Cross bomber

Quarrel Bomber (喧嘩(クォーラル)ボンバー) is the signature technique of Neptuneman. It was first used on Warsman in the battle between the Hell Missionaries and the Choujin Master/Student Combo.


It is a simple running clothesline, albeit one with tremendous power.


Cross Bomber (クロス・ボンバー)

A variation of the Quarrel Bomber done by a tag-team. The users of the technique charge at a target and simultaneously clothesline them from front and behind. It was first seen being used by the members of the Hell Missionaries, Neptuneman and Big the Budo, who used an unnamed variation of it where they used their Magnet Power to lock the target of the technique in place to enhance it's power.

Japanese/English Cross Bomber

A variation of the Cross Bomber done by Blue Impulse. It was first used in the tag-team match against Kinnikuman Zebra and Parthenon. It is named after the fact that the users of it, Kinnikuman and Robin Mask, come from Japan and the United Kingdom respectively.

Optical Fiber Cross Bomber

Both users launch optical fibers at the victim, placing them between the two users. The users charge at the foe with Axe Bomber-style clotheslines and hit the foe. The force is so explosive that the victim's face is shredded off in the process. Used by the Hell Expansions and the Nova Hell Expansions. If the fibers are curved, the attack's strength and speed are reduced dramatically.

Magnetica Bomber

Psychoman's variant of the Quarrel Bomber. This move was the inspiration of the Cross Bomber, but it is done with only one person.


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