You know, not everyone is born with a pure heart, and those that are born pure can still be corrupted by walking the ruthless, reckless, and chaotic path of evil
— Mars [1]

Scarface, Eskara in the English dub, is a character form Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman Nisei (Ultimate Muscle). He is initially a villain belonging to the DMp, one who betrayed Kevin Mask, but later he becomes a strong Justice Chojin and a leading protagonist.


Scarface is a Devil Chojin who poses as a Justice Chojin and enrols in the Hercules Factory after the destruction of the d.M.p Headquarters. After his loss to Kinniku Mantaro, he disappears for a while, returning during the Demon Seed Arc as an Idol Chojin. However, his Evil Chojin side resurfaces during the Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc when, while initially joining the Idols to save Kevin Mask, he soon changes his plot to stealing the Trophy Bulbs in order to become a Complete Chojin.

Although his true name has been revealed to be Mars, he still goes by the name Scarface as an Idol Chojin. He follows a strict diet, often only drinking freshly squeezed juice for a meal the day before a fight. Though he tries to hide it, Scarface is deadly afraid of roller coasters.


He has an assertive and confident personality, who is known to 'bad-mouth' opponents. [3]



This is the outfit he wore while in disguise at the Hercules Factory, as well as briefly worn before his match against the Hell Expansions. It is the form of a scarred, muscular, white man, and this form is bald with white eyes. The clothes are 'gangster' in style, with a fedora hat, black shirt, braces, red trousers, and black boots. He also wears black gloves.

True Form

This form is a man with a tight purple-and-pink leotard, which exposes his lower legs. It contains a hood that has long 'hair-like' sections, that turn yellow when he dons his 'Madness Mask', and a 'tail' section that solidifies to be used during his 'Swallow Tail' attack. The boots also have long claws that can be used in attack.


He has a long-standing friendship with Kevin Mask, having saved his life at one point during their d.M.p training days. The two later fight as the tag-team Blood Evolutions.

He is also shown to have a close friendship with Jade, beginning during their training during the Hercules Factory. The two also later form a tag-team named the Super Trinities.


He is a master of psychological warfare and is well-studied in Chojin Wrestling techniques and their weaknesses.



Mars joined the d.M.p before Kevin Mask. It was during their training when Kevin nearly lapsed and fell from a precarious point, which would have led to certain death, but - in exchange for one of Robin Mask's secret techniques - Mars saves Kevin Mask and considers this knowledge a debt repaid. When Mantaro Muscle defeated Check Mate the d.M.p base was destroyed and Mars was the only survivor.

HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc


After the fall of the d.M.p, Mars altered his identity, calling himself Scarface. He, along with Jade, Clioneman, and Dead Signal defeated Wolfman, Geronimo, Buffaloman, and Jesse Mavia all in under five minutes.

First Round

After witnessing Gazelle's defeat against Jade, Kid ties two flags to his arms, one representing Gazelle, the other representing Seiuchin (who lost against Clioneman. Scarface (resembling a mafia-type bouncer), has the upper-hand on Kid, using ropes to tie Terry the Kid. [4] Terry manages to spin loose and send a good kick to Scarface. The two combatants send punches and kicks to each other, with Kid blocking many of Scarface's attacks and thinking strategically, while Scarface sends barrages of attacks. [5] Scarface gets the upper-hand on Terry the Kid and continuously slams him around the arena. Kid manages a few more good hits on Scarface, as his opponent's body parts begin to crack like broken clay, revealing a true form of Scarface. [6]

Scarface explains that he needed to disguise himself to get to where he is now. [7] Kid gets Scarface into a Calf Branding hold, but Scarface breaks free of the move, and uses a much more improved version of Calf Branding that he calls the Buffalo Brander. Kid, petrified with fear, tries to defeat Scarface with a Spinning Toe Hold, but Scarface uses a more improved Spinning Toe Hold on him. Scarface then uses the Ultimate Scar Buster on Terry the Kid, finishing him off. [8]


Before Jade's match against Scarface, a cement ring is created, causing Brocken Jr. to experience a panic attack from post-traumatic stress. [9] Jade manages to calm him down, after Meat explains that Brocken Jr had a terrible Concrete Death-Match against Ramenman at the 21st Chojin Olympics that was not only a failed attempt at revenge (Ramenman had killed his father at the last Olympics), but also his very first loss, after 200 victories. [9]

