Rex King (レックス・キング) is an antagonist in the Kinnikuman Nisei series. He fights against Terry the Kid, as one of The Nightmares, which is a duo of Akugyo Chojin created by Sunshine.


One of Sunshine's star pupils, Rex King is from the United States. His special attack is called the "Jurassic Hand" with which his hand becomes a dinosaur hand (which later became fossilised due to the Spinning Toe Hold plus the Texas Clover Hold wearing out the skin). He is weak to cold, including cold tones and humour, and ultimately defeated by Terry the Kid.


Rex King can first be seen in disguise, where he is introduced alongside Check Mate. He appears on a large screen from Osaka, where he has defeated Gorgeousman and murdered Barbarian. [1] He later captures Terry the Kid, who breaks into the stadium early to challenge them, on behalf of orders given by Sunshine. [2] He goes on to release Terry from his bonds at noon, when the battle commences, and Kinniku Mantaro arrives to referee the match (as blackmailed by Sunshine). The battle initially goes in Rex's favour, as Mantaro takes a strict approach and rules often against the Kid. [3]

It should be noted that Mantaro (acting as the referee in Rex's match with Terry) counted the teeth of the Jurassic Hand as claws, and so not against all rules against biting your opponent (although he was actually blackmailed by Sunshine to bend the rules to Rex's advantage, so it may not actually be true). [4]


Rex King (anime)

Rex misses a key attack when Mantaro defends Terry, at which point Sunshine steps into the ring and receives a yellow card, and this marks a steep change in how Mantaro referees the match. [4] Terry manages to rip the skin from Rex's Tryanno-Claw, which is changed to fossilisation in the anime, and temporarily regains the upper-hand after he injures himself to escape an attack. [5] It as at this point that Mantaro makes a cold joke, which injures Rex King, and the Kid works out that coldness is the weakness with which he can win the match, as dinosaurs were made extinct from the cold. [6] He is given earplugs by Sunshine, but the Kid manages to break the air-conditioning unit and freezes Rex King in that manner. [7]

This marks his last appearance in the series.


  • Submitted by: Toru Nakahama (23) OF Osaka & Takashi Hama (27) of Osaka. (they originally sent in two different submissions, the author combined aspects of both)
  • He bears a resemblance to Beast Wars' Megatron
  • In the 4Kids dub, he doesn't care about his head, stating that to him it merely holds his brain (which can apparently be pushed into his torso without much damage) and that his Jurassic Hand is the head that Terry the Kid had to worry about


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