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This article is a list of general rules in regards to interaction.

See Also: Editing Guide

Rules: General Interaction

  • Be civil to other users at all times
    • Never resort to personal insults, aggression, or revealing personal information
  • Do not make demands of editors
    • Our editors are volunteers who work out of a passion for this franchise. If they make a mistake, be polite
    • If you want specific content added, feel free to edit yourself
  • No role-play anywhere on site
    • You must speak only as yourself to others, and not as your fictionkin self or favourite role-play

Rules: Blocks/Bans

If one account is banned then all accounts are banned (the block is on the user, not the account)

Temporary Blocks/Bans

  • Warnings for minor infractions
    • If you have broken a rule, you may receive an official warning and/or temporary ban by our administrators
    • If you have received a warning, you may receive a second warning and/or a temporary ban, depending on the nature of the infraction, at the discretion of the administrator
    • If you get three warnings, we will implement a ban for an appropriate amount of time proportionate to the infraction type. This may be permanent depending on the nature of the infraction

Permanent Blocks/Bans

  • Permanent ban for abuse of others
    • This community must be a safe space for all people. If anyone is caught engaging in hate speech, harassment, or verbal abuse, then we will implement a permanent ban and we will not accept appeals on this decision.
  • Persistent rule-breaking
    • On your third ban, you may be permanently banned from the wiki


  • You may only appeal minor infractions
    • Rules related to "general interaction" are considered to be major infractions
  • How to appeal?
    • We will always leave you a message to explain why you were blocked, which you may reply to via your wall
    • You are also entitled to leave one message of appeal via Community Central, on the personal message walls of the banning administrator (or another administrator of your choice)

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