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Satan Cross (サタンクロス) is an Devil Chojin who once taught Asuraman.


Satan Cross was once known as Samson, who was the teacher of Asuraman in the Demon World. After an accident, in which he tries to save Asuraman, he is left incapacitated and on the brink of death. The God of Intelligence gifts him with a parasite, which turns him into Satan Cross (a centaur-like creature). He is then pressured to fight in the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne and fights The Ninja, Asuraman, and Kinnikuman.

He returns to fight The Natural as part of Kinnikuman Super Phoenix's plan to stop the Choshin.



Formerly known as Samson Teacher, Asuraman's childhood trainer. Though a demon, Samson Teacher had a kind heart, crying after seeing a slaughtered animal, and tried to teach Asuraman that demons don't have to be evil. During an exercise, Asuraman fell into some rapids, so Samson Teacher saved him but lost his grip on a rock and fell down a waterfall. He lost consciousness after being struck continuously against many rocks. [1]

When he awoke he learned that he had lost his legs, but the God of Intelligence offered him the parasite Satan Cross, which would grant him his mobility and great power, if he would become the god's servant. [1] He accepted. After a month, a face appeared on his abdomen, and after three months, he had grown two more legs. He covered his body in armour, as he went by the name Satan Cross and lived as a bounty hunter. [1]

As Satan Cross he was a four-legged chojin able to split into two. Years later, the God of Intelligence came to him again, this time so Satan Cross could repay the favour. The God of Intelligence had him compete as a member of Kinnikuman Super Phoenix's team during the Survivor Match to see who would ascend the throne of Planet Kinniku.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

Satan Cross vs. The Ninja

The Ninja volunteers for the first match, as he materialises within the ring. Satan Cross is his opponent, who appears in the ring and lifts the Ninja high for a body slam, but the Ninja counters with a Loyalty-and-Betrayal Jutsu, which switches their places and body-slams Satan Cross. [2] Satan Cross follows with an Avalanche-Style Tombstone Driver, but - as the Ninja's head pierces the canvas - an array of feathers flies out, which the Ninja reveals he placed their before the match. [3] He proceeds to use a Water Fowl Feather Jutsu. [4]

The feathers act as a diversion, and the Ninja asks Ataru Kinniku for advice, at which point his team move the position of their chairs to send signals for his next strategy. The V-formation signals for the Ninja to carry on, and he uses a Hellfire Feather Jutsu, which causes flames to scorch Satan Cross. After Satan Cross rises high in the air, he explodes into pieces, and an x-formation reveals to the Ninja that this is a trap. The Ninja narrowly avoids a knee-drop from above, as Satan Cross revealed that - after set aflame - he rose above the lights and cast down his flaming clothes with a puppet, so that he could trick the Ninja. [4]

Satan Cross throws the fabric from his arm-band onto the ring, which expands into what he calls his "Miracle Sheet", but - from the holes in the sheet - water spurts upward. It creates a fog about the ring, which renders Satan Cross invisible and makes the Ninja unable to make contact. Satan Cross then uses his four legs to land four rolling savates at once, but the Ninja works out that the real Satan Cross is always just a little further away than the mirages caused within the mist. [4] Several minutes pass without either making a move. [5]

Impatient, the Ninja forces Satan Cross from a pillar behind the ring and engages in an Abarash Hold, but it proves to be a false body once more. Disguised as the Ninja's shadow, Satan Cross takes him into a back-drop. Satan Cross then makes many illusions appear at once. The Ninja uses a Spider Thread Wind Chime, which allows him to capture Satan Cross and use a Rolling Back Skewering, and Satan Cross counters with a Midnight Sheet and a Midnight Ocean. [5] A Chojin Life-Buoy forces the Ninja deep into the water. [6]

The Ninja starts to drown, but decides to reveal Satan Cross' weakness for his team's sake. He expels water from his mouth, shooting them both out of the water and crashing into the lights, before he whistles and glowing creatures leave the ocean to attach to his body. The Ninja then proceeds to freeze the waters below, before lassoing Satan Cross' body with ice whips, but the artificial light means that the nighttime effect of the Midnight attacks fades off, and this means that the ice starts to melt. [6]

