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Screw Kid is a Perfect Chojin that served Big the Budo. He and Kendaman from the tag team known as the Killer game Combo.


One of the Perfect Chojin who served Big the Budo, Screw Kid had the power to extend sharp drill bits from his hands and knees. He and Kendaman crashed the tag championships, wiping out Brocken Jr. and Wolfman with the "Hellish Screw" attack; however, they lost their next match against Buffaloman and Mongolman. Fearing death for his failure, Screw Kid attacked Big the Budo to try to save his own life, but was crumbled to dust by his former master's power.


As a Perfect Chojin, he maintain an stoic yet sadistic personality, trying to never show his emotions to show that he is above the rest of the Chojins. In reality, Screw Kid and his partner Kendaman will mainatin a calm and collective facade, until they sent that they can win, thus, giving up the Perfect Chojin rules and wanting to win no matter the cost. Despite this, he has some pride, since he faced against Big the Budo, despite knowing that he was gonna loose.


He is a humanoid chojin dressed only with a pair of shorts. His hands and feets had a metalic coloration, meaning that he can transform them into sharp screws to attack. His most significant feature is the giant screw he has as a head/mask. In early chapters, this screw covers his entire face, giving the impresion that he has just a big screw for head. Later is reveal that he has a mouth and nose.



He and Kendaman form the tag team known as the Killer Game Combo. They have an almost perfect synchronization when they fight or execute their main technique: the Hell's Screwdriver. They have been sparring mates for years.



At some unexpecific point he, alongside several Perfect Chojin, follow Neptune King to space, where they stayed until recent years, were his master decided to attack Earth.


Dream Chojin Tag Arc

Most Dangerous Combo Match

Just as the 20 Million Powers and Most Dangerous Combo are about to begin their fight, during the Dream Chojin Tag Arc, the Killer Game Combo arrive. [1] Brocken Jr. attacks them, as they have intervened with their match, but Kendaman strikes him with his ball-shaped head. This breaks Brocken's rib-cage. The Most Dangerous Combo assume that Kendaman cannot see them, as he has no traditional head or eyes, and so they circle him, but he evades the attack and uses a Ball-and-Cup Headbutt. [1]

Screw Kid then attacks in turn, using is legs to emulate a screwdriver, and together then engages in a Hell's Screwdriver to attack both members of the Most Dangerous Combo. [1] The crowd is angered that the Dangerous Combo were so easily defeated. [2] The Hell Missionaries protect the Dangerous Combo from the rioting crowd, but Brocken Jr. reveals he is still able to fight, and forces Screw Kid away from him. Brocken does not want his loss to count for nothing, so - to allow the 20 Million Powers to win - he challenges Buffaloman and allows himself to be pinned; this allows 20 Million Powers to officially win the match. [2]

The Killer Combo reveal they have no allegiances to either Justice Chojin or Evil Chojin.

20 Million Powers Match

To avenge their fallen comrades, the 20 Million Powers attack the Killer Combo. Buffaloman uses a feint, which allows Mongolman to strike from behind. Kendaman appears to have the upper-hand, as he attacks both men without mercy, and they reveal they have 15 million Power each and a 10 Hardness (Diamond). They are Perfect Chojin. They ask for permission to participate in the tournament, to which the 20 Million Powers agree. Buffaloman goes in first against Kendaman. [2]

Buffaloman puts the ball-head on his hand, turning the match into a chained death-match. He then attacks with a Hurricane Mixer, but Kendaman retaliates by slamming into his body. [2] Kendaman refuses to let Ramenman tag into the match, and operates a Scorpion defence, and Buffaloman is determined that - if Kendaman is to defeat him - he will defeat Kendaman in turn (allowing Mongolman to fight Screw Kid alone). [3] Buffaloman smashes the glass of the ring, and - as Kendaman taunts him - remembers he is a justice chojin and refuses to use the glass as a weapon. He instead uses the short-chain to his advantage.

Screw Kid is tagged in once more, for a Hell's Screwdriver technique. Mongolman stops the attack with his Cat's Tail technique, and Mongolman enters the ring in turn, attacking with a Mongol Bomber [sic]. They combine their attack into a Powered-Up Hurricane Mixer. This snaps the chain connected Kendaman's head from his body. Kendaman then breaks his head and is unable to use his head. In anger, Kendaman and Screw Kid pick up the shards of glass to use as weapons. [3]

Kendaman cuts Mongolman's head, revealing a kanji for China. [4] Screw Kid knocks Buffaloman down, while Mongolman is distracted and afraid. Screw Kid turns his hands and knees into screws, and descends on Buffaloman to impale him, before Screw Kid uses his weight to worsen the attack. The Killer Combo then aim another Hell's Screwdriver at the 20 Million Powers, who combine their attacks into a Longhorn Train. The two attacks collide into an explosive result, but 20 Million Powers win through sheer power. The Killer Combo fall from the ring and are ultimately defeated. They are still alive, and reveal they are low-ranking Perfect Chojin, there on a scouting mission, and high-ranking Perfect Chojin are among them. [4]

Screw Kid vs. Big the Budo

Neptuneman reveals his identity. [5] He states that the Killer Combo broke fundamental rules that govern the Perfect Chojin, specifically using weapons in the ring and turning their back on their opponent. He says they must be sentenced to death, unless they can do one thing: defeat the Hell Missionaries. Screw Kid tries to thus pierce Big the Budo's heart, but Big the Budo reveals he wears a mask/costume over his mask/costume, and so the attack never takes effect. This shatters Screw Kid's body. [5]

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

Screw Kid would later appear during the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc as one of the Chojins The Omegaman captured, killed, and therefore could now transform into.


Four Point Screw Torture

  • Screw Kid make his hands and knees transform into screws to attack his opponents.

Hell's Screwdriver

  • A combination of the Ball-and-Cup Headbutt and a screwdriver-like attack - it turns them into a giant screwdriver that pierces into their opponents.

Career Record

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Killer Game Combo (Kendaman)



  • Theme Song: "Kyōfu no Kaiten Doriru (Dreaded Spinning Drill)" by Takayuki Miyauchi.


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