Disaster of the Planet Kinniku Throne Coronation!! is Episode 1 of Yudetamago's anime series Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne.


With Kinnikuman poised to take the throne, the Five evil Gods have other plans...


Now a two-time champion, winner of the Universal Chojin Tag Tournament, and having defeated the Seven Devil Chojin and the Six Devil Knights , Kinnikuman has proven himself worthy to take over his father's throne.

But unbeknownst to Suguru, The Five Evil Gods fear that Kinnikuman taking the crown would be a threat to their plans. The God of Intelligence tells the others the story of Suguru's birth: Suguru was born in a hospital, but so were five other infants. There was a fire in the wing of the hospital where the six infants were being held. In a panic the six infants were mixed up, leaving the identity of the true prince unknown.

The Evil Gods take advantage of this to bring down Kinnikuman. They find the five other infants born that day and possess them, giving them 100,000,000 Chojin Power. The God of Strength takes Strongman, changing him into Kinnikuman Big Body. The God of Brutality takes Soldierman, changing him into Kinnikuman Soldier. The God of Flight takes Thief George, changing him into Kinnikuman Mariposa. The God of Technique takes Powerfulman, changing him into Kinnikuman Zebra. The God of Intelligence takes Phoenixman, changing him into Kinnikuman Super Phoenix.

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