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Puri-Puri Man (プリプリマン) is a chojin whose appearance is based off the posterior.


Literally, a giant butt. This character actually made a cameo as an Akuma Chojin in the original Kinnikuman manga and appeared briefly in the opening titles of Kinnikuman. He was not involved directly in a story-line until the anime Kinnikuman Nisei.


As a Devil Chojin, he is brutal and ruthless, and with his physical characteristics, he is able to use all kinds of disgusting techniques, which he enjoy deploying to see his enemies suffer. He is a rather persevering and optimistic, since he isn't ashamed about his butt-head.


At first, Puripuriman was presented with a humanoid body wearing a pair of pants and shoes, as well as a couple of gloves. His most stricking characteristic was his butt-shaped head, were he only has a pair of visible eyes. His thigh-like arms are as strong as legs, and he specializes in a fart-like poison gas attack.

Later in Kinnikuman Nisei, his arms grew out like thighs, making his entire upper body resemble his lower body, as well as now wearing a "mask" that covers his mouth. Despite this, he is still portrayed as his original design in his appearance in the TV Show.



He learned how to wrestler since he was a child, and was later on life when he realize that his face was a butt. Instead of getting depressed, he used that fact in his advance, and so, he made all sorts of disgusting techniques, entering in the ranks of the Devil Chojins.


21st Chojin Olympics Arc

The name "Puripuriman" appears as one of the contestants on the Olympics, despite been an Evil Chojin. He doesn't appear in a single panel.

Seven Akuma Chojin Arc

Puri-Puri Man (literally "angry smelly man")'s name was listed as the 51st place in the train tossing event in the 21st Chojin Olympics Arc. He finally debuted in one panel of the manga when Buffaloman's Akuma Chojin attacked Kinnikuman.

Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Out Assault~

D.M.p Arc

As a member of the d.M.p, Puripuriman had fought against Gazelleman and Terry the Kid, defeating both of them. Next is Seiuchin, who he manage to incapacitate with his Gas Attack, to then finish him with his Butt Driver. But right at that moment, Mantaro Kinniku arrives and face him.

At first its seems like Puripuriman was going to win again, but Mantaro, using his own farts, manage to disorientate Puripuriman, grapping him and defeating the evil chojin with a Kinniku Buster.

The Chojin Guys

In this series, Puripuriman hangs out with Canadianman and Specialman and talk about their daily life in the Kinnikuman universe while enjoying simple diner food. In the first chapter of the Chojin Guys, Puripuriman even acknowledges working for the Seven Devil Chojin in one of the Kinnikuman manga chapters.

Anime Only Appearances

Kinnikuman Nisei

Poison Six Pack Arc

Puripuriman reappears during the Poison Six Pack arc of Kinnikuman: Nisei. He and El Kaerun face off against Seiuchin and Gazelleman for Tamaki's freedom. Though Puripuriman starts out strong, Gazelleman gains the upper hand by slapping his face in a simulation of a spanking. Puripuriman is defeated by a combination of Check Mate's interference by executing a Pile Driver Stallion Style and Gazelleman Savanna Heat.


Gass Explosion

  • Throw gas to his opponent.

Butt Driver

  • Graps his opponents with his arms and cheeks, before hiting him into the canvas.

Propeller Arm

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (single)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Poison Six Pack group 2 (El Kaerun) (Anime Only)

Speech & Quotes


  • "Eh? You say my face looks like a butt?! You need to get your eyes checked, pal! Take a closer look. See? I got eyes and a mouth and... Hey, HEY! Don't look away! - Puripuriman's comment in his biography section.



  • In 4Kids' "Ultimate Muscle" dub, Puripuriman was renamed as Monsieur Cheeks and given an exaggerated french accent. He provided the recaps for the episodes, and would always use his catchphrase "Let's get to the bottom of it!" after he was done with the recap.
  • He appears during the original opening of the Kinnikuman anime, albeit coloured green.
  • Laugh: Puri Puri!


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