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Qilinman is one of the founders of the dMp. He commands the Perfect Chojin faction inside the organization.


A Qilin that succeeded Big the Budo as head of the d.M.p's Perfect Chojin division. He and Shimao were conspiring against Sunshine and his Devil Chojin. They were destroyed when Sunshine blew up their HQ.


Kinnikuman Nisei

Hercules Factory Arc

Qilinman, appears in a couple of panels, usually with his d.m.P comrades, where he terrorizes and kills people. He - along with Shimao and a couple other d.M.p members - later watches the Justice Chojin, as they plan to reopen the Hercules Factory. This makes Qilinman and his colleagues laugh.

d.m.P Arc

He and Shimao show up on a screen after Check Mate's defeat, and send a giant spear down to impale Sunshine, before they mock him about his plans of overthrowing them. Suddenly, the d.m.P members start to fight with each other. Two of Sunshine followers tackel Qiliman and Shimao, but they easly crush their heads. Before they could escape, the whole base start to exolode, killing themajority of the d.M.p members, including Quiliman and Shimao.

Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~

d.m.P arc

Qilinman resides in the "Demon Hand" on Mount Fuji, which serves as the headquarters of the DMp. [1] He - along with Sunshine and Shimao - kidnap three of the new generation of Justice Chojin: Gazelleman, Terry the Kid, and Mantaro Kinniku. They reveal that they have kidnapped Meat Alexandria, and the only way to rescue him is to go deep into the Hand and compete in their tournament against their strongest chojin. [1]

Once the New Generation win the tournament, Shimao and Qilinman lure them into a room where Meat appears to be dangling from a rope. [2] They explode what is revealed to be a puppet, before revealing Meat is tied up by a rope connected to a giant stone fist (complete with a sharp arrow) that will kill Meat if the ropes are tampered. After Meat is rescued by Checkmate, Shimao and Qilinman escape in an ejection pod and explode their base. [2]

They proceed to kidnap Jade, Bath the Shower, and a third student from the Hercules Factory. [3] The New Generation find them in the crater of Mount Aso, where a new tournament is prepared. [3] The two take VIP seats to watch the following matches. [4] When it is revealed Jade and the others weren't properly brainwashed, and still good, which leads to the victory of the New Generation, Shimao and Qilinman express dismay. [5] They are then captured by Kevin Mask, who randomly appears, and are taken to Chojin Prison. [5]


Thousand Li Kick (千里脚)

Four Animals Punch (四霊パンチ)

Fire Breathing (火炎放射)

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Single)



  • Submitted by: Takuya Kadota (門田拓哉) of Tokyo
  • Kirinman also appears in Yudetamago's manga Yurei Kozo as Baron Kirin (麒麟男爵 Kirin Danshaku)
  • He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman