The Robin Clan (ロビン族) is a family of noble Justice Chojin from Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Nisei.


The Robin Clan is known for their armour. [1]

The armour is considered a part of their body, and is often worn both in and out of battle, such as for sleep and for meals. They often create new armour out of the armour of their ancestors. The Robin Clan has been respected throughout history, and they are known for their aristocratic and old-fashioned attitudes. They abide by a rule that a person who shows their face will be disowned by the family unit. [1] They have a family heirloom named the "Anoala Staff", passed down through generations. [2]

The Anoala Staff can shoot flames and can be attached to a mask like a unicorn horn. In recent years, Robin Mask has started a tradition that involves implementing a breathing device inside one's mask, and - starting with Kevin Mask's mask - one can now breathe underwater while wearing their mask. [3] There is also a Robin techniques involving Stonehenge in which one can give up their powers to become human. [4]

Unique Items

Robin Memo

The Robin Memo is a journal created by Robin Mask. [5] He writes down all weaknesses and strengths into his notebook, which he uses to help others better their techniques during training exercises. It is stolen at one point by a Kaiju named Booton, but recovered by the Justice Chojin. [5]

Anoala Staff

The Anoala Staff is a family heirloom, and the ancestors of the Robin Family once used as a weapon due to it being able to shoot flames. [6] It was kept above the mantelpiece in the Robin estate, but - some time after Robin Mask turned six-years old - was stolen by Kinnikuman Mariposa. [7][6] The staff can be added onto the helmet of one of the Robin clan, which then adds an extra weapon to their arsenal.

Robin Icon

This is a shining silver medal. [7]

It is engraved with the Robin family crest, while it is an integral part of the ritual to become human. One must wear the medal while holding up a stone from Stonehenge, and - after three days - they will have their powers drained from them and become human. The icon reacts by lighting up when near the correct stone that must be used during the ritual. [7]


Family Tree

Benefict Robin III
(many generations)
Robin Grande
Unknown Female
Robin Knight
Unknown Female
Paul Mackintosh
Vanessa Mackintosh
Robin Mask
Alisa Mackintosh
Laura Mackintosh
Kevin Mask


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