As Jade's match begins, he charges at Scarface and sends him a flurry of kicks. Scar dodges all the attacks and attempts to slam Jade into the cement, but Jade counters and manages to slam his opponent into the cement instead. After a couple of brutal moves used on each other, Jade finds himself in a choke sleeper hold, and begins to lose power, just as he hears a familiar voice coming from the crowd. He sees that it is the couple that gave him free sausage back when he was younger and training with Brocken Jr. [10]

This support gives Jade the power he needs to break out of the hold and slam his foot into Scarface. The match continues on with more brutal moves, as Scar eventually gets the upper-hand once again, this time using psychological warfare: He not only gets the crowd to support his cheating ways on the basis that "The d.M.p won't fight fairly, so it is best to get used to it", but he also convinces Jade that the Anti-Chojin thugs who killed his adoptive parents were hired by Brocken Jr in a plot to make Jade his student. [11] Jade goes mad with rage and even slices Scar's chest with the Red Rain of Berlin. [12]

When Brocken Jr tries to get him to calm down, Jade snaps at him and calls him selfish and unforgivable. He directs his anger towards Scar as if he were the one that killed his parents and tries the Beefcake Hammer, but Scar reverses it into a Beefcake Hammer of his own, causing Jade's helmet to begin to crack. As Jade continues to disobey Brocken Jr, the old couple then tell him that they too once believed that Brocken Jr was too harsh and using Jade to gain the glory he never achieved. But one day they saw Brocken Jr at the grave of Jade's adoptive parents, swearing that he will raise Jade to live out their dying wish. [12]

Jade then apologises to his Lehrer, who is all too ready to forgive him. By now, though, it is too late, and Scarface removes Jade's Red Rain of Berlin by ripping his arm off. Jade, finding himself 'unworthy' to defeat Scarface, gets caught in the Ultimate Scar Buster, and is defeated, also getting his helmet destroyed. Even though Jade now sees Scarface as an enemy, he still wishes him good luck in the finals, for old times' sake. [13]


Later at a big party for the finals an attendant spills a drink on Scarface and takes him to a changing room. [14] The waiter then says Scarface's real name, and it turns out to be Kevin Mask in disguise. Locking Mars in the Tower Bridge, he tells Mars to reveal his real name or he (Kevin Mask) would break him in half and take his body to the chairman to do an autopsy. Mars then reveals his true identity by reminiscing with Kevin about the time he saved his life back in the d.M.p. [15]

Kevin gets lost in thought and his grip on the Tower Bridge loosens, allowing Mars to escape. All the commotion catches the attention of the chairman, and the special ringside enforcers Buffaloman, Wolfman, and Jesse Maivia. [15] They attempt to go after Kevin but Mars stops them.


The next day at the finals Scarface is accompanied to the ring by first term graduates Mercury, Namul, Gyro, and Gorgeous Man (The Adams did not because he said Mantaro was his friend). [16]

As the match got underway Mantaro takes advantage until Scarface knocks him out of the ring (he noticed Mantaro was hopped up on adrenaline and wanted to tire him out). As Mantaro gets back in the ring Scarface takes advantage. He hits Mantaro with a moonsault press but it is ineffective because it just purges Mantaro's system. Mantaro then starts to taunt Scarface by telling him to jump higher and give it all he's got and when Scarface jumps up Mantaro soon follows and locks him in the Kinniku Buster. Scarface pulls his head out and hits Mantaro with a Power Bomb. He says the Kinniku Buster is an incomplete move. Mantaro takes him up in the air again and locks it in tighter but Scarface rotates the move to where Mantaro gets hit with it. [17]

Kevin Mask shows up with Brocken Jr. and reveals Scarface's true name and that he is a member of the d.M.p. Mars then rips the front emblem open to reveal the d.M.p logo. As he leaves the ring Harabote Muscle tells him to get back in the ring and restart the match, as he is in the Muscle League. Mars jumps back in the ring and jumps up high and uses his Swallow Tail. [18] Mantaro rolls out of the way. Mars starts to dominate Mantaro, even taking time to mock Harabote Muscle for signing him to the league.