Satan Cross reveals that he has two bodies, which were combined as one, and they both take the Ninja into a Triangle Dreamer. [6] The Ninja's team try to encourage him, but Satan Cross splits the Ninja's body into two pieces and his corpse falls among his teammates into the stands. [7]

Satan Cross vs. Asuraman

After The Ninja is defeated by Satan Cross, Asuraman declares he is Satan Cross' next opponent and dons mechanical shoulder-pads gifted to him by the Ninja. [8]

Asuraman begins with a flurry of punches, but they are all evaded. He is knocked down after Satan Cross dodges a roundhouse kick, and a shoulder-tackle manages to crack Satan Cross' armour, which reveals Satan Cross' true form. Asuraman attempts an Asura-Buster, but - when Satan Cross tries to remove his head - the shoulder-pads on Asuraman capture his head and prevent escape. [8] Satan Cross counters with a Sand Cushion, which causes the ring to turn to sand and cushions the blow, softening the impact. [9]

With Satan Cross seemingly down, despite the cushioned blow, Asuraman adopts his Angry Face and attempts a Flying Elbow Drop from the top ropes. He then sees the eyes of Samson in Satan Cross, which forces him to deflect his blow and destroy his own elbows instead, as he shows sympathy to his once teacher and guardian. After Asuraman breaks down with tears, Satan Cross uses a Break-Dance Shoot on him. [9]

Satan Cross reveals that he changed after the incident at the waterfall, when Asuraman was a child, and how he made a pact with the God of Intelligence to absorb a parasite into his body to change from Samson into Satan Cross. Satan Cross offers him the chance to join Team Phoenix, but Asuraman feigns a handshake to crush his hand and reject the offer. Asuraman moves his shoulder-pads to his knees for a Double Knee Drop. [10] Satan Cross attempts another Sand Cushion, but Asuraman blows the sand away. [11]

 He performs an Asura Izuna Drop, but Asuraman forgets that he was taught that technique by Samson, and thus Satan Cross knows how to avoid damage from the technique. When Asuraman attempts another Asura Izuna Drop, Satan Cross disconnects two of his arms and extends his upper arms, which he uses to grab the ropes and reverse the move, slamming Asuraman into the canvas. Satan Cross then uses a Demon World Swamp, which turns the canvas into a murky swamp, which connects to the Demon World. [11]

Asuraman then uses an improved Asura Izuna Drop named the Azura Infinity Power. [12]

The parasite leaves Samson's body to cushion the blow, as their body crashes against the wall. Satan Cross then uses the Triangle Dreamer, but both Satan Cross and Asuraman collapse to the ground and are instantly knocked out, thus ending the match in a draw. [12]

Satan Cross vs. Kinnikuman

The fight against Kinnikuman is inside a Magic Ring Equipment Death Match (魔法陣リング装着デス・マッチ, Mahou-jin Ringu Souchaku Desu Matchi) during the finals in Osaka Castle. [13] The ring features the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, and a video-game controller for the teammates watching the fight; Kinnikuman attacks first with a drop kick, but Satan Cross lands on the "S" and his teammates press the "S" button, which allows for a chest-plate to fly onto his chest as a form of protection. [14]

The chest-plate means that Kinnikuman's drop-kicks will not work any longer. [14] Two boards appear within the castle, which show which of the potential 26 items of armour that the two participants have collected and are wearing during the course of the match (13 pieces that will complete two suits, one for each participant). [15] Kinnikuman then attempts a Flying Scissors, but that allows Satan Cross to fall on the "L" and don shoulder pads, adding to his defensive suit. Kinnikuman attempts a Kinniku Buster, but the shoulder-pads extend small arms that try to choke him. It is then that Neptuneman appears in the crowd. [15]

Neptuneman uses Ataru Kinniku's ashes to send the spirit of Ataru into the ring, which encourages Kinnikuman to counter with a knee-kick to the face, and - landing on the "E" - Kinnikuman gains hand-guards. It is revealed that the hand-guards are actually designated as part of Satan Cross' suit, and he manages to deliver a blow to Kinnikuman's chest. Meat Alexandria manages to create a glitch in the computer, which turns the letters black-and-white, allowing Kinnikuman to aim for the black-letters, which contain the pieces of armour assigned to him. [15]

