The king of Justice Chojin, who we'll never stop respecting!
— Kinnikuman

Robin Mask (ロビンマスク) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei.


Starting out as a recurring villain, Robin Mask soon became one of the most essential members of the justice Chojin (Justice Supermen) team. Robin wore knight-type armour made out of sapphire (later remade out of steel), and wearing the armour reduced his strength, giving his opponent a fair chance at beating him. Although Robin is only a few years older than most of the cast, he is considered the veteran of the group and often comes up with the teams’ overall battle plan.


Robin Mask began the series as a man with fickle motivations, often changing allegiances. He later grows to become the most respected and mature of the Idol Chojin, often acting a leader or mentor to others, such as acting as a coach to Warsman or leading Team Kinnikuman in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc. Robin Mask is prone to occasional bouts of excitement, but generally remains stoic and calm, and is also willing to self-sacrifice for his friends and society. He is a strict teacher, to the extent of inciting trauma on his pupils, such as with Warsman and Kevin Mask.



Robin Mask wears a blue undershirt underneath his armour, making it seem at times that he has blue skin. He is depicted as having pale skin beneath his undershirt, and his armour - in the original series - is blue-and-black (with pink accents) to match his undershirt. In Kinnikuman Nisei, his design better reflects his manga counterpart.


Robin is a pale man with blond or brown hair (depending on the aesthetic choice of the chapter or arc). [4][5] He is described as handsome and having 'thick eyebrows'. [6] The armour he wears is silver/steel in colour, with red accents, and he lacks an undershirt so that his skin is visible. He has red eyes through his mask, but it is not clear if they are red when his mask is removed.



Thought to be dead, Robin Mask escapes to Russia and gains a new student in the form of Warsman. Despite his loss to Kinnikuman, Warsman would continue to respect his teacher and would even form a tag-team in the Dream Tag Arc with him.

Robin Mask serves as Warsman's mentor; he rescues him from Russia, before training him to become a chojin wrestler. Robin Mask was a harsh teacher, to the extent of chaining Warsman and beating him, and - even years later - the sight of Robin Mask's alter-ego (Mr Barracuda) can induce fear in him. The two grow to become close friends, often fighting alongside one another, including in the tag-team: Chojin Master/Student Combo.


After the 20th Chojin Olympics, Kinnikuman became Robin Mask's rival. He fought him during the American Tour arc, but Robin Mask was heavily injured by Kinkotsuman and Iwao.

Robin Mask constantly yearns for a proper fight with Kinnikuman and never got the chance until the events of Farewell, Kinnikuman!.

Kevin Mask

Kevin Mask displays a complex relationship with his father, who he refer to as "Daddy". Kevin Mask ran away from home as a child, due to his strict upbringing, and eventually joined the d.M.p to spite his father, before becoming a lone wolf. He is often inspired by the notion of surpassing his father, while mentioning his father can recall enough trauma to distract him in battle. The relationship seems to improve with each progressing arc, until the two greet each other warmly in the finale, and Kevin Mask even accepts advice from his father, while freely using some of his techniques. Robin Mask also shows support of Kevin Mask.

Alisa Mackintosh

Robin Mask meets Alisa during his time as a rugby captain in university. The two fall in love, despite the anti-chojin sentiment of her family (and the anti-human sentiment of his family), and Robin Mask temporarily becomes a human to make a union with her easier, until he regains his chojin abilities. Alisa is seen rarely in the manga, but often in support of her husband. There are moments of neglect within the relationship, such as Robin Mask's absence from his 'death' in the American Tour Arc until his 'death' in the Seven Devil Chojin Arc. The two show affection and general loyalty to one another.


Robin Mask is a skilled wrestler, complete with an arsenal of techniques passed down by his clan. He even came up with secret finishers that can surprise his opponent, like the Pallo Special. However, Warsman discovered it during his time at the Wolf's Room.

Because of this, Robin Mask decided to become his teacher and use him as a way to get back at Kinnikuman.

He can manipulate flames with the help of the Anoalo Scepter. He can also use it like a unicorn horn.



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Robin Mask appears as a competitor in the Chojin Olympics. He loses to Kinnikuman, which inspires him to go to America in search of revenge, where he becomes a Brutal Chojin. After an aeroplane crashes into the ring, where he fights Kinnikuman in a rematch, he plunges into a ravine to his seeming death. Robin Mask goes to Russia in secret, where he finds Warsman and trains him under the disguise of Mr Barracuda, before returning to the Justice Chojin. After later fighting against the Seven Devil Chojin, he will lead Team Kinnikuman against Team Phoenix in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc.

Kinnikuman (2011)

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Robin Mask enters stasis after Kinnikuman's coronation, in order to heal from his injuries, when the Perfect Large Numbers attack Earth. He goes on to compete in their new tournament once he awakens, and is pitted against Nemesis, to whom he loses the match. This results in his death, and - as of volume 73, has yet to return to life.

Kinnikuman Nisei

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Robin Mask has become the headmaster of the Hercules Factory, as well as the father of Kevin Mask. He appears during the prologue chapters, but is rarely seen outside of flashback chapters. He plays a prominent role in the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc, where the Time Chojin go back in time to kill him (and thus rewrite history), but - when Alisa is harmed in his stead - he teams up with Terry the Kid to form The Adrenalines. This is to save his son, Kevin Mask, from being erased from history and to avenge his critically ill wife. They succeed in their matches until they compete against the Five Disasters in the quarter-finals, at which point they lose. Robin Mask will then support the Justice Chojin in their fights.

Anime Changes

American Tour Arc

In this arc, Robin Mask's motivation is changed. It is revealed - through flashbacks - that his wife Alisa died, as opposed to them enduring a separation, and he attributes her death in part to the enforced exile. This is what motivates him to go to Hawaii in order to defeat Kinnikuman.

21st Chojin Olympics

The reason for his sudden change of heart is lamp-shaded by other characters, as he was previously seen sacrificing himself for Kinnikuman, but - unlike the manga - an explanation is attempted. Robin explains that he felt that Kinnikuman's first victory was a fluke, and their second match was unable to properly end, and so he used another chojin to gain closure and see whether he truly has skills or not. In this arc, a long-lost twin sister of Alisa is revealed and her presence helps him to see the error of his ways, as Alisa would not want for him to act in an evil manner. This adds a reason to his motivation change that was absent in the manga.


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  • Hobbies: Rugby, Golf, Chess, Association football
  • Favourite Book: The Tale of Genji
  • Favourite Words: Love
  • Submitted by: Yasunori Okajima (岡島保則) of Osaka
  • Robin appears in the Kinnikuman chapter of Super Kochikame, in which he comes to the Police Box after he loses his armour
  • He is the Oxford University rugby captain
  • He is modelled after British wrestler Billy Robinson [7]
  • Theme Song: "Nijiiro no Kishi" by Arakawa Tsutomu.
  • The Anoalo Sceptre is named after obscure wrestler Anoalo Atisano'e, brother of famed sumo Konishiki.
  • In the English Dub of Ultimate Muscle, despite being from London, Robin Mask's voice is patterned on either Sean Connery or Darrell Hammond


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