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Manga Chapters: 26-27


The Roots Island Arc (ルーツ島編, Rūtsu-tō hen) is two-chapter story in Kinnikuman's 1st Kaiju Extermination Arc. It was censored in recent re-printings of the manga, due to its controversial portrayal of people from the African continent. It was not included in the anime version; characters bearing the same names as the Kaiju, however, appear in the first movie.


Kunta first appears in the male onsenwhere she throws herself on Kinnikuman and begs for his help. [1] Natsuko introduces  Kunta as the princess of Roots Island, and Kunta explains that her island has been overrun by Kaiju, as well as that many warriors have been killed by Ukon. When Terryman and Kinnikman agree to the job, she gives each of them a kiss on the cheek, before they ride on Miss Karasu to the island in order to defeat the Kaiju. [1]

As they arrive, they are greeted by Elder Yosaku, and introduces them to the last warrior of the island: Tabuchi. Kinnikuman and Terryman travel together to Roots Island to help Kunta and save the islanders. After they defeat Harigoras and Octopus King, a piece of meat appears before Kinnikuman and he eats the meat. Custom dictates whomever eats the meat must fight Ukon one-on-one in battle. It is meat thrown by Ukon in a challenge.  [1]

Kinnikuman goes to a Colosseum, who has taken Kunta hostage and is attacked by the locals with various objects, as they throw things into the Colosseum. [2] Tabuchi tries to save the princess, but Ukon flicks him away with a giant finger. When Kinnikuman climbs a pole to escape, Ukon shakes it to get him down. Kinnikuman soon loses the fight, causing Ukon to rule over the people and turn them into slaves. Kinnikuman becomes his servant, but - when lighting a cigar for Ukon - he sets Ukon on fire in a blaze. [2]

The skin melts off Ukon, revealing he was a robot all along. When he kidnaps Kunta once more, the locals call upon Mammora to save them. Mammora picks Kinnikuman up on his back and flies towards Ukon, whom they smash into a wall to remove his arm. Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Flash, but it does not work on Ukon. After several exchanges of blows, Mammora destroys Ukon and it is revealed Kinkotsuman and Iwao were working the robot the entire time, but they soon run away. When Kunta is rescued, she pays Terryman and Kinnikuman with stone money (which they cannot use). [2]

New Characters




  • Terryman vs. Harigoras
  • Kinnikuman vs. Octopus Dragon
  • Kinnikuman vs. Ukon


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