only uses this move as Grim Reaper, and with his dress removed.

Ignition Dress

  • Psychoman ignites the end of his dress in fire to unleash a flaming attack. He can also use this move to form a ring of fire capable of causing storms.

Thunder Saber

  • Psychoman calls forth sharp, bolt-like projectiles and throws them at the opponent.

Thunder Saber Squall

  • Psychoman uses Magnet Power to create a storm that rains a rapid torrent of Thunder Sabers at his opponent.

Longest Thunder Arrow

  • Two Thunder Sabers are combined into one to form a longer, more powerful bolt.

Giant Grip Palm (巨握の掌)

Magnetica Bomber

  • A flying lariat used with Magnet Power, attracting himself towards his target to land a fierce blow to the neck. According to Psychoman, this move is the inspiration for the Hell Missionaries' Cross Bomber technique.

Grim Reincarnation (義輪廻転生落とし(グリム・リーインカーネーション))

  • Psychoman's most powerful attack, where he locks his legs around the opponent's ankles and grabs their arms and twists them around to hold them as he slams them head first into the ground. This move is made even more formidable with Magnet Power, ensuring that his foe can't escape from it as well as increasing the impact from the pull.

Tag-Team Techniques

John Does Arrow

  • Psychoman uses his Ignition Dress to suck in Turboman's feet, then fires him straight out at an opponent with extreme momentum.

Career Record


  • Perfect Tenth (完璧・拾式)
  • Perfect Phantom (完幻 Kangen)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

John Does (Turboman)

Speech & Quotes


  • "My feelings for you will never change. I still care about you . . . my greatest friend!" - Silverman [57]



  • Laugh: "Nyaga-Nyaga (ニャガニャガ)


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