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Ricardo was raised as a Justice Chojin. He later becomes conflicted, as he learned his heritage, and becomes an Evil Chojin. He does not make a reappearance after the Chojin Resurrection Arc.


Ricardo was born an Evil Chojin, but raised as a Justice Chojin by Pashango. He strives to act in the ways of justice, but one day accidentally kills his master: Pashango. He keeps this secret and dons a disguise, as he seeks to escape his misake, but his identity is revealed during the Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc, and it is said that he cannot escape his evil nature. He loses his match to Mantaro Kinniku, and is never seen after this defeat.


Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection Arc


Born an Evil Chojin, he was raised as a Justice Chojin. Ricardo was trained by a master Chojin submission artist by the name of Pashango in Brazil. Pashango, however, found out that Ricardo used to be a part of the d.M.p during a sparring session which led to Ricardo killing him with his Torture Slash and passing it off as an accident to his fellow students Hugo, Silva, and Hitode. Unbeknownst to Ricardo, Silva stuck around while the others sought medical attention for their fallen teacher only to see Ricardo stomp Pashango's corpse to be sure of his death. So Ricardo continued to live under the guise of the Submission Artist, with tights and a vest-like armour and a helmet with a tinted visor over the face.

Ricardo vs. The Skyscraper

Ricardo gained popularity in Brazil and eventually entered Brazil's preliminary tournament to be a Chojin Olympic representative. Ricardo's brutal style of fighting was not revered, as many other chojin fought in the same manner, which sheds quite a bit of light on just how nasty heroes can be towards one-another when it comes to glory. He defeats The Skyscraper in this form during the first round of the actual tournament. [1]

When his over-body eventually cracks open, his d.M.p roots are revealed and he turns into the Lord of Darkness, a jaguar/piranha chojin who gleefully ignores the concepts of rules and mercy. At the Chojin Olympics he is seconded by his friends Gazeman (ガンキュー Gankyū) and Pelé (ペレ).

Ricardo vs. Jade

He defeats Jade in the quarter-finals, and then proceeds to lose to Mantaro in a semi-final match that involves a large, wooden structure covered with razor-sharp blades ("Punishment X", manga) or a similar device that confers electric shocks ("Electrolix", anime). Ricardo's policy in battle is simply to win. He has no desire to align himself with either good or evil chojin. Along with that, he seems to find death-matches quite appealing, as he continued his attack on Jade even after the towel is thrown in. This don't lose, battle to the death, free agent kind of style seems to reflect properties from all three different factions of Evil Chojin.

Mantaro Kinniku vs. Ricardo

Mantaro fights Ricardo; the latter of which is revealed to be innately evil, despite his attempts to be good, and is never seen again after his defeat.


Torture Slash (トーチャースラッシュ)

  • Ricardo starts out by catching his opponent in a double under-hook and then jumps up as if to suplex them. Instead of completing the throw, Ricardo waits until he is upside down, stops the throw technique and hooks his feet behind his opponents ankles while maintaining the double-under-hook. At this point, the opponents arms and legs are stretched down towards the ground, forcing their head up facing the sky. Ricardo then finishes the technique by dropping to the ground on the back of his head and neck, splitting the opponents legs outward and forcing their shoulders to bend to the limit of breaking. When applied correctly, Ricardo can split his opponent from their groin to their lower abdomen.

Zuffàra (ズッファーラ)

  • The Zuffàra is one of Ricardo's trademark submission holds. It starts out with Ricardo jumping onto the hands of a face-down opponent so that he is facing their feet(left foot on right hand and vice versa). Ricardo then grabs his opponent's legs and crosses them with one ankle over the other (he can either catch the legs after they kick up from his jump or grab them from the ground). From there Ricardo arches his back towards the opponent's while bending his knees accordingly and pulling his arms back so as to bend the opponent's back away from him and pull their legs toward him, stressing the stomach, chest, back, and legs.

Araña Clutch (アラーニャクラッチ)

  • The Araña Clutch is another submission hold in Ricardo's arsenal. With this hold, Ricardo starts in face-to-face with the opponent and in front of, but slightly to the side of his opponent. Ricardo then takes hold of the opponent's near arm and jumps up to shoulder height, where he proceeds to place his opponent in a front triangle choke. Using the momentum of the jump, Ricardo lunges forward, arching the opponent's back, who is still standing while this is going on. To finish the move, Ricardo grabs the opponent's far arm with his hands and pulls it behind their back and up towards himself, applying pressure to both arms, the back, and the neck.

Iguaçu Lock (イグアス・ロック)

  • The Iguaçu Lock is one of Ricardo's deadliest submission holds, since a stubborn opponent could lose his life by not forfeiting the match. This move starts out with Ricardo standing behind a face-up opponent on the mat. Ricardo quickly lays himself over the opponent with his left hand reaching past the left side of their head, under their left shoulder, and grabbing their wrist. Meanwhile, he places his left leg under the opponent's right leg and moves his left foot over the opponent's left ankle. Ricardo is now partially on his back and partially on his left side. To finish the locking part of this move, Ricardo manoeuvres his right leg up against the inside of the opponent's right ankle and grabs the opponent's right foot with his right hand. If the opponent chooses not to give up, Ricardo can then thrust his legs outward and pull his right arm back. This can either cause one or both of the opponent's legs to break or, more seriously, split his body from the groin to the lower abdomen (much like the Torture Slash).

Piranha Bracelet (ピラニアン・ブレス)

  • Ricardo only uses this technique in his Lord of Darkness form. While facing his opponent, Ricardo extends his left arm and launches the spiked bracelet that he wears on it. He can then retract the bracelet with his horn, via the chain that links the bracelet to the horn.

Piranha Jaw (ピラニアン・ジョー)

Tempest Coil (テンペスト・コイル)

Punishment Stinger (バニッシュメント・スティンガー)

Punishment Flip (パニッシュメント・フィリップ)

Figure Tempest Coil (フィギュアーテンペスト・コイル)

Boiling Lariat (ボイリング・ラリアット)

Double Deadly Blade Burial (剣殺二重葬, Kensatsu Nijū-sō)

Corcovado Hill (コルバートの丘, Korubāto no Oka)

Career Information


  • Submission Artist (関節技(サブミッション)アーティスト)
  • Lord of Darkness (暗黒の主(ロード・オブ・ダークネス))
  • Multiple Personality Chojin (多重人格(マルチプル)超人)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)



  • Base Form submitted by: Hiroaki Koike (小池宏明) of Miyagi
  • Lord of Darkness Form submitted by: Daiki Sawashita (澤下大樹) of Saitama
  • Laugh (Submission Artist): Kekeke~ (ケケケ~)
  • Laugh (Lord of Darkness): Figyu~, Figyu~ (フィギュ~、フィギュ~)


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