The father of Robin Knight and grandfather of Robin Mask.


Robin Grande is the father of Robin Knight and the grandfather of Robin Mask. It is shown that he once fell in love with a human girl in his youth, and thus understands Robin Mask's love for Alisa Mackintosh, unlike Robin Knight. He loans Robin Mask the Robin Icon, and supports Robin Mask's union with Alisa, as well as his desire to become human so that he may be at her side.


Robin Knight is first seen interrupting a fight between Robin Grande and Robin Mask, as he pleads for a truce and feigns a desire for supper to stop from Robin Knight being too physical in retaliation to Robin Mask. [1] He later talks to Robin Mask in his bedroom, where he acknowledges that not every human treats chojin with respect, and he insists on making sure that Robin Mask knows what he risks to sacrifice in order to be with Alisa as a human.

He reveals that the Robin family have always been romantics in nature, and that many of their ancestors sacrificed their powers to be with a mortal, just as he once tried to be with a mortal in his youth, too. He agrees very much with Robin Knight, but respects Robin Mask's decision and will support him. He hands to Robin Mask the Robin Icon, and instructs him to take it to Stonehenge to complete the ritual that will make Robin Mask a human. [1] Robin Grande is last seen cheering on Robin Mask during his match with Guillotine King. [2]


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