The partner of Neo Chopin.


Roseman is featured in the preliminary matches of the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament in Kinnikuman Nisei. He forms a tag-team with Neo Chopin called The Celebrities, and join this tournament due to being unable to have attended the previous Dream Chojin Tag Tournament. They fight in a battle royale, but are ultimately defeated by The Machineguns with a Muscle Docking.


Roseman is introduced as Team #10. [1]

A battle royale is announced to whittle down the sixteen team into teams of twelve. [2] The Celebrities initially attack the Hell's Bears. [2] While Terryman attacks Neo Chopin, Kinnikuman attacks Roseman, which causes Roseman to expand his rose into full bloom. [3] He uses his Vampire Rose technique against Kinnikuman, and Neo Chopin uses Sickle Note to attack Terryman. [3]

Roseman brags about his technique, as Kinnikuman's breathing starts to slow down. [4] The Adrenalines try to intervene, but The Machineguns tell them to keep back, and Kinnikuman rips his way out of Roseman's body. Terryman also wrenched the sickle from his body, and together The Machineguns use the Muscle Docking techniques against the Celebrities. They are then disqualified and dragged out of the ring by medics. [4]


Vampire Rose

  • Makes his rose enter full bloom, then traps his opponent partially inside the rose as it closes, and traps the opponent's hands in his vines

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Tag Teams)


  • Submitted By: Ryotaro Umezawa (31) of Saitama [5]


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