He goes to finish Mantaro off with the Swallow Tail but Mantaro evades it. When Mantaro gets up he appears knocked out. Brocken Jr. reveals that Jade is helping him through his skull pendant. [19] Mantaro manages to hit Mars with Red Rain of Berlin, hurting Mars. Mars knocks Mantaro down, which knocks the pendant off him and off the platform their wrestling on. [20] Kevin Mask blames himself for his involvement in Mars winning, by teaching him how to reverse the Kinniku Buster for saving him. [20]

Meat comforts him, stating someone would have figured it out eventually and he did Mantaro a favor by teaching Mars the reversal as Mantaro can prove himself a true champion by coming up with a new finisher. Mars tries to hit the Ultimate Scar Buster to finish the match but, acting on instinct alone, Mantaro reverses it with a wedgie. [20] Mantaro realise through this he can make a new finisher to win. Eventually, Mantaro comes up with the Muscle Millennium and successfully hits it on the 1st try. The move is lethal, finishing Mars. As he's being taking away on a stretcher Mars tells Kevin he will return one day. [21]

Demon Seed Arc

The Demon Seed reveal there are General Palasts across Japan, and - after using tentacles to kidnap the Army of Idols - take their individual opponents to their specific Palasts. [22] The General Palast breaks into five pieces, with each Death-Match Room going to the new locations. [23] 

Kevin Mask sees what he assumes to be a Demon Seed before him. He attacks them, only to realise the person is Mars. The two pieces of General Palast – to which Mars and Kevin were dragged – both landed in the same place on Ganryu Island. [24] Kevin and Mars use their ‘Ultimate Eyes’ to see two Demon Seed standing on Ganryu Island. [25] The two Palasts form General Rib, and the two remaining Demon Seed create a ring that is covered by a rib-like structure made of stone. It is announced the match will be a tag-team match – Kevin Mask and Mars are rowed to General Rib by Checkmate and Gazelleman respectively. They are due to fight Voltman in the tag-team of The Demolitions[26] Kevin and Mars name themselves the Blood Evolutions (Bブラッド-エボリューションズ).

They engage in a series of blows with Voltman in perfect synchronicity. Mars demands that Voltman tag his partner into the match. [27] They engage in further attacks, until Mantaro warns them to watch out for the partner, but Voltman seemingly gains the upper-hand, until Mars performs the Swallow-Tail. At that point Ashuraman appears. [27] Ashuraman traps Mars in an ankle-lock, after they exchange attacks, and Mars is then slammed into the mat, before he taunts Asuraman. [28] Mars attempts a double-impact, but is attacked by Voltman's Tesla Coil. [28] After Kevin enters the ring, Mars convinces him to tag out so that they can save Meat. [29]

Mars lands a 619 to Ashuraman's abdomen, before Ashuraman tags out with Voltman, and Mars teases that he must win in order to have a chance to fight Kevin in future. Voltman uses a Hell Light Bulb to blind Mars, so that his Swallow Tail misses. Voltman gains the upper-hand, until Mars is thrown into the ribs of the ring above. [29] Mars stops Voltman from attacking the injured Kevin; he uncovers that Voltman is weak to attacks he has not researched, and enters a combination attack with Kevin to gain an advantage. [29]

Mars puts on his Mask of Madness. [30]

Mars wraps his body with the elastic covers of the ropes, which leaves him impervious to the electrical attacks of Voltman, as the rubber provides insulation. [31] He becomes trapped by Ashuraman's Vajra Entanglement, and - in his inability to escape - removes his Swallow Tails, which peels off the skin from his back, only to follow with the Ultimate Mars Buster. [32] The cheers of the crowd - all for Mars - inspire him to fight. [33] He starts to black out from blood-loss, and Asuraman reverses the hold and gains the advantage.

Mars forbids Kevin Mask from moving, as Asuraman grabs Mars by his hair. [34] He wraps himself again in the rubber from the ring, while Voltman opens the door to his body and reveals a microwave, and Asuraman shoves him inside the microwave, where he proceeds to burn. Mars realises the rubber won't protect him from the radiation, so he uses broken pieces of his tail to throw at Kevin - this keeps Kevin at bay. He is burned alive and dies inside the microwave, leaving behind only his mask and the rubber. [34]

After Mantaro defeats Asuraman and Meat is revived, Scar is revived by the Reborn Diamond.

Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament Arc


Scarface is one of the Time Warp 8 and travels back in time to the days of the Legends (right after the Dream Chojin Tag Arc conclusion) in order to save Robin Mask from being killed and, by extension, Kevin Mask from being erased from time. During the construction of the time ship he is made leader of Team 1, who are to retrieve the Tokyo Jumbo Sight for the body of the ship. On the day of departure, he packs his weight training equipment in case the 20th Century equipment doesn't live up to his standards. On the ship he is placed in charge of the antimatter engines and he shows great disapproval after they discover that Rinko had stowed away on the ship.