This means that the pieces of letters cannot be opened by the controllers, but instead the participant must crash their opponent against the letter for it to open. [16] Kinnikuman thus chases Satan Cross about the ring, trying to get him to use a throwing technique, as - if he can counter or survive it - the letter will open for him instead of his opponent. The ensuing chase leave him room for a Kinniku Driver. Satan Cross counters with a Kinniku Driver Destroyer, but - as they bounce - Kinnikuman lands a Body Slam on black. [16]

The bouncing has allowed three blacks to be hit, so Kinnikuman gains a chest-plate and shoulder-plate, and - while Satan Cross opens a window that reveals a defensive skirt - Kinnikuman reveals a "weapon" in the form of a large piece of solid paper. Satan Cross takes out a cloth from within his chest-plate, changing the ring into a bog, and then removes pieces of his armour to combine them into an attacking robotic bird. The square of Kinnikuman's can magnify light equivalent to the force needed to open a panel, and thus manage to gain arm-guards. He then folds the pieces of paper into a paper-aeroplane. [16]

Satan Cross' Defend Hawk and Kinnikuman's Defence Square collide midair. [17] Satan Cross turns his suit into a buzz-saw, but Kinnikuman turns his Defence Square into a ninja throwing-star, which breaks the blade. To stop from falling into the swamp, and thus the demon world, Satan Cross removes his Miracle Sheet. He lands on a square and uses giant scissors to cut through the ropes of the ring, which turn into snakes to attack Kinnikuman. Satan Cross then cuts a white sheet to create multiple versions of himself. [17]

He uses his clones to unlock the full defence suit, then dismisses his clones. [18]

Satan Cross attacks with a Knee-Pat Coil, before cutting the ropes of the ring. Kinnikuman is thrown outside of the ring, but the ground erupts with spikes, and Satan Cross chastises Phoenixman - who caused the spikes to erupt - as he wishes for a fair and equal battle in the ring alone. During the fight, Asuraman arrived and supported Kinnikuman, showing Satan Cross that his student had finally learned all of the lessons of kindness he had tried to teach him. He asks Satan Cross allow Kinnikuman to wear his full suit, to truly make the match equal. The pieces of the suit are sent onto the black squares upon the ring. [18]

Asuraman uses his crown to rework the machine controlling the ring, allowing Kinnikuman to gain his entire defence-suit. [19] They engage a series of blows, until the Parasite leaves Samson's body, and the two engage in a tag-team move together: The Triangle Dreamer. [20] Asuraman's plea to Samson to remember his selfless nature causes a power struggle between Samson and his parasite. [21] Meat tries to enter the ring, only to be sucked into the waters of the underworld by Satan Cross' Magic Sheet, and this triggers Samson to remember Asuraman's words and understand what he meant about selflessness.

Samson saves Meat, and Kinnikuman blocks up the hole in Samson's body in which the Parasite uses to enter and leave his body. [21] Samson forces Samson to rejoin him, creating a Reborn Satan Cross in a new form, and Kinnikuman - inspired by Ataru's spirit - eventually defeats him with a Complete Muscle Spark, which destroys the parasite's head and allows Satan Cross to die as the kind-hearted Samson Teacher [22]. Samson dies in Asuraman's arms, but before he dies he vomits blood all over Kinnikuman. [23]

Placeholder Arc

Satan Cross vs. The Natural

Satan Cross makes his grand return at the Hill of Crosses in Šiauliai, challenging the Choushin to a fight with Brocken Jr. and Ataru Kinniku. Satan Cross's opponent is The Natural, God of Tranquility. At first, Satan Cross struggles to keep up with The Natural even with his two-in-one Chojin advantage. Somehow, Satan Cross takes off The Natural's robes, revealing his true self.

The Natural properly introduces himself and Satan Cross notes that it's fitting for someone who is quite "self-assured and composed" before attempting a drop kick with all four legs to see if The Natural lives up to his name. Let's see if The Natural can fight against the Centaur Wrestling style. Satan Cross lands the kick before following up with a rolling sobat. Yoshigai shows up in a helicopter, announcing the start of the next match in the war between mortal Chojin and the Choshin after recapping the events of the arc so far.

