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We aim for uniformity in our articles, wherever possible.

To achieve this, we like articles to follow a similar structure. We acknowledge that not all these headers may be applicable, such as "Techniques" not being necessary for non-fighting characters, so editor discretion is encouraged.



Do keep ledes succinct, as in a few lines at most. We aim to explain the article subject in a quick manner, without redundant or obvious information (such as old ledes that would say: "this character is a character from Kinnikuman").


The layout of pages must have the info-box on the top-right side of a page.


Main headers should be in bold font, all sub-headers should not be bolded.

We require spaces between paragraphs.

For more information see: Rules: Editors

Article Titles

The article titles for episodes and chapters must be named in a numerical fashion; this means "Chapter X" and "Episode X". To avoid confusion between series, a default "Chapter/Episode X" will refer to the original run of Kinnikuman. All other series must have the series title in brackets at the end of the article name, such as - for example - "Episode 22 (Nisei)". The contents of the brackets are:

  • (Nisei)
  • (UT)
  • (AOA)
  • (Ramenman)
  • (2011)
  • (Lady)


We expect headers to be as concise as possible. Do not lengthen headers; if a header is too long, it pushes down the contents box on desktop; this makes an article look empty to casual readers.

Character Pages

This guide is primarily for character pages that are contained in one article. If a character page is split into subpages, please include ""Anime Changes", "Speech & Quotes", and "Trivia" in full on the "About" page
Do not add tabbers without first consulting an administrator

About Pages

If an article makes use of tabbers and subpages, please still include all headers on the "About" page. We require them to have links to the subpages, and - if possible - a short summary of the content that will be on the subpage. You could format (for example):

== History (Nisei) ==

Main article: [[Page/History Nisei]]

Synopsis (a succinct summary of events)

== Techniques==

Main article: [[Page/History]]

Description (a line or so to explain that is where techniques are listed)


As anything and everything can count as 'trivia', we felt it important to explain what is trivia.

'Trivia' will include any character information that does not otherwise fit within the article. This may include facts such as favourite foods, theme songs, who submitted the character, etc. It may also include relevant facts confirmed or stated by official sources, such as reasons behind a design choice, revelations about family connections, etc.

Trivia is not to be a dumping ground for speculation, observations, or otherwise 'random' statements of fact. This includes comparing characters to those from other series (without sources to state it was intentional), or what real-life people the characters could possibly be in reference toward, etc.

Administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove anything that is random and/or not sourced.

Header Order

  • About
    • Personality
    • Appearance
    • Relationships
      • (Focus only on most important relationships, around three to five at most, and one to two paragraphs each)
    • Abilities
  • History
  • Anime Changes
  • Techniques
    • (bold technique names; descriptions beneath as bullet points)
  • Career Record
    • Championships
    • Titles
    • Win-Loss Record (Singles)
    • Win-Loss Record (Tag-Team)
  • Speech and Quotes
    • Speech
    • Quotes
  • Successions
  • Gallery
  • Trivia
    • (facts stated by official sources that do not fit elsewhere)
  • External Links
  • References
  • Navigation

Chapter & Arc Pages

  • About
    • New Characters
  • Summary
  • Matches
    • (Link to match pages, if they exist)
    • (Summaries of Matches)
  • History
  • References

Episode & Movie Pages

  • About
  • Matches
  • Summary
  • History
  • Cast & Crew
  • Manga to Anime Changes
  • See Also
  • References
  • Navigation


Not all of these will be applicable; editor discretion is advised
  • About
  • Summary
    • Arc titles (if applicable)
    • Arc summaries beneath
  • Cast & Crew
    • Cast
    • Crew
  • Plot
  • A brief synopsis may go here, if the series is short enough; broken up into appropriate sections.
  • If longer synopses are needed/used, please give them their own articles and link in the following
    • List of Arcs
    • List of Chapters
    • List of Episodes
    • List of Characters
      • A link to the appropriate list of character pages
  • Music
  • Manga Changes
  • Movies
    • If Applicable
  • Games
    • If applicable
  • Terminology
  • Reception & Legacy
  • Games
    • If Applicable
  • Navigation
  • References

Tournament Pages

  • About
  • Participants
  • Matches
    • (Link to match pages, if they exist)
    • (Summaries)
  • Tournament Bracket
  • Trivia
  • References
  • Navigation

Clan Pages

  • About
  • History
  • Customs & Culture
  • Powers
  • Unique Items
  • Members
  • Anime Differences
  • Family Tree
  • Gallery
  • References


Please ask admin permission before making a new navigation box.

All navigation boxes must be in alphabetical order.

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