Battle Royale

When the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament is announced and after hearing of the Completion Bulbs from Meat, Scarface teams up with Jade to form the Super Trinities (スーパートリニティーズ) (named after them excelling at three things: Technique, Strength, and Looks). While claiming to be fighting for Kevin, Scar now has the ulterior motive of wanting the Completion Bulbs in order to become more powerful.

First Round

The Super Trinities enter from the Blue Corner at Kuramae Kokugikan, after the defeat of the Choppers. [35] Scarface enters in his original gangster disguise, while seemingly ignoring Jade and finally shaking off his disguise for his true appearance. [36] Jade and Scarface argue over who is to fight first, before it is settled on Jade. He fights first against Neptuneman, who captures him in his "Referee's Lock-Up". [36] Neptuneman lets him go, on seeing that he has one vital weakness (later revealed to be the lack of his Red Rain of Berlin), and lets Seiuchin take over the match instead. [37]

Seiuchin lands a series of attacks, until Scarface encourages Jade to counter. Jade lands a temple kick on Seiuchin, but Seiuchin attacks with a Cyclone Ocean Kick, and - after succumbing to a Side-Suplex - Jade is forcibly tagged out by Scarface. Neptuneman then swaps places with Seiuchin. The two exchange blows, until Scarface traps Neptuneman in a triangle hold and Jade comes in with his Red Rain of Berlin. [37] Due to Brocken Jr's amputated arm, he was unable to teach Jade the technique, thus he is now unable to use the technique. [38] Jade tries again, but Seiuchin and Neptuneman combine a drop-kick to break Jade's hand. [38]

A photograph falls from Jade's pocket, revealing that Brocken Jr. has a prosthetic arm in this timeline. [39] This knocks Jade's confidence, leaving him without a signature technique, and enables Seiuchin to get several violent blows against Jade. Once Jade is downed, Scarface forcibly tags in with his foot. [39] Scarface uses his Madness Mask to increase his power.[40] Scarface treats Jade roughly, before launching into an attack on Seiuchin, and kicks Jade out of the ring.

Scarface uses an Acapulco Roll, before throwing Seiuchin by his tongue. This is followed by a Swallow Tail. Scarface reveals that his motivations have changed since going into the past, and now that he wishes to win the tournament to use the Trophy Bulbs to become a Complete Chojin. He thus intends to fight alone. [40] Scarface is able to take on both Neptuneman and Seiuchin alone, while continuing to alienate Jade. [41] He delivers a Dragon Suplex to both of the Hell Expansions, and his brutal attack of them triggers memories from Jade. [41]

During Scarface's onslaught, Chaos notices that Neptuneman has stepped aside and is watching Seiuchin being beaten. [42] Finally, the dents made by Scarface in Seiuchin's body extend in a porcupine-line fashion. They are used to knock down Scarface, who attempts to use his Ultimate Scar-Buster, but Seiuchin breaks free with his protrusions and bites into Scarface's throat. [42] Neptuneman reveals he needed Seiuchin to be badly beaten in order to complete the transformation into a Perfect Chojin, while Seiuchin drinks the blood of Scarface. [43]

The Hell Expansions start to attack Scarface together, gaining the upper hand. This triggers another memory from Jade, who remembers Brocken Jr. teaching him a technique in place of the Red Rain of Berlin. [43] Jade protects Scarface from a tag-team move by the Hell Expansions, which leads him to use his newly remembered technique against Seiuchin: Brocken's Return. [44] He proceeds to talk Scarface down from his Madness Mask, and tells him that it's okay if he wants the Completion Bulbs because they are still friends, which brings him back to his senses. [45] Jade uses a Beefcake Hammer against Neptuneman, and launches a series of attacks against him, before combining his Brocken's Return with Scarface's Swallow Tail to create the Red Rain Tail. [46]

This damages Neptuneman's sides but exhausts Scarface. Jade attempts to use his Brocken's Return on Seiuchin, but Seiuchin's peaceful side tries to come out and causes Jade to hesitate. [46] Seiuchin uses this to his advantage, as he uses a Mad Bite on Jade's leg (the one used for his Brocken's Return). [47] He uses a Mask the End with Neptuneman, which breaks Jade's helmet and causes him to go blind. The Hell Expansions use their Optical Fibre power, followed by their Optical Fibre Cross-Bomber, but Scarface jumps into the fray and takes the attack on Jade's behalf. This removes his face, adding it to Neptuneman's collection. [47]

The gong is rang and the match called in the Hell Expansions' favour, and Jade and Scarface are taken to hospital. [48]


He is later sent to the Hospital along with Jade, having survived the Optical Fiber Cross Bomber and his face bandaged. Soon, he and Jade escape from the Hospital to see the fight between the Muscle Brothers Nouveau and The Machineguns.