The Natural shrugs off the rolling sobat, but experiences the full brunt of a tackle. The Natural counters by smashing Satan Cross down before following up with another smash. Brocken Jr. asks why Satan Cross is letting himself get beaten up. Ataru replies that The Natural is no pushover, so Satan Cross is struggling to find an obvious opening. Satan Cross catches The Natural off-guard and pulls off a Rodeo Steiner before following it up with a Centaur Breaker.

Despite experiencing those powerful grapples, The Natural remains calm and praises Satan Cross's moves. The Natural explains that he's honed his inner peace, giving him the ability to sense the tells of many attacks and dodge them with ease. He counters with a Natural Chokeslam, causing Satan Cross to cough up blood. The Natural praises Satan Cross's techniques and unique body. The Natural even notes how Satan Cross managed to "quickly trap [him] in a move [he] wasn't expecting". That won't save Satan Cross at all as The Natural grabs Satan Cross by the head. No matter what move or trick Satan Cross can pull off, The Natural will always counter it with his inner peace. The Natural's method of victory involves keeping his feet firmly on the ground and letting his "eyes open to see through anything".

This gives Satan Cross an idea. He chucks one of his bracelets, turning it into a Demon World Swamp mat. Suddenly, the Natural begins to sink into the swamp and Satan takes advantage of this by pulling off a Rodeo Dance Stomp, a four-legged tap dance technique, on him. The Natural protects against his further sinking by using his Natural Face Knee Shield technique as platforms for his feet and counters with a Natural Face Spanner, slicing into Satan Cross's other head with ease. Frustrated by The Natural's underhanded tricks, Satan Cross pulls the Demon World Swamp mat away, but The Natural intercepts with a flame blast from his head and destroys the mat. Turns out that The Natural also hates underhanded tricks as well.

The Natural captures Satan Cross with a headlock and locks his legs around the parasite's head, throwing Satan Cross into the canvas in the process. The Natural demands that Satan Cross must give The Natural a better fight and pins Satan Cross down. According to The Natural, the difference between Chojin and Choushin is quite clear. Chojin are incomplete while Choshin are complete. Before his descension into the Mortal Realm, The Man promised the other Choushin that he will make Chojin into perfect, complete beings. The Natural believes The Man was focusing on a lost cause. To The Natural, Chojin will always be incomplete because as "[their] hearts are always lacking something".

While wailing on Satan Cross with a hammerfist barrage, The Natural explains that Chojin will always live in fear, "striving for victory or living idly in defeat". Dedicating their lives to fighting is not a way to fill the holes in their hearts. The Man is wrong in The Natural's eyes as he sees that Chojin cannot erase their own immaturity at all. And that's why The Natural sided with the God of Harmony and his plan to wipe out all Chojin. The Natural "will wipe out all incomplete beings like [Satan Cross]" and insults him by calling him a "hopeless shamble who's too weak to resist the pull of the curse named victory".

Despite the insults hurled his way, Satan Cross becomes even more determined to win to the point that he'll do it by any means necessary and breaks free with a heavy bridge. Satan Cross splits off his parasite and attempts to pull off a Triangle Dreamer on The Natural. The Natural laughs at Satan Cross and tells the former Devil Chojin that Satan Cross lacks pride. The Natural despises how Chojin only fight to win and brute forces his way out of the Triangle Dreamer before slamming the parasite and Satan Cross together.

The Natural isn't done yet with Satan Cross's parasite and clamps down its limbs with the face shields on his costume before setting up his finisher, the Natural Bone Crusher. Despite the loss of his parasite, Satan Cross is still determined to fight. In fact, Satan Cross realized that he will fight under his real self, Samson. The wound that used to contain the parasite fades away and Satan Cross sprouts another pair of arms.

The Natural laughs at Satan Cross and calls Satan Cross out for the use of his treacherous tricks on him while attacking Satan Cross with double-arm smashes. Satan Cross easily dodges the attacks and counters with a four-armed arm smash before getting behind and slamming him to the floor. The Natural brushes off the attack before countering with a flying leg scissors grapple to Samson's neck.