Ultimate Scar Buster (アルティメット・スカー・バスター)

  • Scarface's improvement of the Kinniku Buster in which he locks the opponent's head with his legs during the Kinniku Buster.

Swallow Tail (スワロウテール)

The coattails on Scarface's outfit harden and he uses them to slice the opponent.
  • Swallow Tail Shovel (スワロウテール・シャベル)
Scarface uses his Swallow Tail to scoop up a chunk of concrete and fling it at his target.
  • Swallow Tail Rake (スワロウテール・レイク)
Scarface uses his Swallow Tail to cut into or scrape across the opponents body. It can be used to escape a hold or to simply inflict pain.

Madness Mask (マッドネスマスク)

  • Scarface pulls the mask on his forehead over his eyes, causing him to become much more brutal and ruthless while fighting.

Hell River Plunge (ヘルリバー・プランジ)

  • A modified backbreaker in which Scarface drops his opponent on his knee with his forearm and then either crushes them between his knee and forearm or slams them onto a ring post.
Acapulco Roll (アカプルコロール)

Spinning Double Toe Hold (スピニングダブルトゥホールド)

  • Unlike the regular move, this uses both legs - first used on Terry the Kid.

Buffalo Branding (バッファローブランディング)

  • Scarface crosses both of the opponents arms, then places both knees behind their head and performs the standard calf branding - first used on Terry the Kid.

Reverse Beefcake Hammer (リバース・ビーフケーク・ハマー)

  • Scarface uses this solely as a reversal technique against Jade. After Jade jumps backwards with his Beefcake Hammer move, Scarface flexes his forearm muscles to the point that Jade can no longer maintain a grasp on his wrists. Scarface then grabs Jades wrists while his arms are still crossed and, in mid-air, flips forward and tucks his head into his chest, slamming Jade head-first into the mat.

Adult's German (大人のジャーマン, Otona No Jaaman)

  • This technique starts out like a regular German Suplex, but as Scarface releases his opponent, he then grabs onto their ankles and uses the momentum of the throw and his added weight to slam them into the mat - first used on Jade.

Scar Lariat (スカー・ラリアット)

  • A powerful lariat capable of knocking just about any opponent to the canvas.

Dangerous German Suplex (デンジャラス・ジャーマンスープレックス)

  • Scarface climbs the corner post while holding his opponent in a rear waist lock, as if for a normal German Suplex. Scarface then arches his back and performs the suplex so that his opponent is slammed into the outside ring post. He manages to keep from falling out of the ring by wrapping his legs around the ropes and corner post and then pulling his opponent and himself back into the ring after the move is performed.

Speech and Quotes


  • "I once committed every sin under the sun … no matter what I do now, I’m going straight to hell when I die" - Mars [49]

Career Information


  • 5-time d.M.p Games Champion (as Mars)
  • Intergalactic Cage Match Champion
  • New Generation Replacement Matches Runner-Up


  • Hercules Factory 2nd Year
  • Generation EX
  • Idol Chojin
  • The 8 Time Warp Chojin


  • New "Green Arrow of Berlin" (新“ベルリンの緑の矢”, Shin "Berurin no Midori no Ya")
  • New "Bucking Bronco" (新“暴れ馬”, Shin "Abare Uma")
  • Nickname Hunter (異名ハンター, Imei Hantaa)
  • Swallow Fiend (ツバメ野郎, Tsubame Yarou)
  • Lit. "Pale Brain Cells" (蒼白き脳細胞)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Blood Evolutions (Kevin Mask)
Super Trinities (Jade)




  • Favorite Food: Freshly Squeezed Juice
  • Dislikes: Roller Coasters
  • Theme Song: "Bible Evil" by Kenji Nomura
  • He can speak one of the Chadic languages [50]


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