Satan Cross easily slips out and reverses The Natural's flying leg scissors grapple into a Demon World Izuna Drop, but The Natural tanks the blow with a Natural Shoulder Cushion. The Natural praises Satan Cross for the change in attitude, but Satan Cross replies that he doesn't need small praise. Satan Cross will defeat The Natural.

Off in the distance, Ashuraman rushes towards the fight and calls out Satan Cross for leaving Makai without his permission. Satan Cross explains that he left Makai in order to redeem Team Intelligence as a whole. Satan Cross didn't tell Ashuraman as he felt that Ashuraman would never understand Satan Cross's resolve at all. Satan Cross came back to spit in this ridiculous world's face.

Satan Cross charges at The Natural with a Parmita Lariat. The Natural encourages this as The Natural wants more sport. The Natural catches Satan Cross and throws him aside before Satan Cross goes for a sweep kick, followed by a Tornado Hell to set up the Quadruple Buster. The Natural easily counters the Quadruple Buster by attacking Satan Cross's neck with one of his masks.

The Natural praises Satan Cross's move and notes the damage taken by Satan Cross before announcing that he will begin his counterattack. The Natural finishes off Satan Cross with a Natural Bone Crusher. During the grapple, The Natural praises Satan Cross for being the first Chojin to fight well and that it's a shame to kill him. Satan Cross admits that The Natural is right along on how The Natural is strong in comparison to him. Accepting his loss, Satan Cross is incomplete and empty. This incompleteness is what drives Chojin to evolve. Soon, a Chojin to outshine Satan Cross's imperfection will arrive and that The Natural will personally witness this.

The Natural will not forget this at all as he slams Satan Cross into the canvas. He notes that Satan Cross did well for a Chojin. Upon seeing Satan Cross's defeat, Ashuraman calls out Satan Cross's original name, Samson. The Natural retrieves the Capillaria Ray piece after finding it as one of Satan Cross's bracelets. Brocken is surprised at the piece's Now, that Satan Cross lived up to his promise, The Natural will dispose of him by crucifying him.

Ashuraman tries to aid Satan Cross, but Satan Cross harshly criticizes his own actions. However, Ashuraman believes that Satan Cross did well as he fought as the honorable Samson instead of his heel personality. Ashuraman cried tears of joy upon seeing that in action. Despite Ashuraman's help, Satan Cross will die soon enough. Now that Satan Cross is dying, it is up to Ashuraman to decide the Chojin world's future. And then Satan Cross passes away.



Rising Technique - Triangle Dreamer (昇技・トライアングルドリーマー, Shōgi Toraianguru Doriimaa)

  • Satan Cross splits into his two separate forms and leaps into the air with the opponent. Then he grabs their arms while placing his legs behinds theirs and tearing their chest open.

Miracle Sheet (ミラクル・シーツ)

Escape Water (エスケープ・ウォーター)

Chojin Life Buoy (超人浮き袋, Chōjin Ukibukuro)

Paper Centaur (人馬紙切り, Jinba Kamikiri)

Cast-Off Cicada Shell Technique (空蝉(うつせみ)の術 Utsusemi no Jutsu)

Sand Cushion (サンド・クッション)

Breakdance Shoot (ブレイクダンス・シュート)

Telescopic Arm (伸縮自在腕 Shinshuku-Jizai Ude)

Demon World Swamp (魔界沼 Makai Numa)

Rodeo Steiner

Centaur Breaker

Demon World Izuna Drop

The basis for Asuraman's Asura Izuna Otoshi. In his normal Samson form, Satan Cross flips his opponent upside-down and slams hard on their feet with his knees.

Parmita Lariat

As Samson, Satan Cross entangles his arms and does a lariat.

Tatsumaki Jigoku
As Samson, Satan Cross swings his arms, launching tornados at his opponent. The setup for his Quadruple Buster

Quadruple Buster

In his Samson form, Satan Cross does a Kinniku Buster, but he holds down his opponent with all four of his arms.

Career Information

  • Asuraman's Trainer
  • Team Super Phoenix: Advance Guard (Semifinals, Finals)
Win/Loss Record



  • Submitted by: Yasunari Kazuki (香月康成) of Saga Prefecture.
  • Fighting Style: Ninpō


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